Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity



The Pentecost celebration is traditionally begun at 9 am on Sunday in your time zone.  Any variation of 9, such as 6  or 3 is by resonance also suitable.  So we can work at 3 AM or 6 AM or 9 AM (and/or in the PM) remembering to tune into the 'living reality of Pentecost' during these times throughout the hours of the day, evening and night. The energies will only increase in their beauty and strength.  The angelic/devic life is magnetically attracted to participate and even more so if they are invited and invoked.

"Properly prepared we must always BE".  Individually and as a group, our spiritual practices and service these past days have been properly preparing us in unified spiritual approach through ritual observances.  Together as a group we have been oriented in one direction, engaged in spiritual study, meditation, visualization, contemplations and deep listening.  We aligned and attuned with the Soul Star Group and the "Great Potency of the Inner Groups", and we sounded the Great Invocation — the "world prayer" given by the Lord of the World and the Christ for uplifting Humanity and manifesting a new world.

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Holy Communion is a meeting place in the 'holy chamber of the Lord'.  Today it is the great Field of the Christ.  No words are spoken because no words are needed in the communion of the One Heart where Loving Understanding and Divine Comprehension replace the spoken word.


Long ago in an upper chamber, men and women gathered in holy communion in the spirit of the Christ.  As they met in "group Communion", they gathered their spiritual powers with one accord. In unified invocation, their hearts and minds lifted unto the Most High God and a great rush of wind entered the room.  The Holy Spirit descended upon them as "tongues of living fire" shining above their holy heads. 

Gustave Dore, The Descent of the Holy Spirit

Gustave Dore, The Descent of the Holy Spirit

“The fact of the resurrection will be demonstrated during the next few centuries, and the Living Christ will walk among men and lead them onward towards the Mount of Ascension.  The Pentecost will become truth.  All men will come under the tide of inspiration from on high, and though they may speak with many tongues, they will all understand each other.”     (EOH, 470)


"God, in the person of Christ and His Hierarchy would draw nearer to His people; God, through the instrumentality of the Buddha, would reveal His eternal light and evoke our intelligent cooperation; God, through the spiritual Hierarchy and through that centre where the will of God is known, would bring humanity to the point of resurrection and to a spiritual awareness which would bring about goodwill towards men and peace on earth. The will of God transcendent would be carried out through the medium of God immanent in man; it would be expressed in love in response to the work of Christ; it would be intelligently presented on earth because the minds of men would have been illumined as the result of their united invocation, the unity of their effort and the oneness of their understanding.

It is for this that humanity waits; it is for this that the churches must work; it is these qualities and characteristics which will condition the New World Religion."    (Problems of Humanity)

We now prepare to make deeper inner contact for the invocation, evocation, reception, and manifestation of the Holy Spirit, offering ourselves individually and as a group to be conduits and channels of reception for the blessing of humanity and the world.


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When thought is sanctified, when the forces of the inner man are gathered into the upper chamber of the altar of the most high God (the innermost Center of the Crown), then unified purpose brings us into the Lighted Way of the Christ and the energy Field of the Lord of the World. Spiritual fire descends through the human Soul, broad comprehension and understanding are It’s gift.

ʘ Sounding the sacred Word OM, let us focus the heart-mind in harmony with the life energy of the "Soul that is the Self" ... gathering our forces into the upper chamber …. absorbing its triadal outpouring ...  permeating our field and awareness.

ʘ Recognize a vibration filling the awareness as the energy of the “upper chamber”, the inner altar of the most high God is sensed as a filled-full Presence.  OM.

ʘ In the silent sounding of the Holy Word, see a great Heart appear before us.  In this Heart of Triadal Love we gather ... all Participating Souls of the radiant Soul Star Group (with whom we've aligned and meditated daily) ... (some may choose to sound the names of “we who have here gathered”).  We see spheres of radiant light ... merging into one magnanimous sphere of group Light and Love.

ʘ Sounding a silent OM, ... another Heart opens revealing countless numbers of participating Souls world-wide,  standing in concentric circles of vibrating energy, meeting and blending, living light waves pulsing through the ethers.

ʘ Having been made ready in unified approach, entering the “upper chamber” of the inner altar of the most High God of the altar chamber of the group Soul of the Soul Star Group, we sound a silent OM, attuned "as One group Heart" in invocative appeal.

ʘ In the center of the great Heart of God stands the Lord of Love — the Christ, His radiance suffusing all Souls present with the Heart of Love from above, pouring forth to all who draw near Him.  ʘ Gathered in the Company of the Christ stand luminous Angelic Intelligences, the Masters of Love-Wisdom, and behind Them the Lord of the World — Sanat Kumara. Behind them all reverberates fohatic essence in the vastness of time and space, the fires of a great Maternal Being whose Holy Spirit substands all forms … that we as Souls come to know through the Mother of the World … linking worlds beyond our ken and perception, ad infinitum.

ʘ In the silent Power of a planetary OM, let us find ourselves moving inside a great Communion … a celebratory Feast by the Lord of Love … attuned to the "Planetary Group Heart" … in an invocative appeal to the Holy Spirit of God. A joyous expectancy fills our senses.

ʘ Spiritual approaches in the Way of the Christ make straight and clear ...  lifting all to the "upper chamber" of the secret place … a temple of refined vibration ... unto stars shining pure … of domed firmaments above.

Together in One great speech to the Holy Spirit we invoke, reverently chanting …

Veni Sancte Spiritus - Come Holy Spirit

Veni Sancte Spiritus - Come Holy Spirit

Veni Sancte Spiritus - Come Holy Spirit

(pausinge in meditation deep, made pure)

A sudden river of living life breaks forth — pouring through the temple walls ... walls of form disappear … to inner movements of onrushing spirit Life … winds of living Fire ... unstoppable Life ... pouring down and through the crown of all assembled ...

ʘ  Open to the gifts of Pentecost ... "life-giving" … 'life enhancing"  ... 'life-sustaining substance” ... "waters of Life sustaining Love” ... sweeping through and through worlds of awakening life ....

" ... the universal dissemination of the Christ consciousness throughout all time in the heart of every human being" ...

(Artist Unknown)

(Artist Unknown)


CONTINUING MEDITATION. After the reception of energies have settled into consciousness, let us CONTEMPLATE these truths into Being:

“This is a feast unlike indeed to those the dreaming of the world has shown.  For here, the more that anyone receives, the more is left for all the rest to share.  The Guests have brought unlimited supply with Them.  And no one is deprived or can deprive.  Here is a feast the Father lays before His Son, and shares equally with him.  And in Their sharing there can be no gap in which abundance falters and grows thin. Here can the lean years enter not, for time waits not upon this feast, which has no end.  For love has set its table in the space ...”  ACIM, 598

“Come therefore unto me, and learn of the truth in you.  The mind we share is shared by all our brothers, and as we see them truly they will be healed.  Let your mind shine with Mine upon their minds, and by our gratitude to them make them aware of the light in them.  This light will shine back upon you and on the whole Sonship, because this is your proper gift to God.  He will accept it and give it to the Sonship, because it is acceptable to Him and therefore to His Sons. This is true communion with the Holy Spirit, Who sees the altar of God in everyone, and by bringing it to your appreciation, He calls upon you to love God and His creation.  You can appreciate the Sonship only as One.  This is part of the law of creation, and therefore governs all thought.”  ACIM, 123

–To these words and promise we bear witness –

"Lo, I am with you all the days, even until the end of the world" 

(EOH, 356)

Sound a Sacred OM

 (Continue with the following meditation — or close with the Great Invocation)


A White Magic Meditation / Visualization

Building a Communion of Peace by the Nations of the World

Esoterically, Pentecost is a Coming to Union, a Holy Communion of all Peoples, Nations and Faiths, wherein one common union is known universally through our one human race, that is innately divine.  No words need ever be spoken in the communion of the Heart of God that knows all, feels all, sees all, understands all, and unifies all in a synthesis of Holy High Communion.  

To distribute the Pentecost energies just received on behalf of the world, let us envision a Culture of Peace embodied and lived by all the Nations of the World.  What follows is a brief but potent creative meditation in line with a White Magic process for building  'a world we all want to see and live in — a world in union'.


We begin by imagining ourselves as Soul Magicians, stepping into a potent meditation thoughtform practiced by White Magicians …. (Treatise on White Magic, 617; sentences spread apart for emphasis):


“Let the magician stand upon the mountain top. 

Beneath him in the valleys and the plains, water and streams and clouds are seen. 

Above is the blue of heaven, the radiance of the rising sun, the pureness of the mountain air.

Each sound is clear.

We hear a silence, a silence that speaks with sound.”

“Let the magician stand within the sun, looking … thence upon the ball of earth. 

From that high point of peace serene, let him sound forth the words that will create the forms, build worlds and universes and give his life to that which he has made. 

Let him project the forms created on the mountain top in such a way that they can cleave the clouds which circle round the ball of earth, and carry light and power. 

These shall dispel the veil of forms which hide the true abode of Earth from the eye of the beholder.”


Let us now imagine a day in Humanity’s future, when the scourge of war has ended.  It is a celebration of Peace Day in September. A sacred ritual is about to begin for the opening of the United Nations general assembly.  All the world leaders (nearing 200 Nations), deeply Soul inspired, have ritually gathered round an enormous oval table.  The purpose for gathering the global community is to celebrate the Communion of Brotherhood – the Desire of all Nations for perpetual World Peace. 

In the center of this table is a large crystal Chalice — a Christ Chalice filled with the purest spring water rising from an eternal spring deep within the primal wells of our Earth.  It is a world communion Chalice, a Cup signifying the vital waters of Love and Life more abundant for world Peace to pour through all Humanity.

Hovering over the chalice into the water is a stream of potent, etheric white light emanating from a golden triangle, around which hover Three great BEINGS — the Spirit of Peace, the Avatar of Synthesis, and the Buddha, each positioned upon a point of the sacred Triangle, and the Living Christ stands in the Center.

The energy in the room is filled with Joy, serene expectancy and magical vitality emanating from the Blessed Ones.

From the Presence of the Christ, a spiritual keynote is sounded emanating from each and every heart — the Nation's leaders committed to the Good of all their people and the peoples of the Earth are unified in the Heart of Love. 

A ritual celebration of unity and brotherhood now begins.  Good Will and the "Will-to-Good for All" permeate the atmosphere and condition the proceedings, resulting in supreme reverence and respect, true dialogue and deep understanding of the issues facing each leader.  As Soul leaders of their respective Nations, they begin by recognizing one another for their nation’s achievements in the past year on behalf of world Good.  Pledges of support are offered for each nation’s needs and solutions are brought forward.  World problems are surfaced and brought to solution ‘as if by one mind, one heart and one unified will’ flowing through "One Humanity and One World".

And now each world Executive, a Soul-infused leader, drinks a cup of pure water from the central Chalice, infused and magnified by the Christ and Avatars, instilling in ‘their water’ the Waters of Life with the Power to "Make all things New".  The Words now spoken come from one spiritual speech. A fullness of understanding arises as each sees into the needs of the other through the language of the Heart, knowing only Unity, Goodwill and a true realized Brotherhood of Light, of Love and Holy Will.

Now this light is extended throughout the Soul of Humanity who draws it forth, drinking deeply of its essence.

This Day of Pentecost “signifies a gathering of spiritual powers for the purpose of harvesting the first fruits of Spirit" and dedicating these Fruits as new forces of Spirit for unselfish service in the vineyard of the Lord.

Let the Peace that our acceptance brings be given as Peace pervades Humanity, encompassing all the Earth.

We recognize our problems have been solved, re-sol-ved and solutionized by the Soul of Humanity.

We sound a Sacred OM making this vision real, 

and end intoning, "Let it Be Done".

In closing the Communion Feast of Esoteric Pentecost, the Soul Star Group(s) and all here assembled sound the Great Invocation, the World Prayer, led by the Christ and Spiritual Hierarchy:

 (The Great Invocation below combines the alternate version [in brackets] for your choice)


From the point of Light within the Mind of God

Let light stream forth into the minds of men [into human minds].

Let Light descend on Earth.


From the point of Love within the Heart of God

Let love stream forth into the hearts of men [into human hearts].

May Christ [the Coming One] return to [appear on] Earth.


From the center where the Will of God is known

Let purpose guide the little wills of men—[guide ‘human will’]

The purpose which the Masters [the Great Ones] know and serve.


From the center which we call the race of men [the human race]

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

 Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.


Sound a sacred Om (embodying the Light of God)

Sound a sacred Om (embodying the Love of God)

Sound a sacred Om (embodying the Life and Will of God) 

(And Help Us To Do Our Part)


Let us repeat this meditation as often as we are called for bringing a new world culture of Peace, Light and Love into manifestation.  It is especially potent during the new and full moon times of Gemini – the Festival of the Christ and Humanity, and Libra when the UN General Assembly meets whose Keynote is Peace.


Behold Sacred Space and the Firmament above of a modern temple pre-figured with an Upper Chamber. 

The Avatar of Synthesis works through the United Nations General Assembly.  Let us hold in heart -mind the full Potential of this modern temple, its spiritual purpose to assemble leaders for the Souls of Nations working on behalf of the One Soul of Humanity, world Good and the Earth we love. 

In this upper Chamber open to the Firmament above, Spirit descends upon all assembled when unified in purpose!

The United Nations Charter was signed by delegates from 50 Nations during the solar full moon of Gemini on June 26, 1945 in San Francisco.  It was the conclusion of the UN conference on International Organization.  MDK described the period leading up to the signing of the charter as the “cycle of conferences”.  We need to see those conferences from the soul’s perspective that people of various nations gathered to talk to one another, to work to understand one another and come to agreement on how to end the scourge of war and promote well-being for all citizens.

Let us note the significance of the fact that at the same Gemini Full Moon of 1945, Christ gave to Humanity, by permission of the Lord of the World, the Great Invocation, releasing a new energy into the world … for unfolding the Soul of Humanity but which also posed some dangers stimulating both the good and the unredeemed in humanity’s lower nature.

Reflect on the significance of this now.


In the days ahead, let us be aware and vigilant of the energies recently invoked and evoked, circulating and expressing anew. 

If we choose, some may want to follow the custom of Pentecost Trinity that observes Sunday, Monday and Tuesday as part of Pentecost.  Some may want to repeat the ritual meditation each morning or evening, for three days, to extend it, or revisit the preparatory days and include them in your meditations.  The Angelic workers stand ready, on-call, during this period.  The energies invoked will be held secure during Esoteric Pentecost week; some measured portion will be held to germinate until the Gemini Solar Full Moon.

The 2019 Gemini Solar Full Moon is June 17 at 1:32 AM PT / 4:32 AM ET / 8:32 AM GMT. The Seven Day ritual begins three days earlier, on June 14 depending on your time zone.

(In the orthodox tradition, Pentecost begins at Midnight Saturday night with an all night vespers into Sunday).

Let Us Be aware of circulation at the top of the head and in the expanded Soul Star Group. Pentecost is a world wide celebration inclusive of all dedicated light-workers disseminating love and light throughout the world.

ABOUT THE GREAT INVOCATION: "The great Invocation or Prayer does not belong to any person or group but to all Humanity. The beauty and the strength of this Invocation lies in its simplicity, and in its expression of certain central truths which all men, innately and normally, accept—the truth of the existence of a basic Intelligence to Whom we vaguely give the name of God; the truth that behind all outer seeming, the motivating power of the universe is Love; the truth that a great Individuality came to earth, called by Christians, the Christ, and embodied that love so that we could understand; the truth that both love and intelligence are effects of what is called the Will of God; and finally the self-evident truth that only through humanity itself can the Divine Plan work out."     (Problems Of Humanity, 165/6)

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