Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity



7 Day Full Moon Ritual Observances

Esoteric Advent—is a year-long contemplative, ritualized Spiritual Approach for participating in monthly Solar Fire Full Moon rituals, seasonal and planetary Festivals in concert with the energies of the stars, and the spiritual-religious rhythms of the year.  Esoteric Advent is intended to be one of the purifying streams of the Christian tradition for the emerging “new world religion” that will be seen coming into fuller expression over the next several hundred years during the Aquarian Age.

Esoteric Advent was inspired and born to cooperate with the Advent of “The Coming One, The World Teacher—The Christ” and those who serve Him, the Spiritual Hierarchy – the Kingdom of Souls where the Love of God is Known.  This Center of Love will be coming into greater visibility as it seeks to actively engage with Humanity on the physical plane.

Aspirants, Disciples and Initiates are learning to consciously participate and cultivate a living relationship with the Kingdom of Souls (the Spiritual Hierarchy) and the Christ Who stands ever at its Center.  As we come into closer contact with Them, with pure intention we serve as a living link between Them and Humanity.

As Souls, we are in 'service training' for building full Soul consciousness and are developing "Ashramic Intimacy" with the “inner Groups of great potency” of the Great Ones – the beloved Elders of our human race also known as the Masters of Love-Wisdom who are working for and with the Plan of God.  Thus do we find joyous opportunity to live and serve, be nourished and nourish the One Soul of Humanity—evoking it into fuller Soul expression.



A Path of Approach to the Spiritual Hierarchy - the Kingdom of Souls

Planetary and Solar Fire Full Moon rituals are part of the emerging New World Religion. As such, we are each called to make a “Soul-imperative” to organize our lives in such a way that we can be found participating in the rituals of the life of Sanat Kumara – the Lord of the World of whom the Christ is a Disciple.

We are all free to choose how to best work this out in our lives. The only true demand is an inner one.  Regardless of what we are ‘doing outwardly' in the world, the discipline is to hold an interior Soul focus and intention to work with the "living energies" pouring in upon the earth and humanity during these times.  It is a privilege and a sacred opportunity to consciously participate with the great Lives of a vast inner world order where the whole is seen as One.  

In addition to the immense benefit we individually and as a group receive, every full moon period of three phases: Preparation, Contact/Registration and Distribution —allows for “Giving Blessing” to Humanity and the “world” with all that has been contacted, given, received and blended during our seven days of inner focus and contact.  Thus we serve.

We will add that participating in the Full Moon Approaches, month after month, year after year, we are building these unique energies into our “causal body” and are also developing spiritual competency in the entire process, thereby aiding our Guides and Teachers who live in the 'invisible realms’ while becoming more like Them as we give of 'our-Selves' through planned spiritual service.


Participating in the Seven Day Full Moon Ritual Observance consists of Three Phases: Preparation Days, The Day of Contact, and Distribution Days. Participating in a shorter ritual of 5 or 3 days can be done by combining the meditations and practices containing these Phases. It goes without saying that the more we put into our preparations, the deeper and more profound the results.  However, it is the intensity of our effort and an unbroken attitude toward the inner spiritual Reality that produces the greatest fruit.

The three phases are as follows:

Seven Day ritual service: three days of Preparation before the Full Moon Day, the Full Moon day of Contact, and three days of Distribution after the Full Moon Day.

Five day ritual service: two days of Preparation before the Full Moon Day, the Full Moon day of Contact, and two days of Distribution after the Full Moon Day.

Three day ritual service: one day of Preparation before the Full Moon Day, the Full Moon day of Contact, and one day of Distribution after the Full Moon Day.

The Master DK wrote that the Preparation phase of the Full Moon Approach is designed to enable "confident aspiration in order to hold the mind steady in the light of the Soul" (the Soul-Mind-Brain alignment).

Please be in meditation a minimum of 30 - 45 minutes before the exact moment of the Full Moon, at which time we sound the Great Invocation.  Prior to sounding the Great Invocation, let us consciously link once again with the Soul Star Group, all Participating Souls around the world - inner and outer, with the Spiritual Hierarchy—within Whose center stands the Christ – the Coming One, and the Lord of the World, and SOL (the Sun)—from Whom all things proceed, to Whom all things return, within Whom we breathe, "live, move and have and our Being".



Alignment is an energy relationship of all the parts as intended by the Creator so that energy can flow freely (top to bottom and bottom up, inside and outside).  Spiritual Alignment is both a process and a goal.  The Master DK describes it best as follows, from Esoteric Psychology-II, 341

“There are at all times those who are characteristically expressing one or another of all these various stages and states of consciousness. There are but a few on earth today, who are capable of expressing as low a state of relative development, as the Lemurian consciousness. There are a few at the extreme end of the Way, who are expressing divine perfection, and in between these two extremes are all possible grades of development and unfoldment.

Man is therefore, (from the angle of force expression), a mass of conflicting energies, and an active center of moving forces, with a shift of emphasis constantly going on, and with the aggregation of the numerous streams of energy, presenting a confusing kaleidoscope of active interrelations, inter-penetration, internecine warfare, and interdependence, until such time as the personality forces (symbolic of divine multiplicity), are subdued, or “brought into line” by the dominant soul. That is what we really mean by the use of the word “alignment”. This alignment results from:

1.  The control of the personality by the soul.

2.  The down-pouring of soul energy, via the mental and emotional bodies, into the brain, thus producing the subjugation of the lower nature, the awakening of the brain consciousness to soul awareness, and a new alignment of the bodies.

3.  The right arrangement, according to ray type, of the energies which are motivating and dynamically arousing the centers into activity. This leads eventually to a direct alignment of the centers upon the spine, so that soul energy can pass up and down through the centers, from the directing center in the head. Whilst this process of soul control is being perfected, (and the time consumed is, from the angle of the limiting personality consciousness of vast duration), the ray types of the vehicles steadily emerge, the ray of the personality begins to control the life, and finally the soul ray begins to dominate the personality ray, and subdue its activity. 

Eventually, the monadic ray takes control, absorbing into itself the rays of the personality and of the soul (at the third and fifth initiations), and thus duality is finally and definitely overcome, and “only the One Who Is remains.”


For a comprehensive understanding of The Full Moon Approaches, you can read more in the Supplemental Reading tab by this name.  The work we are doing here in a three-phase Approach is best described in Stage III of that document; it also describes (most remarkably and profoundly) the work we are doing throughout the spiritual seasons of the year.  As we make ourselves available – as a dedicated and consecrated group to the Christ - we are availing ourselves of fresh incoming energies directed by the Spiritual Hierarchy with Christ standing at its center.  With these energies we participate in the outworking of the Plan of God and our lives can take on new meaning, significance and Joy.

In the 7 daily meditations, we will make extensive use of the Sacred Word, OM, we will work with the "breath is the life”, and we will participate with the presiding Angel of the Light of the respective Sign - this month in Libra, and always with the group in the field of the group Soul.

Cooperating with the 12 Angelic Lights, in turn we are giving access to the Solar Angel to make gains for us in increasing ascendancy.  It is the Solar Angel Who is ultimately responsible for stimulating and unfolding all 12 Soul Potencies (siddhis) of “the Mind of Christ" of the Inner God.  As we unfold and exercise each Potency of Light residing in the "Heart in the Head" Center, the intuition is accessed with greater ease, and the way to the “True Soul” (the spiritual Triad of the Monad - God Immanent) can be deeply sensed and found – the true and real Presence.

You may read more about the correct use of Sounding Forth the OM and communicating with the Angel/Deva Evolution in the Supplemental Reading tab.

By conscious participation in the Solar Fire Full Moons, we are cultivating our relationship and coming into closer contact with the Kingdom of Souls (the Spiritual Hierarchy) and the Christ Who stands in the Center.  As Souls, we are in 'service training' for building full Soul consciousness and that "Ashramic Intimacy" with the Group as conscious Souls working for and with the Plan of God. Thus do we joyously live and serve, and thus are we nourishing and evoking the One Soul of Humanity.