Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity


It is our privilege to meditate daily with the Soul Star Group (SSG) as a service to the ongoing work of the Christ for Whose “Appearance” the higher vibrational ranks of Humanity are preparing. As the Soul of Humanity unfolds and comes forth, two Kingdoms — the spiritual and human, move toward each other for eventual merging, fusion and Unity.

One primary purpose of the Soul Star Group is to draw forth the Soul of Humanity for the building of a new world culture and civilization that is “good for all”. As the three aspects of Divinity — Holy Light, Holy Love and Holy Will pour through Humanity and take hold, the creation of a new heaven on earth gains strength and makes makes new strides. In the Sign of Cancer we are building Lighted Houses.

A Simple Daily Meditation can be done in as little as 5 or 10 minutes (or longer if desired). A longer version reserved for Sundays follows.


A NOTE OF CAUTION: Because we are linking with high Beings, even this Simple Daily Meditation form with the SSG can be over-stimulating for some, therefore be wise.

◊ If this is the case, simply sound an OM, link with the Peaceful Presence of the Soul and Soul Star Group, and then sound the Great Invocation for lifting, blessing, and calling forth the Soul of Humanity, followed by three OMs (for Light, Love and Holy Power). Or — go to the next Diamond for “the simplest (and safest) of all options”.

The simplest (and safest) of all options for Daily Meditation with the SSG is: — Sound an OM whilst standing in the Peaceful Presence of the Soul, link with the SSG and simply but profoundly “GIVE LOVE” to the SSG and the Christ (only giving, grasping for nothing). Be receptive to the return flow of Love allowing it to wash through you. Then direct the energy received to or for something “Good”.

Or proceed as follows.

◊ Begin by standing (resonating) “As the Soul” in the Sign of constellational energy currently coursing through the Solar System (you may go to “12 Lights of Life” for a daily seed thought to precede or end this meditation). ◊ Sound an OM linking with the SSG, sending a beam of Love, Light and Holy Will into its central field — connecting with Participating Souls, and deeper still — the Christ, the Triangle of Potencies surrounding Him, and the Masters of Love-Wisdom. ◊ When sufficient loving contact has been made, know that by directing love, light and Holy Will to the SSG and It’s Holy Center, this energy is received by the Christ and returned purified and magnified. Now turn to face the world to send forth the purified, Christ-infused and magnified energies for the blessing of Humanity and world betterment. ◊ Close by sounding forth the Great Invocation (GI) together with the SSG and the Christ (first sounding an OM to place yourself in resonance with the greater Group).

◊ And/or go to the second last diamond for a seed thought, and/or ◊ visualize sending the newly purified and magnified energy to your Soul projects, Soul groups or specific areas in need of solarization (examples follow):

◦ _________________ (name a Serving Group you love or want supported)

◦ Worldwide education, sufficient healthy food and clean water, healthcare, housing and safety for all

◦ Harmony and Right Human Relations between nations leading to Peace and Goodwill between all the peoples of the Earth

◦ Right Relations with the lower Kingdoms of Earth demonstrating care for all life

◦ The golden substance of money flowing into the hands of the workers of Light out of the control of the forces of materialism … Name a specific project or organization worthy of increased financial support.

◦ Reform of the prison systems in the world based on Restorative Justice, true rehabilitation and the fact of the Soul in every human being

◦ That _________________ (name a group) adopt and live in accord with higher soul values (name a specific value) for the greater good of the whole.

◦ The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) of the United Nations when fully developed and functioning will transform humanity and the face of the earth for a new world Civilization.

◦ _______________________________________________________

◊ You may close with the above or choose to telepathically communicate a “high thought” (seed thought or value) into the thought field of Humanity. Select a seed thought for today from the tab titled “12 Lights of Life” or submit one of your own — while Sounding the GI. We thus work as the Hierarchy works.



A more indepth meditation can be done once weekly on Sundays, sounding in love the names of all Participating Souls (those who registered for Esoteric Advent Christmas last year from which we build a newly constructed list every year; see link below). Use the above Simple Daily meditation form and add to it Naming and Loving of Participating Souls. We strengthen the SSG and all Participating Souls.

A NOTE OF CAUTION: Some may be tempted to do the more comprehensive 7-Day FM Group Approach to Divinity Meditations. These are very strong meditations and are not for everyone, nor should they be used every day even by the most seasoned among us because they draw upon very potent energies that can present you with problems resulting from over-stimulation. These meditations have grown greatly in power through regular use — the SSG is a living organism empowered by living Christ energy. Proceed with caution. Know your instrument.

CLICK HERE FOR LINK to 2018/2019 Participating Souls for “Naming and Loving” (edited 4/4/19; if your name is not on the list but you would like it to be, write me (Halina) directly at and we will be happy to add you in):

We 'sound in Love' the names of “We who have here gathered”,

We bless the earthen places of “Where on Earth we Live”,

We sacred make the Temple Earth, “The Home we deeply Love”.

As Souls, with Stars Above and in Our Hearts


May Lighted Loving Blessings Be with you throughout all the Days of Esoteric Advent,

Halina Bak-Hughes and Sheldon Hughes for the SSG

(Edited 6/23/19)


“The soul is group conscious”.  As the Christ principle unfolds in every human being regardless of ones spiritual lineage, religious beliefs, creeds or lack thereof, the inner consciousness continues to unfold in ever-expanding fields of subtle Awareness. We expand from individual awareness to soul awareness to group awareness to planetary consciousness and beyond — to what is inconceivable to us at this time as solar consciousness, cosmic consciousness, galactic consciousness … ad infinitum, unifies with the ONE.

The Soul Star Group with which we ritually attune during all Esoteric Advent ritual processes is represented for us by this symbol.  During the monthly Full Moon rituals of Group Approach to Divinity and during other seasonal sacred Festivals, at one level of vibrational being, this symbol’s outer border of stars represents each of our souls standing in a unified circle of Participating Souls. On Full Moon Day, this symbol is replaced by an Indigo Blue outer ring (so potent to look upon that it is brought out only during the FM Day Ritual) representing the 49 Ashrams of the Christ (7x7). Each star represents a Master of Love-Wisdom, led by Seven Chohans one for each Ray, all of Whom are under the direction and leadership of The Christ. The Masters of Love Wisdom are referred to by other names — the Great Ones, the Elders of the Human Race, Masters of Love-Wisdom, the Illumined Ones or Illuminati, Those Who have Achieved Liberation, Leaders of Light, Love and Power, etc.  The Spiritual Hierarchy “the Center where the Love of God is known” - a heart Center in the body of God.

The same symbol on a lesser turn of the spiral or plane of vibration represents the Soul Star Group with which we connect during all meditative and group work for the Esoteric Advent group processes. We stand together as a Group and presence our awareness in the Soul Star Group field visualizing the Christ standing in its center as the five pointed star (and triangle surrounding Him).  Through this imagined connection, our Souls are strengthened and magnified for service in the world, blessed by the living love, light and holy will of the Christ and the Field He creates. We are assured in the writings of the Tibetan Master, DK, that Christ works through all consecrated Soul Groups who love Humanity and who are dedicated to the flowering of the Soul of Humanity through the various Ray expressions and work on their behalf.

Whilst the Christ vibrates to the number 8 (eight is His number), the five-pointed Star is His symbol. The Six-pointed star is the symbol for Humanity through which Christ pours His Love and blessings — stimulating the unfolding Soul of Humanity and releasing the Saving Force for the redemption of humanity and releasing the “prisoners” of the planet. It is the Plan of God that all life on earth and the earth itself fulfill its sacred destiny.

DocFile (2).jpg


The Christ, Teacher alike of Angels and of Men (Humanity) is the spiritual leader of Humanity for the Aquarian Age. He presides over 49 Ashrams (Centers) = 7x7 representing seven major Rays, each Seven presided over by a Chohan — a Master of the 6th Degree. For example, the Master Jesus who was overshadowed by the Christ in the time of Palestine, is now a Chohan (a 6th Degree Initiate and beyond that of a Master) leads the 6th Ray Ashram of Religion and Devotion to higher Ideals.

Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World, King of Kings and “God” of this planet, is the “Father in Heaven" of Whom Christ is a living Disciple. In a triangle around the Christ stand three great potencies: the Avatar of Synthesis, the Spirit of Peace and the Buddha of Light. They augment and support His work now and through the Aquarian Age.

"The Great Potency of the Inner Groups" is the combined energy of the 49 Ashrams or Centers of  living Light, Love and Power of the Masters of Love-Wisdom. The Spiritual Hierarchy (the Fifth Kingdom) is moving into closer relationship with the Human Kingdom (the 4th Kingdom).  All are under the Leadership and Direction of the Christ – "The Master of All Masters - Teacher alike of Angels and of Men". 

The Spiritual Hierarchy — the Kingdom of Souls functions as a great Heart Center of divine Love, a Heart Center in the body of a still greater Being, the Planetary Logos—of which Sanat Kumara is the current expression. 

The “great potency of the inner groups” is a power of unimaginable potency resonating on the inner planes. As one grows in Discipleship and steps deeper onto the Path of Initiation, closer contact and resonance with this “potency” is made known.

In a letter from Simon Bialobroda, creator of the symbol for the Soul Star Group, he writes:

“The central Christ Star, the number 49, the color Indigo, the color White and the white outlined five-pointed stars representing the participating Souls standing in purity within angelic spheres of ray-colored stars. This symbol or mandala represents on the inner planes the Esoteric Advent group through which angelic, hierarchical and divine energies can pour through for the advancement of humanity. It is created by the blended cooperation of angelic, human and hierarchical activity.” The Christ Star at the center is symbolized by a five-pointed star radiating rays of light and love and holy will streaming through the group field. All seven rays are represented. The Central Star surrounded by 49 ashrams is the Ashram of the Christ. As one whole, it is the one great Ashram of Sanat Kumara (the Lord of the World).

“The outer ring is also symbolic of the participants standing within a band of light of soft pink rose signifying the embrace of the All in the divine Feminine. Between each five-pointed star in the outer band is a pearl of sapphire blue representing the strong link that exists between soul and soul.” Within the Christ Star is a triangle representing the Three Who surround the Christ: The Avatar of Synthesis, the Spirit of Peace, and the Buddha augmenting His work now and in the Aquarian Age.

“Taking the words of a spiritual co-worker who wishes to remain anonymous:

“Hierarchy is so very joyous to recently witness a group coming together unitedly to celebrate the great Presence of the Christ in which we call the Esoteric Advent.”

I believe it is Their blessings that supports this venture, and in appreciation the radiance of the Christ continues to magnify those blessings with His love and light so the world will surely benefit.”

With Love,

Simon Bialobroda