Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity

Special Liturgical and Planetary Calendrical Observances for May and June

SUN ENTERS GEMINI: May 20, 7:16 PM PDT; May 21, 3:16 am BST/GMT.  FULL MOON DAY IN  GEMINI: May 29, 7:11 AM PDT; 3:21 PM BST/GMT; NEW MOON of GEMINI:  June 13: 12:44 AM PDT and 8:44 PM BST/GMT

May 10 - The Ascension of the Lord - 7th Sunday of Easter (40th Day, 39 Days after Easter Sunday)

May 20 - Pentecost Sunday. We will have a week long Pentecost Vigil preceding!  Please Register.

May 29 - FM in Gemini - Festival of Humanity with Christ as Leader, Teacher of "Angels and of Men" in the New Age, and Beacon of Holy Light, Radiant Love and Peaceful, Silent Will.

June 21 - Summer Solstice - The White Horse

July 22 - Festival Feast Day of St. Mary Magdalene 





Easter is a time of Joy, a time of ‘release unto greater Life’.

OUR PRAYER INTENTION:  Let the rising Christ Principle "be with us" and "In Us" in conscious fulfillment and awareness.

"It is the Christ life in all forms which constitutes the evolutionary urge. It is the Christ life which makes the steadily unfolding expression of divinity possible in the natural world. It is deep within the heart of every man. The Christ life brings him eventually to the point where he transits out of the human kingdom (when the work of normal evolution has done its part) and leads him into the kingdom of spirit. The recognition of the Christ life within the form of man makes every human being, at some time, play the part of the Virgin Mary to that indwelling reality. It is the Christ life which, at the new birth, comes to fuller expression, and from crisis to crisis leads on the developing son of God until he stands perfected, having achieved "the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ (Eph, 4, 13)".

We shall see later that upon the revelation of the risen Christ must the new world religion take its stand. Christ upon the Cross, as will appear when we study the next great crisis, showed us love and sacrifice carried to their extreme expression; but Christ alive from all time, and vitally alive today, is the keynote of the new age, and upon this truth must the new presentation of religion be built and, later, the new theology be constructed. The true meaning of the Resurrection and the Ascension has not yet been grasped; as a divine subjective reality those truths still await revelation. The glory of the new age will be the unveiling of those two mysteries, and our entrance into a fuller understanding of God as life. The true Church of Christ is the assembly of all who live through the life of Christ, and whose life is one with His. This will be increasingly realised and will bring forth into clearer and more radiant light the wonder and glory which lies, unrevealed as yet, in God the Father."  (FBTC, 162/3)

In the altar of the heart is a living flame,

A radiant fire, Sun,

 The Light of Love, the Love of Life,


“The Unconquerable nature of Goodness,

The Inevitable triumph of Good”.

This I Am

I am That

That Am I in Truth and Fact

this are we

we are that

THAT ARE WE in truth and fact


“The whole concept of Resurrection is the new and most important revelation which is coming to humanity, and which will lay the basis for the new world religion.”  (R&I, 318)

“Resurrection is the keynote of nature; death is not. Death is only the ante-chamber of resurrection. Resurrection is the clue to the world of meaning, and is the fundamental theme of all the world religions—past, present and the future..." 

"Resurrection of the spirit in man, in all forms, in all kingdoms, is the objective of the entire evolutionary process and this involves liberation from materialism and selfishness. In that resurrection, evolution and death are only preparatory and familiar stages.”   (EOH, 469)


 "The glory and the radiance of the Transfiguration initiation will eventually be relegated to its destined place, and what is meant by the "display of life" will ... be sensed in its unimaginable beauty."  (R&I, 318)

"The glory and the radiance of the Transfiguration initiation will eventually be relegated to its destined place, and what is meant by the "display of life" will ... be sensed in its unimaginable beauty."  (R&I, 318)

We “arise” today - the living Spirit of the Christ with Us and in Us.

Let us experience this Spirit as we listen and join in song with music, opening our hearts to the words and filling our imagination with rising on this Easter Day.

I Arise Today (click here for words to music).  


Through the strength of Heaven

Light of sun

Radiance of moon

Splendour of fire

Speed of Lightning

Swiftness of wind

Depth of the sea

Stability of earth

Firmness of rock


I arise today

Through Gods strength to pilot me

Gods Eye to look before me

Gods Wisdom to guide me

Gods Way to lie before me

Gods Shield to protect me


From all who shall wish me ill

Afar and anear

Alone and in a multitude

Against every cruel, merciless power

That may oppose my body and soul


Christ with me, Christ before me,

Christ behind me, Christ in me

Christ beneath me, Christ above me,

Christ on my right, Christ on my left,

Christ when I lie down, Christ when I sit down,

Christ when I arise, Christ to shield me


Christ in the Heart of everyone who thinks of me,

Christ in the Mouth of everyone who speaks of me.




Resurrection, “rising up”, is the keynote of nature.




Let us sound the Gayatri to greet the "Rising Sun" and invoke the Loving Will of God pervading the solar system and the life and resurrection energies of Aries pouring through the Heart of the SUN, the "Divine Son of God", through all the Centers:

"Oh Thou, Who givest sustenance to the Universe,

From Whom all things proceed,

to Whom all things return.

Unveil to us the face of the true Spiritual Sun,

hidden by a disk of golden light,

That We may know the Truth and do our whole duty as

we journey to Thy sacred Feet (Fire).



Om bhur bhuvah svah
tat-savitur varenyam
bhargo devasya dhimahi
dhiyo yo nah pracodayat






(for Naming and Loving Participating Souls - below)

[If your name is not on the list, please write me immediately at]

TODAY in the Group soul field, we shall ‘sound in love’ the names of Participating Souls and 'where on earth we live' for all who have gathered in spiritual "group approach to divinity".

Before we begin "naming and loving", let us look into the image of the Soul Star whilst sounding the Sacred Word, OM, impressing our minds and hearts with the living radiance of the beating heart of the Soul Star irradiated by the Christ Spirit. 


We Identify and merge with the living the Group Soul



One by One, sounding our names in Love, let us sense the living Presence of each Soul by visualizing each Soul as a radiant sphere of light with a five-pointed star of the perfected human (in potential) above the Crown.  As we sound our names in love, see all “Participating Souls” filled with the Christ Spirit ... passing (conducting) Christ energy through the Centers of our vehicles and into the earth where we live

Let us see ourselves as radiant, living spheres of luminous Love standing in the radius of the circle ... connected through a radiant field of LIVING substance with the Heart of the Christ standing in the sanctum of the inner circle, symbolized for us by the greater five-pointed living Star of the Christ.  

We now stand in His auric Presence ... the MASTER of all Masters ~ Teacher alike of Angels and of Men, and intone the ancient invocatory mantra:

"Lord Maitreya, Be With Us"

We Pause in the Silence of His Presence, intensifying the field and building within our Consciousness

Let us now affirm the work of the Soul Star Group, intoning:

The fires of Life and Love and Light,

Burn ceaselessly in our Hearts, True and pure and strong.

Growing in Christ hood, we are Sons of God,

Knowing the Self as One.


Radiating power, the Fire of Love,

We walk the planes of Earth.

Extending, Radiating, Healing,

Building, Educating, Revealing.

Thus do the Sons of God come forth, Ruling.

We come forth, Our group adjoining

Millions of Souls, awakening.

Thus we Stand – with Hearts ablaze,

Unconquerable Life,

Blessing the Earth,

Blessing Humanity,

Entering the New Jerusalem of a New World.


the keynote of nature is RESURRECTION

 Nicholas Roerich

Nicholas Roerich

“Resurrection is the denial of death, being the assertion of Life.

Thus is all the thinking of the world reversed entirely.”


 Resurrection - Jeffrey Mims

Resurrection - Jeffrey Mims

The note and message sounded by the Christ when last on Earth was resurrection and a "progressive understanding of the eternal verities". 

Resurrection teaches essentially the "lifting up" of matter into heaven - the "livingness of Life" and the state of "unalterable Being". 

The state of unalterable Being constitutes the nature of the Monad [Spirit], and it is to this condition of awareness that Christ attained when He functioned as a World Savior and thereby guaranteed, by the force of His achievement as a personality-soul, the same point of attainment for us, for we are equally and essentially sons of the Father or expressions of the Monad, the One.”    (EOH, 469/70)

CONTEMPLATE THIS ESSENTIAL TRUTH of your "unalterable Being" ... and your rising, inevitable "achievement as a personality-soul".

The living display of life

In the coming cycle, ... the great goal of all religious teaching will be the resurrection of the spirit in man, and eventually in all forms of life, from the lowest point in evolution to the highest monadic experience.  The emphasis in the future will be upon the "livingness of the Christ nature"—the proof of which will be the Risen Christ—and upon the use of the will invoking this "living display."  The glory and the radiance of the Transfiguration initiation will eventually be relegated to its destined place, and what is meant by the "display of life" will ... be sensed in its unimaginable beauty."  (R&I, 318)


"The line or the path or the Way of Resurrection is the "Radiant Way" ...  It is a Way which is composed of the light of intelligent substance, of the radiant attractive substance of love, and the karmic way which is infused by the essence of inflexible will.  Forget not that karma is essentially the conditioned will of the planetary Logos as He orders all things toward the ultimate goal of life itself through the process of livingness, of loving understanding, and of intelligent activity."    (R&I, 318)



we rise 




To the degree of our unfoldment, our sensitivity of response, and strength of desire (a higher will) to experience somewhat and understand something more of the nature of Christ’s great achievement, we can come into synchrony with Christ’s revelations and realizations as He “went unto the Father” to begin the next phase of His work in higher spheres of Living.

What follows are four Realizations with their corresponding “Words of power” as given and understood by the Master DK (ROC, 27/30).  By entering into these Thoughts and resonating with the living Idea, through them we gain a potent sense of these states of Being as they impress an exalted energy pattern upon (in and through) us. These four moments are "states of Being".

INSTRUCTION: Read through all four with care and then CHOOSE ONE.  Having chosen one, move into Contemplation.  With a contemplative mind – the Christ Mind, read it again, penetrating it "purposefully".  Repeat the "Word of Power" as an Affirmation several times over, rhythmically, allowing your Soul to realize these Truths ... to embody Them.

These "Words of Power" carry the reality of the living Thought behind Them - the living Idea behind each, invoking the energy whence it came.  Though few as yet live in the full stature of the Christ, these "Words of Power" entered into as Souls 'condition' and move us vibrationally toward that full stature.  It is possible to experience the vibration and be drawn up ... to Rise to new Revelation understood as Resurrection.


we Rise Today

CONTEMPLATION:  “There is His statement to His parents in the Temple, "Wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?" We should note here that He was twelve years old at the time and, therefore, the work with which He had been occupied (as a soul) was finished; twelve is the number of completed work.… The symbolism of His twelve years is now replaced by that of the twelve apostles, the symbol of service and sacrifice. He was also in the Temple of Solomon, which is the symbol of the perfect life of the soul… Christ was, therefore, speaking on soul levels and not only as the spiritual man on Earth. He was also serving, when He spoke these words, as a working Member of the Spiritual Hierarchy, for He was found by His parents teaching the priests … These points all indicate His recognition of His work as a World Teacher, becoming conscious, for the first time in His physical brain, of divine intention or of the divine will."

WORD OF POWER AFFIRMATION: “I must be about my Father’s business.”

Sound the Sacred Word, OM, sealing in the new vibration

CONTEMPLATION:  "It was the magnetic power of the will that Christ referred when He said, "I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto Me.”  This had no reference to the crucifixion but to the magnetic will of the Christ to draw all men, through the life of the indwelling Christ in every heart, out of the world of material values into the world of spiritual recognitions. It did not relate to death but to life; it had no reference to the Cross but to the resurrection.  (ROC, 29/30)

WORD OF POWER AFFIRMATION: "I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto Me.”

Sound the Sacred Word, OM, sealing in the new vibration

CONTEMPLATION: "Lo, I am with you all the days, even unto the end of the age".  "Here Christ was speaking as the Head of the spiritual Hierarchy and expressing His divine will (at-one now with the will of God) to inform and pervade continuously the world of men with His overshadowing consciousness. It was a tremendous affirmation, sent forth upon the energy of His developed will, His all-inclusive love and His intelligent mind. This affirmation has made all things possible.

WORD OF POWER AFFIRMATION: "Lo, I am with you all the days, even unto the end of the age".

Sound the Sacred Word, OM, sealing in the new vibration

CONTEMPLATION: In the cycle which Christ will inaugurate after His reappearance, the goal of all the religious teaching in the world will be the resurrection of the spirit in mankind; the emphasis will be upon the livingness of the Christ nature in every human being, and upon the use of the will in bringing about this living transfiguration of the lower nature. The proof of it will be the risen Christ. This "Way of Resurrection" is the radiant Way, the lighted Way which leads from one great expression of divinity in man to another; it is the way which expresses the light of the intelligence, the radiant substance of true love, and the inflexible will which permits of no defeat or withdrawal. These are the characteristics which will be declarative of the Kingdom of God.

WORD OF POWER AFFIRMATION:  I Rise with Christ today in the livingness of my Christ nature, the radiant Way of true love, the Lighted Way of Intelligence and the secret of the Will - the divinity within man that is the unconquerable nature of Goodness and the ultimate triumph of Good.

Sound the Sacred Word, OM, sealing in the new vibration

Four Recorded Moments in the Gospel Story - A fuller reference for study

 CHRIST the REDEEMER - "Be In Peace, I have Overcome the World"

CHRIST the REDEEMER - "Be In Peace, I have Overcome the World"


"Christ gave to the world (for the use of the "man in the street") one of the oldest prayers ever known, but one which hitherto had not been permitted to be used except by the most exalted, spiritual Beings. He used it Himself for the first time, we are told, at the time of the Full Moon of June, 1945, which is recognized as the Full Moon of the Christ, just as the Full Moon of May is that of the Buddha. It was not easy to translate these ancient phrases (so ancient that they are without date or background of any kind) into modern words, but it has been done ...It’s extraordinary potency can be seen in the fact that hundreds of thousands of people are already using it day by day and many times a day."

"Not a day goes by that the Christ Himself does not sound it forth.”

Standing together as One in the Soul Star Group, with the Christ and Great Companions,

We Bless the World sounding


May Peace Prevail on Earth


CLOSING THOUGHTS:  The Contemplations on this Day cannot all be done in one sitting. It is intended to enter these Pages again and uncover deeper treasures in the week that follows.  We carry forward and build upon the work accomplished during the Easter Holy Week Ritual Vigil. 

Knowing that Resurrection is a natural occurrence, that it is built in - "in all forms of life, from the lowest point in evolution to the highest monadic experience", let us avail ourselves fully of this truth in the days and months ahead.  Let us look for - let us see "what is rising" in and through us, and in Humanity. Let us recognize that which is "newly rising" as part of the Revelation Resurrection process. 

 Artist, Francis Donald

Artist, Francis Donald

Imagine or remember a time when you were lit up by the sounds of a child’s laughter, when you were swept away in the rhapsody of a great chorus, when a flowing wind rippling through a field of grass swept you into itself, when immersed in the awe and wonder of stars so bright and numerous they drew you into themselves as one among them, when majestic snow-filled mountains filled your consciousness with expansive silent peace, when wide Compassion, deep and strong, dawned new understanding upon a fractured heart, healing a pain long sustained … all Holy Instants of "Life becoming" ... leading to a new way of being in the ways of men. 

As we are drawn into the livingness of Life, the River of Life, ‘unto the law of Life’ of Unalterable Being, We rise in our Awareness, We restore What we are in Fact and in Truth ... where All Is unalterably Well. 

We then bring this vibrational Awareness, our most real gift, to the world. 


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