Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity


The Fourth Light and Angel of Cancer

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“Cancer—The Light within the form. This is the diffused light of substance itself, the "dark light" of matter, referred to in The Secret Doctrine. It is the light awaiting the stimulation coming from the soul light.”

Keynote: “In the Words given for this sign, the Word of the soul indicates the objective of the Cancer experience and the purpose for which incarnation has been taken: "I build a lighted house and therein dwell."

For the Disciple/Initiate: “The Whole is Seen as One.” 

“With the advent of soul lightforms become “a perfect expression of the Soul”.  “In the sign Cancer, “God breathed into man's nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul”.  In these words, you have established the relation which exists in the mind of God between spirit (the breath of life), the soul (consciousness), and man (the form).  (EA, 313/4)

◊ “My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord my God".


“This sign can carry deep meaning to all.  You are in process of incarnation; you are following your chosen way.  Is the house you are building, yet lit? Is it a lighted house, or is it a dark prison?  If it is a lighted house, you will attract to its light and warmth all who are around you and the magnetic pull of your soul, whose nature is light and love, will save many.” If it is a dark prison, “isolation, loneliness and separation in the dark night” will be experienced.  Yet, this is “all part of the Great Illusion”.  It is, however, an illusion into which the whole of humanity is now precipitated in preparation for unity, freedom and release.  Some are lost in the illusion and know not what is reality and truth. Others walk free ‘in the world of illusion’ for the purposes of saving and lifting their brothers, and if you cannot do this, you will have to learn so to walk.”  [EA, 343]

Walking Free in the World of Illusion:  "The unveiled Neptune relates Cancer to no other constellation or sign, and this fact is of very great importance, because it indicates the fact that when a man is an initiate, he does not react to ordinary feeling, sentiment or to personality relations as they express themselves in pleasure or pain. All these are surmounted and eventually the watery life of emotional reaction is superseded by the life of true and of inclusive love. Soul control esoterically "obliterates" the Moon [our lower nature immersed in form] and all traces of [lower] Neptunian life. The initiate is no longer ruled by the Mother of Forms or by the God of the Waters. When the "waters break and are carried away," the Mother gives birth to the Son and that individual spiritual entity then stands free. I would ask you to ponder upon this point.  (EA, 322/3)  


“It would appear that as yet only two rules are posited in connection with the return of an [soul] to physical incarnation. The first is that if perfection has not been achieved then the soul must return and continue the perfecting process upon the Earth. The second is that the impulse predisposing the [soul] to such action is some form of unsatisfied desire. Both these statements are true in part and generic in effect but they are only partial truths and incident to larger truths which have not yet been sensed or noted accurately by esotericists; they are secondary in nature and are expressed in terms of the three worlds of human evolution, of personality intent, and of time-space concepts.”

“Basically, it is not desire which prompts return but will and knowledge of the plan.  It is not the need for achieving an ultimate perfection which goads the [Soul] on to experience in form, for the [Soul] is already perfect. The main incentive is sacrifice and service to those lesser lives that are dependent upon the higher inspiration (which the spiritual soul can give) and the determination that they too may attain planetary status equivalent to that of the sacrificing soul. …” “I

t is in order eventually to negate the space-time concept and to prove it an illusion that the door in Cancer opens to the sacrificing, serving soul. Bear this always in mind as you study the subject of rebirth. In themselves, rebirth and reincarnation are misleading terms [whereas] "cyclic impulsion," "intelligent purposeful repetition" and "conscious in-breathing and out-breathing" would describe more accurately this cosmic process. It is, however, difficult for you to grasp this idea, for it necessitates the ability to identify oneself with the One Who thus breathes—the planetary Logos— …” (EA, 324/5)

EP-II, 92/3:  “The sacrifice of the solar angels brought the fourth kingdom in nature into being.  The "returning nirvanis" (as they are called in esoteric literature), with deliberation and full understanding, took human bodies in order to raise those lower forms of life nearer to the goal.  These were and are ourselves.  The "Lords of Knowledge and Compassion and of ceaseless persevering Devotion" (who are ourselves) chose to die in order that lesser lives might live, and this sacrifice has made possible the evolution of the indwelling consciousness of Deity.  This consciousness, having worked its way through the subhuman kingdoms in nature, needed the activity of the solar angels to make further progress possible.  Herein lies

a. Our service to God, through sacrifice and death;

b. Our service to other souls, through deliberate self-sacrificing purpose;

c. Our service to other forms of life in other kingdoms.

SACRIFICING SOULS – The Impulse of Giving - new document will be uploaded soon to read during Cancer

◊ ◊ ◊

The Christ in you is born anew each and every the Sun moves into a new Sign - a planetary and solar event.  As such, the new Mind of Christ confers twelve new powers or facets of the Divine Self.  This month, we meet the Emissary of the Angel of Cancer who works in concert with the Solar Angel in stimulating the fourth of twelve Christ powers – a facet in the Glory Body of the One Self.

ATTUNEMENT FOR CONTEMPLATION ◊ Take a deep breath and sound a sacred OM, coming into conscious alignment with the Soul, the Christ in you ◊ Take another conscious breath, and send forth a ray of Lighted Love to connect with the Soul Star group (as one whole) and step into the Soul field thus created ◊ Take a deep breath and sound a silent OM, linking with “the great potency of the inner groups” (the Ashrams of the Christ)

Sound an OM and Light a candle, or visualize a living flame of Light in your mind, to attune with the great Angel of Cancer, stimulating the 4th great petal of Light in the center-most 'Heart in the Head' of the 1000 petaled lotus.  In this lightshall we see light; in this light we shall work.  Select one of the following seed thoughts (serving to further unfold the latent power of this petal) as we work in Contemplation (to see, know, understand and experience).

  “With the advent of soul light, forms become “a perfect expression of the Soul”.  [EA, 314] 

In the sign Cancer, “God breathed into man's nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul”.  In these words, you have established the relation which exists in the mind of God between spirit (the breath of life), the soul (consciousness), and man (the form). [EA, 313]  Take a deep breath and in that breath accept the breath of life from the indwelling God.  With every breath I breathe, the life of the Soul in form grows.

◊ The gift this petal confers is the power to magnify the light in every form, thereby unfolding its potential.  Are there forms whose light you are led to magnify?

◊ Think of the forms you have built or are working to build – your personality and your creations.  Are they lit?  Are they sources of light and warmth? Are they purposeful constructions?  Are they constructions of beauty?  Are they constructions as the Soul would have them be? ◊ In meditation, breathe life and soul light into these forms so they become “lighted houses” – fulfilling their purpose in the outworking of the plan.  What do you envision?  How do you sense and experience them now?

◊ Visualize yourself walking free while ‘in the world of illusion’ (the three worlds within which we live and work) “for the purpose of saving and lifting” your sisters and brothers; we all "have to learn so to walk.” ◊ What comes to mind? What do you see?  What new feelings arise in you?  What new energy is released in you?  Let this freedom find fuller expression through you now … throughout the day … throughout your life moving forward.

◊ “The whole is seen as one.”  Within the whole of humanity, where do you see the light rising (in the mind, heart and body) of humanity?  Where do you see lighted houses in the body of humanity, e.g., worldwide education, Peace movements, health and well-being for all, care for the earth ... what else do you see?  Looking for the “new” arising, we are training our minds to “see” an emerging new world and contribute to it with the 'strength of God" that resides in our higher mind.  As we refrain from seeing the illusions of "bad in the world", we are freed to use our energy constructively.  Think this through.  Release the strength of God into everything you think and do.

◊ "You are a mirror of truth, in which God Himself shines in perfect light." (ACIM, T64)  God (Atman, Monad, the Father in Heaven) shines His light on you and must shine "through" you.  The lower mind is home to the ego, the higher mind is home to the Christ Mind reflecting the Father in Heaven.  Your ego cannot prevent Him from shining on you, but it can prevent you from letting Him shine through you.  When your mind chooses (asks) to join with the Christ Mind, together "we" are invincible.  Choose.  Ask.  Light your house, again and again.

◊  "The full measure of what can be done depends (as far as the individual disciple is concerned) upon his inner power to live each day as a soul—free from fear, free from self-consciousness and free from those reactions which stir the astral or emotional body into organised activity, based on ancient habits. For the disciple and for the success of his work, an astral body of stillness and of acquiescence, sensitive to impressions from the soul and from the Master, and reflecting the vision with as much purity of outline as may be possible, is the goal. It should be remembered that when the disciple is fully occupied in living the life of service on all three planes, there is little that can be said or should be said to him. But a thought may be of aid.  Let him seek, in the strenuousness of his life, to preserve the synthesis of the personality and the integration of all parts of his equipment."   (Discipleship in the New Age, 56)

◊ Impress your mind with the Light of Cancer — “The Light within the form” and the two Keynotes: "I build a lighted house and therein dwell” and “The Whole is Seen as One.” Reading this aloud, slowly, as if chanted by You the Soul to your integrating personality, what arises, what comes into view, what comes into awareness?  Re-member.  ◊ Impress and associate the above thoughts with the fourth petal.  Open yourself to intuitive impression, to the unfolding Mind of Christ in you.  Note your response to the above questions and statements of spiritual fact.

◊ ◊ ◊

CLOSING: In gratitude, let us extend a beam of Lighted Love to the Angel of Cancer associated with the fourth Petal of the ‘Heart in the Head’ center (Lotus) ◊ As we consciously express the 4th petal, allowing it to work in and through us, the group and the world, we are widening the channel of connection and reception, strengthening the livingness of the New Mind in Christ. The power(s) of this facet of the Self increases and unfolds with every true expression and conscious application.  ◊  Bless and Be Blessed