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SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity

holy thursday

The Last Supper

The Last Supper - Giotto.jpg

We step into the Peaceful Presence of the SOUL, … and the Soul Star Group that is joined in the radiatory Christ field of living Love and Life.  We prepare to receive His blessing … as He blesses the world.

(You may choose to do a full meditation as written in Sunday's Entry into Jerusalem, or the in-depth meditation on Day One of the Three Day Ritual for the Blue Full Moon of Aries, or do an abbreviated version by linking with the Soul Star Group — the Spiritual Hierarchy and Christ at the Center. Link more deeply today with the Soul Star Group today worldwide (if you wish to name them In Love, that list can be found at the bottom of Palm Sunday).

holy thursday


The Last Supper - Alexander Ivanov 1824

The Last Supper - Alexander Ivanov 1824


The Last Supper is a Holy Communion demonstrating Humanity's essential common Unity — the Community of Humanity.  The Communion Feast has greatly expanded from that early day, now including millions of Faithful. "Bread" is shared as nourishment for all peoples of the earth, in every land, on every table, in every hand and every mouth. And the wine of God flows through every open heart who Loves.


(EOH, 514)




"Christ ... looked ahead to the work He would have to do in the Aquarian Age, in the next sign into which the sun would enter. Prior to His "disappearance," He referred to the symbol of the Aquarian Age and to the task He would then perform. With His twelve disciples, He enacted a dramatic episode which epitomizes the work which He would later undertake when the two thousand years of the Piscean era would have passed away."  This work He now continues for the next millennia, with thousands of conscious disciples and millions of unconscious aspirants working with Him in the present era.

"He told His disciples to go into the city and that there they would meet a man, carrying a pitcher of water, that they should follow him to the upper room and there make ready the communion feast in which He and they would share. (Luke XXII.10.)  This they did and the Last Supper took place. The ancient symbol for the sign Aquarius (into which our Sun is now entering) is that of the Water-carrier, the man with a pitcher of water. This passing of the Sun into the sign Aquarius is an astronomical fact. …The great spiritual achievement and evolutionary event of that age will be the communion and human relationships established among all peoples, enabling [people] everywhere to sit down together in the Presence of the Christ and share the bread and wine (symbols of nourishment)."    (ROC, 80)

“The vision in [people's] minds today is that of the Aquarian Age, even if they recognize it not. The future will see right relationships, true communion, a sharing of all things (wine - the blood and the life, and bread - economic satisfaction) and goodwill …”

“Preparations for that shared feast (symbolically speaking) are on their way, and those preparations are being made by the masses of [people] themselves, as they fight and struggle and legislate for the economic sustenance of their nations, and as the theme of food occupies the attention of legislators everywhere. This sharing, beginning on the physical plane, will prove equally true of all human relations and this will be the great gift of the Aquarian Age to humanity.”

“The coming in of the Aquarian Age, Christ foresaw and reduced to pictorial form, thus preserving for us down the centuries a prophetic episode, the interpretation of which is possible of demonstration only in our time and age.”

The Sacrament of the Last Supper - Salvador Dali, 1955 - Copy.jpg

“Astronomically, we are not yet functioning fully within the influence of Aquarius; we are only just emerging from the Piscean influence, and the full impact of the energies which Aquarius will set loose has not yet been felt. Nevertheless, each year carries us closer to the centre of power, the major effect of which will be to induce recognition of man's essential unity, of the processes of sharing and of cooperation and of the emergence of that new world religion whose keynote will be universality and initiation.”

Let us now enter the energy field of the First Communion. Through IMAGINATIVE CONTEMPLATION, let us enter into the experience of ‘Being with Him’ — drawing us close — His Disciples.

Esoteric Mysticism: “Wine symbolizes the transformed desire of the disciple, bread represents the pure and luminous etheric body. It is the through the blending of spiritual forces within these two prepared vehicles that the powers of mastery may be demonstrated. Each of the holy men and women who participated in the Last Supper with the Christ had so purified their subtle bodies that they were able to receive and transmit the Christ powers for healing and spiritual enlightenment of all whom it was given them to serve. …. “

By living purely, in the practices of harmlessness, “the conservation of life essence in the body produced a vital force of a higher order which radiated from the body and which could be drawn upon and used at will in the service of others. This etheric emanation reached a degree of luminosity in the Disciples on the night of the Holy Supper such as they had never attained before. Each Disciple gave this soul emanation to the Christ at the time of the Holy Supper. Drawing this force into Himself and augmenting it with His own divine powers, the Christ appeared before them in all the glory of the body of His Transfiguration. Then it was that He poured this mighty stream of energy into the bread and the wine, magnetizing them by the magic of spiritual alchemy until they shone with the splendor of countless jewels.”


PAUSE … if you have bread and wine to consecrate, do it now… Invite the Presence of the Christ to join you now ….. offer the Bread and the Wine to the Christ for His alchemical transubstantiation.


“In later observances of the Eucharist by the early Christians the divine powers evolved by the ceremony magnetized the bread and wine in like manner and to such a degree that substances so sanctified were widely used for healing the sick. Rightly were they called the “medicine of immortality.”

“The Supper on this first Holy Thursday night was concluded with the Lord’s Prayer, a mantram of tremendous power when rightly used, and with the “kiss of Peace” indicating unity and harmony and the common reservoir of spiritual power generated for carrying the Christ impulse out into the world for its solace and redemption. They had realized true fellowship.” (Mystery of the Christos, VOL VII by CH) ~ (A link to read more will be provided later)


Love flows as living wine – living Waters of Life. 

To “love one another” is to fulfill the Law of Love,

the second aspect of Divinity of the Triune God. 

~ All are Priests unto the Lord Who Love One Another ~


Last Supper - Nicolas Poussin.jpg


As with the image above, let us imaginatively transport ourselves to a holy place, sitting with a Group who are “Friends of the Christ” in sacred communion.

The "sacred communion gathering" from the First Communion penetrates our minds and hearts and world — purely, through and through …

The Holy Grail Chalice is the “flower cup” in the body temple of a son and daughter of God whose purified and consecrated life forms a direct link between head and heart, enabling the purified one “to think with the heart and to love with the head”.

As Love breaks forth in each and everyone, flowing through the group as a refined energy of holy fire, every Heart opens to a new dimension of Being …


Spiritual listening leads to spiritual hearing, holy touch and taste, and holy togetherness.  The Beauty of the Soul shines visible in every countenance.  All commune in gratefulness — in the great fullness of Being. Soul songs break forth ...  

We allow a 'great fullness' to flow through us now. 

◊ ◊ ◊

THE LAST SUPPER on Holy Thursday concludes our “fellowship” with the Lord’s Prayer — “a mantram of tremendous power” when raised to the Father within:

Our Father Who Art In Heaven, Hallowed Be Thy Name

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done

On Earth As It Is In Heaven.

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread,

And Forgive Us Our Debts

As We Forgive Our Debtors.

Lead us Not Into Temptation,

But Deliver Us From Evil,

For Thine Is the Kingdom, and the Power and the Glory

Forever and Ever,



OUR FATHER - by Andrea Bocelli —

In the future, let us recall this experience as a sacred meeting with “friends”.  Relive these moments bringing the CHRIST, CHRISTOS, to join, allowing Him to set the stage, now and for future communion feast gatherings. In the spirit of communion we come to know what it means to LIVE in the Spiritual energy of the Kingdom of Souls.

~ In the continuity of Their Holy Presence we build our future ~


Institution of th Eucharist - Fra Angelico 1441.jpg

We conclude Holy Thursday with two joyous thoughts …

◊ The joyous thought is the whole human family enjoying "common union" and the fruits thereof, and

◊ The joyous thought of Humanity in communion with the Kingdom of Souls (the Spiritual Hierarchy) as “Friends of the Christ"lifting "earth to heaven" and Heaven to Earth.

CREATIVE VISUALIZATION:  Whilst seeing the group(s) to which we belong as centers of love and light irradiating the world, see them bringing light to dark places … the “bread and wine” healing and blessing what has been initiated from on High.

Conclude intoning ~

'At the Center of all Love We stand;

From that Center, We the Soul will outward move;

From that Center, We the serving Group will work.

May the Love of the divine Self be shed abroad

In our Hearts, through our Groups and throughout the World.'


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(Exit from the Last Supper - Alexander Ivanov 1824)

(Exit from the Last Supper - Alexander Ivanov 1824)