Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity



Symbol created for "Esoteric Advent" by Simon Bialobroda

A letter from Simon about the Symbolism of the Soul Star Group

“The central Christ Star, the number 49, the color Indigo, the color White and the white outlined five-pointed stars representing the participants standing in purity within angelic spheres of ray-colored stars. This mandala or symbol represents on the inner planes the Esoteric Advent group field or chalice through which angelic, hierarchical and divine energies are pouring out into humanity. It is formed by the blending and cooperation of angelic, human and hierarchical activity. The Christ at the center is symbolized by a five-pointed star and 48 radiating rays of light streaming outward to and through the group field symbolized by five-pointed stars outlined in white each within a field of color of one of the 7 rays. The Central Star + the 48 rays = 49, the number of ashrams within the one great Ashram of Sanat Kumara (the Lord of the World). The outer ring is also symbolic of the participants standing within a band of light of soft pink rose signifying the embrace of the All in the divine Feminine. Between each five-pointed star in the outer band is a pearl of sapphire blue representing the strong link that exists between soul and soul. Within the Christ Star is the symbol of a triangle representing three Beings of energy forming a Great Triangle that substands and supports the Christ.

Taking the words of the one of the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy which was received from a friend and co-worker who wishes to remain anonymous:

“Hierarchy is so very joyous to recently witness a group coming together unitedly to celebrate the great Presence of the Christ in which we call the Esoteric Advent.”

I believe it is Their blessings that is supporting this venture, and in appreciation the radiance of the Christ continues to magnify those blessings with His love and light so the world will surely benefit.”

With Love,

Simon Bialobroda

Note from HBH:  Simon is the artist/creator of the image representing what we call the Soul Star Group which we ritually attune to during the Esoteric Advent ritual processes.  During the Full Moon rituals and sacred Festivals, a similar image is brought out but which has a dark indigo blue ring replacing the pink border representing the Ashrams of the Masters Who are under the direction and leadership of the Christ.  These five-pointed stars in the surrounding circle then are not of individual disciples but of the Masters.  This image is so powerful and potent to look upon that it is brought out only during these special ritual occasions.

“The soul is group conscious”.  As the Christ in us unfolds, our conscious awareness unfolds and we become more and more group aware in ever-expanding fields of awareness - from a person to group awareness to planetary consciousness to solar consciousness and beyond - to that of major stars, constellations or a galaxy (beyond the ken of even a Solar Logos).  The Esoteric Advent group process works in both personal and group fields, presencing our awareness in the Soul Star Group in the center of which we visualize the Beingness of the Christ - symbolized by the five pointed star (and triangle surrounding Him).  We can then be influenced and blessed by the loving field of the Christ Who stands in the Center, as our Center.  Whilst the number of the Christ vibrates to the number 8, and the star Sirius, His is the five-pointed Star, whereas the Six-pointed star is the Star of Humanity through which Christ pours His love and will.  Around the Christ stand the spiritual Hierarchy – the Masters of Love-Wisdom with Their great Centers or Ashrams of Light, Love and Power.  The Christ as we know Him today is the head and leader of the Spiritual Hierarchy (not to be confused with the Master Jesus Who was His disciple in the days of Palestine and remains His Disciple still today as leader and Chohan of the 6th Ray).  


All 49 Ashrams as one Whole depicts the One Ashram of Sanat Kumara, the “God” of this planet — the Lord of the World – the King of Kings.  The Christ is a direct Disciple of the Lord of the World – “His Father in Heaven", and ours.

"The Great Potency of the Inner Groups" referred to in the meditations are the 49 Ashrams or Centers of  Light, Love and Power of the Masters of Love-Wisdom.  They are under the leadership and jurisdiction of the Christ as Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy.   There are Seven major Ashrams of the 49 (7x7) that are under the leadership of one of the 7 Chohans of the 7 Rays, Who report directly to the Christ.  Each individual Ashram is under the Direction of a Chohan.  The Spiritual Hierarchy (the Fifth Kingdom) is moving into closer relationship with the Human Kingdom (the 4th Kingdom of nature).  All are under the Leadership and Direction of the Christ – "The Master of All Masters - Teacher alike of Angels and of Men". 

The Spiritual Hierarchy (the Kingdom of Souls of the 5th Kingdom) also functions as a great Heart Center of divine Love (a Heart Chakra) in the body of a still greater Being, the Planetary Logos—of which Sanat Kumara is the current expression. 

Edited 8/30/17