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SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity

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Dear Friends Upon the Lighted Way,

The Seven Day Full Moon Ritual process for Leo begins Monday, August 12 and runs through Sunday, Aug 18:

 LEO SOLAR FULL MOON DAY: August 15 - Thursday

PDT - 5:29 am; EDT - 8:29 am 

London – 1:29 PM / Sydney 10:29 PM

To Participate go to, click on tab for 7-Day Full Moon Ritual Approaches, Leo, or, click here:

 As we participate in ceremonial observances for Full and New Moon periods, we find ourselves participating in the more inclusive solar planetary events of beauteous, living rituals led by Sanat Kumara – the Lord of the World and Spiritual Hierarchy led by the Christ.  In our own small way, we participate in a great celebratory song – an Ode to Life and Love and Beauty radiating throughout the Cosmos … each month releasing unique cosmic potencies to and through all conscious Souls.  Let Us Be confirmed in the energies and knowledge that


Every FM period brings new opportunity to turn inward toward the “world of Causes” – to the high inner planes of the Soul.  Immersed in a dedicated seven-day sacred ritual process of group Meditation and Diamond Soul Practices, we become poised for the possibility of impression and energetic impact of climactic “higher interludes” where the Christ and His Holy Companions – Chohans and Masters of Love Wisdom, and exalted higher Beings in their Holy Company, are met and known.  Stimulated and affirmed, we make progress upon the golden Way of the Soul in ever widening circles of Consciousness, accelerating human evolution in service of the Plan and world salvation.

 Leo is the Heart – the Soul of ever more inclusive wholes.  In our simultaneous group approach to Divinity, we are brought into the powerful reservoirs of Light and Love and Life, later translated as living experiences of the “Soul” on our own plane of daily living.  This is where the real magic lies.  As Souls consciously participating in group approach to Divinity, we create a channel of reception imbuing us with “energy from on high” that cannot otherwise be contacted – streaming from Sirius and the Solar Lord of our blessed Universe.

 Let us stand together in these abundant Blessings ~

Halina Bak-Hughes and Sheldon Hughes for Esoteric Advent and the Soul Star Group


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