Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity



Discipleship in the New Age-Vol. II, 51/9

Stage I

 1. The first thing which I emphasized to you was that this was a group endeavour, and that its success depended upon the group fusion, the group love and the group understanding. The success of the desired inner contact was based upon a realised group relation. It was intended to be an endeavour which would be the outgrowth of a love, stabilised in and accentuated by all the group members. Hence my constant reiteration of the need of love between the group members. Towards the establishing of this loving relationship, I have been working for years with all of you. You may perhaps have believed that I did so in order that your group work in relation to your individual endeavour might be successful. That was not the major intent. The forming of units for special service in organising the life forces, processes and forms for the new technique of Approach to God or to the Hierarchy (which is the intermediary between spiritual reality and human life) was and is the major objective. Upon this statement I would ask you to ponder with renewed interest. Your interpretations are so often motivated by an unrealised spiritual selfishness and an undue emphasis upon your specific group importance. The groups are simply the field for hierarchical expression, and we are not yet convinced that the expenditure of force on our part is warranted by the results achieved. The group members have been primarily [Page 51] occupied with the registering of the more phenomenal results and with what they, as individuals, sensed, and have neglected to pay due attention to the inner group relation which is the only thing of major importance. It is the only thing which will release the stored up energy on the subjective side.


2. The second factor of importance is deep recognition of the subjective reality of the spiritual world. I, in myself, as you thought of me, am only the symbol of that world, as are other Masters, focused—as channels of contact and service—in the Hierarchy. You, as a group, unitedly and together, were asked to approach me and to contact me just as, in the coming New Age, the churches of the future will (at the full moon period) make a definite approach to the Hierarchy in order to

 a. Intensify their spiritual life by the bringing in of spiritual force, with deliberation and consciously.

 b. Achieve spiritual illumination through contact with the powerhouse of light, the Hierarchy.

 c. Store up strength for increased dynamic activity for an ensuing period of service.

 d. Bring about a fusion between the objective and subjective life of humanity.


3. This leads to a Technique of Approach, based upon the realisation of the above objectives, to an effort to see me (as I symbolise for you the spiritual vision), and to the establishing of a pathway of Approach, symbolised in the ritual I gave you as a golden band of light. This you were to visualise as extending between yourselves, as a group, to your Tibetan brother. This pathway of Approach is the Path which it is planned should constitute a more familiar symbol than has hitherto been the case in the religious life of the race.


4. This pathway of light leads to the heart of a dark blue disk at the very centre of which you were told I could be contacted. Those of you who are in any way adept at meditation work know well that the light in the head—when seen and [Page 52] recognised—passes usually through three stages of intensification:

 a. It is, first of all, a diffused light, surrounding the head, discovered later within the head and producing an inner radiance, which is the rudimentary halo.

b. This diffused light then consolidates and becomes an inner radiant sun.

c. Finally, at the centre of that sun, a point of dark blue, or a small indigo disk, appears. This is, in reality, the exit in the head through which the soul passes out of the world of phenomenal existence, and it is the symbol of the path or the door into the kingdom of God. This is the symbolical interpretation of the phenomena.

 As the group approaches nearer and nearer to reality, the pathway or the band of light shortens (symbolically) and in time, when you are expert in this work and when your spiritual nature is truly intensified, you will enter almost immediately into, or through, the disk of blue and become aware of the higher consciousness, or divinity.


5. Three things are, at this stage, essential to success:

 a. The mind must be "held steady in the light," and for this receptive experience all the previous work in meditation has been essential. Its positive, attentive activity has been an essential factor in producing the desired mind control.

 b. The creative imagination, involving as it does the power to visualise, has also to be developed and consciously used in obedience to instruction in the early stages. This obedience has to be rendered voluntarily, even though blindly, before the true objectives can be grasped.

 c. Results must be expected and an inner sensitivity developed which will eventually obviate surprise and lead to a conscious recognition of achievement. This sensitivity may differ according to ray and [Page 53] type, but the general indications will be in the field of similarity and of group value.


All this was the objective of the work I outlined. Much remained to be done, and each year I have expanded the concept and laid the foundation for future work to be carried forward with steadfastness over a long period of time. A beginning has been made.


In the second stage of the work outlined by me when you had worked for a year at this full moon activity, I began to widen the teaching and I added to the earlier technique. In the religion of the future, three years will always be given to training the youth of the period (from the ages of fifteen to eighteen) in a preparatory technique of Approach.


Stage II

The stages in the second year's activity were as follows:

1. The recognition by the group members of the necessity for a closer group relation within the circle of the group and with me. This is symbolic of the recognition of the world need of love, as exemplified by an attitude of goodwill and understanding, and a closer approach by humanity to the Hierarchy.  In the past, the religious emphasis upon the esoteric side of instruction has been the approach of the individual man to the God within, to his own higher self, the soul, the first Master.  In the future, the emphasis will be upon the united approach of humanity (as represented by an increasing number of groups of aspirants and disciples) to the Hierarchy. According to the status of the groups and their awareness and condition of illumination, so will be the grade of hierarchical Worker with Whom they will be in touch.


2. The recognition that in this work, true occult obedience or the intelligent response to the urge of the group soul and to the "pull" of the Hierarchy, is the next major requirement. This will produce the right carrying out of the required assigned technique and a complete refraining from [Page 54] any interest in phenomenal results or an analysis (at this stage) of any reactions experienced.  Individual analysis hinders group recognition and true realisation. This is a point to be considered and remembered.


3. The next step which I indicated to you was that in which I pointed out that these Full Moon Approaches required one entire week of inner activity, divided as follows:


a. The three days prior to the full moon were to be dedicated to preparation. This preparation involved confidence, which swept the brain (the focus of the physical plane expression) into the right condition; aspiration, which held the astral body in the right attitude; and dedication, which was the intelligent process, motivated by free will and involving mental concentration, which enabled the confident aspirant to "hold the mind steady in the light."


b. Then, there were the twelve hours on the day of the full moon, wherein a consciously achieved contact (dependent upon the success of the previous three days' work by the group) became a definitely proven possibility. By training you in these early stages in the attempt to contact me, I was laying the ground for two eventualities: your future contact with your Master, prior to initiation, and a contact with the Hierarchy. This was intended to be symbolic of humanity's future contact.


c. The three days succeeding the full moon period then were considered. In these days, it was pointed out, the personality could become conscious of the success of the previous work done and the subsequent contact. That realisation would be facilitated by an inner attitude of registration (by the mind) of that which the soul has sought to impress upon it at the moment of attempted or achieved contact; by the sense of expectancy which the emotional nature would be trained to express and experience; and by the acknowledged attitude of the physical brain as it held [Page 55] to the belief of true success, when the requirements had been duly met.


It will be apparent to you, if you have followed the above in the right spirit, that from the very start I have been working towards objectives unrealized by you. I am trusting that the importance of this full moon work will become increasingly clear to you and make you more eager to work as requested by me.



Stage III

The third stage, outlined by me during the past year's work, brought in a far more complicated activity than heretofore. I explained to you, if you will remember, that at the time of the full moon it was as if a door was opened between the Sun and Moon, making certain events of a spiritual nature possible. The band of golden light, extending between the Sun and the Moon, completely "irradiated the lunar surface" (to use the ancient formula) and made possible certain revelations. To students such as you, the symbolism should be apparent and can be seen as inviting a dual interpretation:

 1. It concerns the relation of the Solar Angel to the lunar forces, of the Sun and the Moon and their work in synthesis.

 2. It concerns the relation of the Hierarchy to humanity and consequently, of the subjective world to the objective worlds, of the realm of causes to the realm of effects. Ponder on this.

Individual approach must be merged into group approach, and the approach of groups will some day be superseded by the organised approach of humanity as a whole. This third stage can (like the two previous ones) be divided into the following activities, which require to be mentally grasped by the group:

1. That certain realisations become possible. These are two in number:

 a. Realisation one: That entrance upon the Path of Approach is possible for individuals, for groups, and for humanity as a whole, as a unit.

 b. Realisation two: That energies, not usually or normally contacted, can be touched, grasped and utilised at the time of these Approaches, provided that they are contacted in group formation. Thus the individual, the group and humanity are enriched and vitalised.

2. That the spiritual Hierarchy can, at these times, be approached, verified and known, thus leading to active conscious cooperation with the Plan which the Hierarchy serves. It must be remembered that, on the side of the Hierarchy, a Technique of Approach to humanity will also be employed, and thus we have an essential dual activity. The first stage of this dual activity took place millions of years ago at the time of Individualisation, and produced the emergence of the fourth kingdom in nature, the human family. The second stage is being rapidly worked out today, and will produce the emergence of Initiation. The intermediate stage is that of Integration. We have therefore the germ of a new scientific religion, called (as I have earlier pointed out) the Science of Approach. It is one in which humanity can now consciously share, for their stage in evolution warrants it. Men can today grasp the objective, share in the united aspiration, and carry out the needed requirements.

 3. The time to be given, at this stage of the training, to the Full Moon Approach was shortened, but tremendously intensified, and the objective was to produce a far more dynamic activity. A state of tension had to be achieved, which would eventually release dynamic energy from—if possible—levels higher than that of the soul. Hence the need for group integration and work. This period was divided as follows:

 a. There were two days of intensive preparation. This involved the achieving of a right attitude of a dual kind: The group member fused his outer activity and his inner orientation into one blended concentrated spiritual activity. He proceeded with his usual avocations, but at no time—whilst so occupied—was he to lose sight of the inner orientation and specific recollection. All the time he was outwardly busy, he was simultaneously occupied with a constant realization of a retreat inward, a heightening of his vibration, and a raising of his consciousness.

 b. On the day of the full moon, you were asked to go through a symbolic performance in the realm of the creative imagination, and through the medium of its agent, visualisation. This performance involved the following steps:

 1. The recognition that in the blue disk, at the end of the golden pathway, was an ivory door which was slowly opening into a room with three windows.

 2. The recognition that the group, as a unit, was advancing into that room and there, united in an act of solemn dedication, stands ready for revelation.

 3. The recognition, by the group, of me, your teacher and Tibetan brother, and the saying by all of us together of the Great Invocation. This produces fusion and releases something from "that which lies above to that which lies below," speaking in the words of symbolism.

 It will be obvious to you that in this symbolic ritual there is typified, first of all the Path, the goal, the kingdom of God, distinguished by spiritual mind, spiritual love and spiritual will (the three windows, atma-buddhi-manas, or the three aspects of the soul). Secondly, the focusing of the consciousness in that of the soul, followed by a group dedication; and, finally, that humanity (symbolised by the group) and the Hierarchy (symbolised by me) and the subsequent voicing by me of certain Words of Power were all intended to produce the fusion of the objective and subjective worlds, and the consequent emergence of the fifth kingdom in nature. Thus the skeleton structure of the new religious ceremonial can be dimly seen and inadequately sensed. This stage is followed by:


4. Two days of intensive recollection by the group in their brain consciousness. This involves:

 a. The development of the power to recall the Words of Power which had been spoken by me, and later, the listening for a Word of Power. This recognition of the Words will be one of the major objectives of the new world religion, and hence our effort to do something symbolically analogous in our group activity.  [occult hearing/listening]

 b. A subsequent definite intensification of the life processes, and a spiritual demonstration upon the physical plane as a result.

The above elucidation should give you a new and more intelligent grasp of the symbolic significances of the work we are now attempting.

 May I ask for your real interest, service and cooperation?"



"…. You will all awaken some day to the realisation that the Science of Service is of greater importance than the Science of Meditation, because it is the effort and the strenuous activity of the serving disciple which evokes the soul powers, makes meditation an essential requirement, and is the mode—ahead of all others—which invokes the Spiritual Triad, brings about the intensification of the spiritual life, forces the building of the antahkarana, and leads in a graded series of renunciations to the Great Renunciation, which sets the disciple free for all eternity.

 I am giving you here certain needed hints and much upon which to ponder. I give you of my time and of my love, of my interest and my understanding.  Let us together serve."





The following instructions were to an individual disciple.  This disciples' vehicles were over-stimulated doing a seven day approach during the Full Moon times, so the Master DK advised a three-day full moon approach.  If you sense over-stimulation, you may want to do the same.  However, for those  who can endure the full seven days (or longer), do so along with the group.  A key point for all of us is 'tensity' or an increase in intensity and a held point of dynamic tension throughout this period.  The majority of comments to this Disciple are good and relevant for all of us.   

“During the next few months, I will ask you to stabilize yourself at the center of your being, to achieve easy contact with the soul, and to build with care the antahkarana, from the heart, via the head to the soul. I would ask you to render all possible psychological aid when demand comes to you, and through those channels which are at this time definitely open to you. I would ask you to bring to the Full Moon approach an intensity of purpose which should carry you to a high point of group fusion. I have asked several of you to take many days for preparation before and after the Full Moon period of five days. For you I would suggest a different technique.

 I want from you tensity [an increase of intensity], dynamic one-pointedness and focused attention. I would, therefore, suggest that you focus on the Full Moon Approach (owing to the tension and strain which my suggestion may evoke in your vehicles) for only one day prior to the Full Moon, for the day of the Full Moon itself, and for the day succeeding the Full Moon. I would ask you to look for and expect certain reactions—phenomenal and psychological. These may be immediate in appearance, or they may work into your consciousness during the week which succeeds the Full Moon. I refer not here to lower psychic phenomena, but to certain spiritual occurrences and soul intuitions which can be sometimes noted when the point of tension is adequate. Watch for these experiences—intuitive, telepathic and spiritual—and note them in your spiritual diary, attempting rightly to interpret them."       (Discipleship in the New Age-Vol. I, 642)





 The Externalization of the Hierarchy, 226/8

“ … For the two days prior to the Full Moon, on the day of the Full Moon itself, and for the two succeeding days (five days) endeavour at sunrise, at noon, at five o'clock P.M., and at sunset, plus the exact time of the Full Moon in your own [Page 227] land, to say the Great Invocation with the intent to invoke, precipitate and anchor in outer manifestation the waiting Potencies. Do this aloud when possible, and in group formation whenever feasible. It is the focused power of your unemotional thought which will bridge the present existing gap and link more closely the two worlds of spiritual activity and of human demonstration.

 … Repeat this activity for three days each and every month—the day prior to the Full Moon, the day of the Full Moon, and the succeeding day. As a preliminary exercise to these three days, you could take an earlier three days of preparation, and thus increase the effectiveness of your effort.

 Many people the world over have for years been trained to recognise two things. First, the importance of the Wesak Festival at the time of the Full Moon of May, because it not only objectively links the major Eastern religion with the major Western faith, but because it esoterically provides the key to the open door between Shamballa and the Hierarchy, between the purpose of God (still unidentified by man, owing to his relatively low stage of evolution which makes it beyond human comprehension at present) and the method of God, which is love; it provides also the link between the Buddha, temporarily embodying will-wisdom, and the Christ, embodying love-wisdom, and also between humanity, focused in consciousness through the Christ, and the Hierarchy, focused in consciousness through the Buddha. Owing to the stress of humanity today and the urgency of the response which that distress evokes in the Hierarchy, the synthesis of these two reactions to the world crisis can prove adequate to bring in that outside assistance which could end the conflict along right lines and bring not only relief, but illumination to the human consciousness. But again—speaking here to a representative body of aspirants and disciples—I would state that the focus and the emphasis is not yet adequate to guarantee this extra-planetary response.

 Nevertheless, it could be if, in your own life of meditation and of discipline, in your speech with others and in the general tone of your intercourse with your environment, you can eliminate the negative and more selfish reactions and (for the sake of human welfare) temporarily, at least, live at your highest point of aspiration.

 Secondly, you have been trained in the belief that all the information which I have given out anent the relation of the Buddha and the Christ, and of the Hierarchy, Humanity and Shamballa, will form part of the coming new world religion and that the theme of the Great Approaches will constitute the basic fundamentals of the future spiritual teaching. This too you must have in mind, for the work you are asked to do at the coming two Full Moons, and during the less important full moons of the year, is not only related to the present emergency, but is also constructively related to the future faith of humanity. Bear this also in mind.




 The seven rays and seven results of the will-to-good was released after the June full moon in 1945.

 "… at the time of the June Full Moon, the Hierarchy, under the guidance of the Christ, will let loose this will-to-good upon humanity, producing seven great results, according to the seven sub-rays of this first Ray of Will or Power:

 1. Power will be given to the disciples of the world and the initiates among men, so that they can direct efficiently and wisely the coming process of rebuilding.

 2. The will-to-love will stimulate the men of goodwill everywhere so that hatred will gradually be overcome and men will seek to live together cooperatively. This will take some time, but the inner urge is there and subject to stimulation.

 3. The will-to-action will lead intelligent people throughout the world to inaugurate those activities which will lay the foundation for a new, better and happier world.

 4. The will-to-cooperate will steadily increase also. Men will desire and demand right human relations—a result more general than that produced by the activity of the first three aspects of this ray, but which will be a natural outcome of this activity.

 5. The will-to-know and to think correctly and creatively will become an outstanding characteristic of the masses. Knowledge is the first step towards wisdom.

 6. The will-to-persist (which is an aspect of devotion and idealism) will become a human characteristic—a sublimation of the basic instinct of self-preservation. This will lead to a persistent belief in the ideals presented by the Hierarchy, and the demonstration of immortality.

 7. The will-to-organise will further a building process which will be carried forward under the direct inspiration of the Hierarchy. The medium will be the potency of the will-to-good of the New Group of World Servers and the responsive goodwill of mankind."

 Externalization of the Hierarchy, 440/1