Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity

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Click here for PDF white paper by Dr. Jose Becerra for the Venus Synodic Cycle of New Moon Phase, triple conjunctions of Venus, Earth and the Sun (or click on link below to his website for the same).  

The last 8 year cycle of the Synodic Cycles of Venus began March 25, 2017 — to March 23, 2025. Each is near the spring equinoxe.  These five alignments, every eight years, when complete will create a Pentagon (a five-pointed star) configuration.  

The five pointed star is a symbol of the Christ. Every true Disciple of the Christ carries this star above his head (see point 3 below from ROC).   Easter occurs in Aries, the sign of the risen Christ and portends the annual 'rising' of the Christ and His return.  


"As Dispenser of the Water of Life, His work is most mysterious and not at all easy to comprehend. In His public work, two thousand years ago, He said: "I am come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly." (John X.10.)  

The Life Aspect—from the angle of the vision of Christ—expresses itself in three ways:

1. As physical life, nourishing the cells of the body. This life is found within each atom of substance as the central point of living light.

2. As livingness, seen as love and light within the heart. When this livingness is present and expressing itself, the human atom becomes a part of the spiritual Hierarchy.

3. As Life more abundantly. This life can be known as light, love and power within and above the head of the disciple of the Christ. This abundant life enables him to cooperate, not only with humanity and with the spiritual Hierarchy, but also with Shamballa itself—the centre of life in its purest essence.

If we say that life is the livingness which enables, the words are relatively meaningless, are they not?  If, however, the livingness is referred to the physical plane life, to the spiritual life of the disciple and to the living purpose of God, then some faint concept may come of the wonder of the work undertaken by the Christ in the past, and foreseen by Him as His future responsibility.  Christ can draw upon the energies which are defined by the phrase "life more abundantly," because they will set loose (in the Aquarian Age) in a new and dynamic manner the new energies needed in order to bring about restoration and resurrection. This new energy is the "implementing force of universality"; it concerns the future.  This inflow of Aquarian energy is one of the factors which will enable [Page 86] the Christ to complete His task as world Saviour and world Teacher.  It was to the definite performance of His duties as Distributor, Nourisher and Dispenser that He pledged Himself in June, 1945, and entered upon His responsibilities as the Forerunner and the Teacher of the Aquarian Age."

(Reappearance of the Christ (ROC) by Alice A Bailey,  p 84/6 )