Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity

Throughout this month and days ahead, we shall meet and work with the energies of the Angel of Scorpio who stimulates the eighth inner Christ power – each a facet in the Glory Body of the One Self.  To say it another way, the Mind of Christ within awakens and confers twelve Soul powers of the True Soul, facets of the One Self—the Monad, God within. When fully awakened and operative, we shall be a Sun.

Click here if you are new to working with the "12 LIGHTS OF LIFE" of the 12 interior petals of the Heart in the Head Center, titled:  Along the Way - How to Work with the Lights - The Living Rituals of the Soul (this document can also be found in the Supplemental Reading tab)

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The Eighth LIGHT and Angel of Scorpio

 The Triumphant Disciple 

8. Scorpio—The Light of Day. This is the place where three lights meet—the light of form, the light of the soul, and the light of life. They meet; they blend; they rise.

Keynote:  After testing, trials and triumph, the Word of the Soul is “Warrior am I and from the Battle I emerge Triumphant.”

Once the disciple has made the firm decision in Libra to move forward on the path of accelerated evolution, s/he faces the tests and trials of Scorpio to develop and prove the fitness of the three vehicles (physical/etheric, astral and mental bodies of the personality).  This is necessary so that the Personality can receive, withstand and integrate the higher energies of the Soul – and rise to ascend the mountain in Capricorn!

 “The tests of Scorpio are necessarily three in nature as they concern intimately the readiness of the threefold personality:  1) to reorient itself to the life of the soul, and later, 2) to evidence readiness for Initiation [the next major step on the Path], and 3) to demonstrate sensitivity to the Plan thus becoming the one-pointed disciple in Sagittarius.”

“The three tests in Scorpio also concern the three aspects of the human being as they fuse and blend upon the physical plane. They are, first of all, the test of appetite. This appetite is the natural predilections and tendencies which are inherent in the animal nature and these are mainly three: Sex, physical comfort, and money as concretized energy. They are, secondly, the tests connected with desire and the astral plane. These are subtler in nature, producing automatic effects upon the physical plane; they are not inherent in the animal nature but are imposed by the desire nature and are again three in number: Fear, hatred and ambition or desire for power. Then there are, thirdly, the tests of the lower critical mind which are: pride, separativeness and cruelty. Remember that the worst kind of cruelty is not of a physical nature but is more mental in character.”  [EA, 205]  Each of these nine have countless associated offshoots that must be transmuted and healed (fear, weakness, greed, jealousy, arrogance, misplaced values, acquisition and accumulation, inertia, criticism, attack thoughts, competition, …).

“When these faults are realized and are overcome, the result is twofold: the establishing of right relations with the soul and also with the environment [our relationships with each other, groups, nations and the lower kingdoms]. These two results are the goal of all tests in Scorpio.”  [EA, 206]

The Master DK wrote: “I am exceedingly anxious [keen, wanting very much] that in these days wherein the influence of Scorpio and of the planet Mars is so strongly felt in world affairs that true insight may be cultivated, optimism and understanding developed and the nature of the tests to which the world disciple - humanity, is today being subjected may be estimated at their true value and thus light be shed upon the way of man. Only through understanding will solution come and rectification of error be achieved.”  [EA, 203]   “The keynote of Scorpio ... is triumph.”  [EA, 208]

From a cosmic view, Scorpio relates to Initiation [the major expansions in consciousness]. “Scorpio is under the influence or inflowing energy of Sirius. This is the great star of initiation because our Hierarchy (an expression of the second aspect of divinity) is under the supervision or spiritual magnetic control of the Hierarchy of Sirius. These are the major controlling influences whereby the cosmic Christ works upon the Christ principle in the solar system, in the planet, in man and in the lower forms of life expression. It is esoterically called the "brilliant star of sensitivity."  [EA, 197]

Humanity's Soul ray is on the 4th ray, harmony through conflict, which often finds it in crisis and battle.  It is not an easy sign to move through, but the gains made through testing and trial bring forth - draw forth the Soul.  Therefore, “a determination to stand in the midst and, if not victorious, at least to refuse to admit defeat, taking with determination the position which St. Paul expressed in the words: "Having done all, to stand."   (Esoteric Psychology-II, 366; Fourth Ray Technique of Integration).

"Stand therefore ... and having done all, stand."  "Behold we count them happy that endure."  It is going on when the point of exhaustion has been reached, the taking of another step when the strength to do so seems gone, the holding steady when there seems nothing but defeat ahead, and the determination to endure whatever may be coming, when endurance has been taxed to the limit, which is the hallmark of disciples of every degree.  To them goes out the clarion call of St. Paul:

"Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; And your feet shed with the preparation of the gospel of peace; Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation, and the word of the Spirit, which is the word of God." (Eph. VI. 14. 15. 16. 17.)   (Light of the Soul, 423)

◊ ◊ ◊



The Transforming Serpent Power of the Soul

The Transforming Serpent Power of the Soul

.... leads to the TRIUMPHANT DISCIPLE

Throughout this month and days ahead, we shall meet and work with the energies of the Angel of Scorpio who stimulates the eighth inner Christ power – each a facet in the Glory Body of the One Self.  To say it another way, the Mind of Christ within awakens to twelve Soul powers of the True Soul, the facets of the One Self—the Monad, the God within. When fully awakened and operative, we shall become what we are — a sun of God, sons of divine Love.

The Heart of the Sun and “the Son of Divine Love” are one and the same. The Christ, associated with the Heart, stands within the Center in the body of God where the Love of God is known. CONTEMPLATE. As we are liberated from the grip of the lower worlds, we rise. We become our True nature, the encoding within … the Truth of our Being shall radiate forth.

Each of the 12 Signs corresponds with a Petal of energy inherent within (vibrating within) us as the 12-Petaled "Heart in the Head Center” of the ‘Thousand-Petaled Lotus’  the Crown Center above the head.  As we consciously attune with and access the specific energies within ourselves, the inner Soul Powers (siddhis) in due time become available as ‘inherent Soul gifts’ to be used in service of the race.  The Diamond Soul Practices and contact with the Angels of each Sign are intended to facilitate this process.

We are coming to know the energies of the universe ever at play around and within us, rhythmically throughout the year.  They infuse our awareness as we learn to make them our own we are learning to 'use at will' these energies as an Adept would in a life of service.  Spiritual Practices such as these are helping pave the way for the inner Christ, a Master, to come forth—to “appear” stage by stage, in progressive conscious unfoldments.  A Master of Love-Wisdom, a God-Man, is made and 'born' over eons of time through conscious concerted effort, Soul-directed living and Identification with Reality.

The Master DK offers it this way: “I cannot too strongly repeat that esoteric astrology is entirely concerned with the forces and energies which affect the consciousness aspect of the human being, and condition the personality life. This is the point which must be considered above all else. In other words, esoteric astrology is concerned with the soul and not with the form and, therefore, all that I have to say refers to consciousness, to its expansion, to its effect upon its vehicles, the form, and—in the last analysis (as will be later established)—with the Science of Initiation. This I have earlier pointed out, but the idea is so new and the approach so universal or cosmic, that it is not easy for those trained in modern exoteric astrology truly to comprehend the significance of this teaching. In considering the Triangles, which I have chosen to use as the theme in elucidating this immense subject, this emphasis upon the consciousness aspect must not be forgotten.” (EA, 484)

CONTEMPLATIVE Diamond Soul Practices ◊ Sound the sacred OM, and come into conscious alignment with the Soul, the Christ in you ◊ Send forth a ray of lighted love to connect with the Soul Star group as a whole ◊ and “the great potency of the inner groups” (the Ashrams of the Christ) ◊ Light a candle - a living flame of light in your mind, to attune with and invite the Angel of Scorpio to activate the 8th great petal of light in the innermost 'heart in the head'.  OM. ◊ In this light, work with one or more of the following Contemplations as you feel moved throughout this month.

“The final struggle in Scorpio only takes place where the point of balance between soul and body has been reached in Libra and it is in Scorpio that the preponderance of the spiritual energy is imposed upon the lower personal forces. Scorpio governs the initiates which is the true esoteric name of man and through its hierarchical planetary ruler [Mercury] the sons of mind, the messengers of Deity are revealed, but it is through Mars and the martian activity that the revelation comes about.” (EA, 211) CONTEMPLATE

Tuning in with the Angel of the eighth petal, reflect on your life today.  Recognize one or more recurring patterns of difficulty in your life relating to the three major areas of the personality. In the book, The Labours of Hercules, these are referred to as the nine heads of the Hydra that must be purified, redeemed, transformed and released into the higher potentials of the Soul. The tests of the appetite, tests of desires and tests of the lower critical mind show up most powerfully during Scorpio, making the month of Scorpio both a challenging time and a time of opportunity. Therefore notice what arises as a gift of opportunity bringing you that much closer to freedom.  

Be aware that recurring outer difficulties in our lives are quite often a reflection of the patterns we hold - thoughts, attitudes and beliefs we have about life, about others and the world, boomerang back upon ourselves.  Limiting patterns affect our happiness and well-being, and prevent our ‘rising’.  High-functioning patterns facilitate movement forward upon the Way and empower Soul service.

Unredeemed patterns will also rise ‘out of the collective’ and are not specifically ‘our own’, but if they land in our sphere of awareness and influence, it is an indication they are part of our collective karma, and therefore dharma, to cleanse, redeem or lift for the sake of humanity.  

In Scorpio especially (though every sign offers unique opportunity for triumph and victory), all is brought into the light to be seen, tested, redeemed, transformed, and liberated for the release of higher energies to flow . This comes through the aid of certain planetary transmitters at this time:

“… Mars and Pluto—function in connection with the sacral centre (Mars) and the solar plexus (Pluto). This latter planet becomes active in the life of the man who is "becoming alive in the higher sense, his lower nature passes into the smoke and darkness of Pluto who governs the lesser burning ground, in order that the man may live in truth in the higher land of light." (EA, 78)

Know that the influence of the Angel of Scorpio (in concert with the Solar Angel) helps us to “see” and “overcome” the Hydras of the lower nature; this Angel is a Spiritual Warrior assuring our triumph.

How will we Triumph?

The light reveals what is.  When we say ‘yes’ to entering the burning ground, the Soul stages conditions and events for our ‘testing and trial’ for ultimate victory and triumph. Each victory enters us more fully into “the Light of Day”.

Through ‘right attitude’ and courage to face and overcome all limitations, we stay on course, remain energized, and keep alive our highest ideals.

The spiritual Vision of the Soul understands all limitations are temporary and sees the higher potentialities standing behind them (for you, our groups, Humanity and the Earth). 

Through Unity, we steadily walk the Way together.

Through the energy of Sirius, we are released into Freedom to “live in truth” and “the higher land of light”. Higher Love overcomes duality, freeing us from fear and the great heresy of separation. Love is the antidote to Fear.  ‘Walk in the way of Love, O Pilgrim upon the Way, be free from fear and separation’. (Fear is the breeding ground of the hydras). 

See victory continuously along the Way.  All breakthroughs, large or small, lead to mastery, together mounting to the great Victory of the Triumphant Disciple.  Celebrating Soul victories ‘along the way’ builds momentum, increases Courage and the will-to-persist – potent virtues (siddhis) of the Heart.

How else will you/must you triumph?

◊ “In this sign, the disciple undergoes those tests which will … demonstrate that the desire nature is subdued and conquered and that the lower nature is (by being lifted up in the air, i.e., into heaven) capable of reaching the goal … and the personality can be so tested that it shows fitness for the world service demanded in Aquarius. This is beautifully expressed for us in the legend of Hercules, the Sun-God who overcomes the nine-headed Hydra or serpent of desire by being forced to his knees and from that position of humility lifts up the serpent into the air, and then deliverance comes.”  (EA, 143/4)

◊  I lift, I give, I release my troubles and concerns to the Soul.  I place old patterns of seeing, of thinking, of behavior, of action into the transmuting, transforming and transfiguring fires of the Soul .... cleansing all my vehicles of those patterns which no longer serve.  ◊ Do this everyday. Find one, now.   Find another.  And another.   In so doing, I gain 'insight'; I see with clarified vision, I have new sight.  Each time, a new energy is released in and through me.   The greatest victory is the victory over the self; the Victor is the Self over self. 

◊  Throughout this month, as we contemplate "The Light of Day" we enter more fully into the place where the three lights meet- the light of form, the light of the soul, and the light of Life; they meet, they blend, they rise.  

Sense what is 'released in and through' you; what is empowered; what is conveyed when opening to the triple light of the higher light-filled Mind, higher Love, higher Will.

What is now made possible when thoughts and the feeling nature are lifted and reconditioned? Through what is now transparent, what do you see; how shall you live?

Be aware of the new energy coursing through the field of the mind, through the field of the heart, through the field of the body. If not now, in due awareness, you shall.

When the mind is freed of old conditioning, thoughts are purer, allowing truth to gain entry for a new home and resting ground. When purifying waters recondition the feeling nature, interactions with others are happy and joyous ... no longer focused on faults and deficiencies. We are 'free to be' in new ways.  The Soul brings Freedom ... the freedom to be one who lives in the certainty of the Real.  CONTEMPLATE

We cannot only imagine or visualize ourselves into the Light of Day (though this is helpful to set a pre-condition); rather, we open into the Light of Day after having done the work.  When the three lights (light of form, light of soul and light of spirit) meet and blend and fuse, we rise.  We rise unto a new place of being and vibration - the result of our work.  This is our victory. 

“All aspects of the lower nature are involved in this crisis, for Mars is the esoteric ruler in Scorpio and the tests applied involve the form nature – gross and subtle, integrated and potent.  …. The lunar lords of the form nature must eventually be sacrificed to the higher spiritual aspect and brought under the control of the Solar Angel”.  EA, 210

◊ A person whose vehicles are goal-fit for the higher powers of the Soul, serves with "brilliance" ... resulting in a radiation of Love in right proportion ... bringing Joy and Wisdom to the world - "Joy is a special Wisdom".  ◊ Envision yourself as such a one in the world ... open to these energies, feeling these energies coursing through you ... in relationship with all that is.  

◊  See yourself, and others, as Victorious Spiritual Warriors. True victors are humble in the esoteric sense - not pumped with pride or false humility. They convey the energy of true humility knowing 'I of myself am nothing, yet I am of the Eternal as life and love flows through me unimpeded'.   CONTEMPLATE this today.

◊ Share and Extend.  Strengthen the gifts attained through use and application.  When you see your brother struggling, share your journey and victories with him.  Share and extend your compassion, give forgiveness (for-giving-love), share your full confidence that he too will be victorious.  “I enter my brother’s heart to know, to see, to understand, I offer the power of gentle love. Through words born of true perception, I take my brothers hand and lift him to a higher sphere. The dark veils of separation fall and together we onward move.”

◊ Impress your mind with the Light of Scorpio —The Light of Day and the Keynote: “After testing, trials and triumph, the Word of the Soul is “Warrior am I and from the Battle I emerge Triumphant.”  ◊ Impress and associate the above thoughts with the eighth petal, opening yourself to intuitive impression.  Sound a sacred OM sealing in the new vibration and awareness.

◊ ◊ ◊

CLOSING: In gratitude, let us extend a beam of Lighted Love to the Angel of Scorpio governing the eighth Petal of the innermost ‘Heart in the Head’ lotus (thereby facilitating an open channel of connection) ◊ As we consciously express the potencies of this petal, allowing it to work in and through us, the group and the world, we are widening the channel of connection and reception, and strengthening the livingness of the New Mind in Christ. The power(s) of this facet of the Soul-Self will increase and unfold through steady, conscious application and every true Soul expression.

◊ In Gratitude, BLESS and BE Blessed!


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 "We are treading the Way of Release, .... we  are treading the Way of Purification ..."

Esoteric Psychology-II, 29-31, 35: 

"Three steps of Individualisation, Initiation, and Identification ...  mark the progress of the soul from identification with form until it loses itself and its own identity in a higher identification with the Absolute One.  Let us carry our thoughts forward to that point in time and space wherein the spiritual consciousness releases itself from all the categories of awareness and all differentiations, and from the final sense of selfhood, and merges itself in that sublime condition in which self-centeredness (as we understand it) disappears. ...

It should be noted here, therefore, that there are, literally, two points of identification in the long experience of the soul.  One marks the stage wherein form, matter, substance, time and space are controlling factors, and imprison the soul within their types of consciousness.  This connotes identification with form life.  The other connotes identification with all that lies outside of form expression and is released from it.  What that may be lies beyond the grasp of our present advanced humanity, and is only known in its true significance by such great Existences as the Christ, the Buddha and Those of analogous rank in the Hierarchy of Lives.  

The qualities generated and developed through the first of these identifications persist and colour the conscious realisation, and it must be remembered that the final identification is the result of the experience gained through the medium of the first.  These qualities will vary according to the dominance of one or other of the ray energies, but there will be—in the final stages—no consciousness of quality or ray type, but simply a state of Being or of livingness that realises identification with the Whole and which, at the same time, holds in solution (if one may use so unsatisfactory a term) all the results of the lesser identifications, the various differentiations and distinctions, and the many ray instincts, impulses, and intuitions.  The garnered and expressed qualities, and the possible actions and reactions and awarenesses are equally eternally present and capable of re-acquisition at will, but they are all held below the threshold of consciousness.  Livingness, Being, Wholeness and Unity are the distinctive characteristics of this highly evolved stage, which is, in its turn, the foundation for that higher evolutionary cycle of which we know nothing but which is hinted at in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire and in all references to the seven Paths which open up before the adept of the fifth initiation.  Absorption into the One Life is the nature of this elevated state of consciousness.  Freedom from all that is implied in the use of the words Form and Ego is the major characteristic, and, therefore, many ancient Scriptures, when attempting to deal with and explain this supernormal and superlative condition, are forced back into the use of negatives, and the so-called "doctrine of negation".  Only by indicating what this state or condition of awareness is not, can any idea be conveyed of what it essentially is.  The negations thus met with (and frequently misunderstood by the occidental reader) are, therefore, the result of the futility and inadequacy of language to express the Reality then known."


"Therefore be full of joy, O pilgrim on the Way towards enlightened Being, for gain and loss are one; darkness and light eternally reveal the True; love and desire eternally invoke the Life.

Naught disappears but pain.  Nothing remains but bliss,—the bliss of knowledge true, of contact real, of light divine, the Way to God."

Such is the true goal, as yet unrealisable by us.  What is it that we are endeavoring to do?  We are treading the Way of Release, and on that way, all drops from our hands; everything is taken away, and detachment from the world of phenomenal life and of individuality is inevitably forced upon us.  We are treading the Way of Loneliness, and must learn eventually that we are essentially neither ego nor non-ego.  Complete detachment and discrimination must finally lead us to a condition of such complete aloneness that the horror of the great blackness will settle down upon us.  But when that pall of blackness is lifted and the light again pours in, the disciple sees that all that was grasped and treasured, and then lost and removed, has been restored, but with this difference—that it no longer holds the life imprisoned by desire.  We are treading the Way that leads to the Mountain Top of Isolation, and will find it full of terror.  Upon that mountain top we must fight the final battle with the Dweller on the Threshold, only to find that that too is an illusion.  That high point of isolation and the battle itself are only illusions and figments of unreality; they are the last stronghold of the ancient glamour, and of the great heresy of separateness.  Then we, the Beatific Ones, will eventually find ourselves merged with all that is, in love and understanding.  The isolation, a necessary stage, is itself but an illusion.  We are treading the Way of Purification and step by step all that we cherish is removed,—lust for form life, desire for love, and the great glamour of hatred.  These disappear and we stand purified and empty.  The distress of emptiness is the immediate result; it grips us and we feel that the price of holiness is too high.  But, standing on the Way, suddenly the whole being is flooded with light and love, and the emptiness is seen as constituting that through which light and love may flow to a needy world.  The purified One can dwell then in that place where dwell the Blessed Lords, and from that place go forth to "illumine the world of men and of the deities".

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