Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity

Let us Connect with the Soul Star and with the Christ at its Center

(we hold the group as a whole in heart and mind)

(the Full Meditation can be found on Day 1 - Entry into Jerusalem)


In the Silence


Every loving thought that the Son of God ever had is eternal.”

(ACIM, T. C 11: VII. The Condition of Reality, 220)

William Blake

William Blake

"And on the third Day I shall rise"

"Death or crucifixion is merely symbolical of the many small deaths of release that have led to the final dissolution of the causal body.  When spiritual alchemy has completed its work in the sacred marriage (of the Soul and Personality), we "rise" to that vibration where "the Love of God is known". 

The Master Jesus underwent the renunciation (the 4th) Initiation whilst the Christ was raised up taking the 6th Initiation. "The two stories of these two great Disciples are parallel—One so obediently serving the Greater, and the Christ submitting His will to that of His Father in Heaven.” (R&I, 697)

The human triplicity is transcended during the renunciation initiation.  "The trinity of manifestation is transmuted into the duality of purpose" - "spirit and matter meet as the veil is rent in twain."



◊ "My God, My God, why hast Thou Forsaken Me?"

◊ "And on the third Day I shall rise."

Multiple meanings are attributed to these ancient phrases spoken by the Christ. The first refers to the dissolution of the Soul body before integration with the Monad has taken place, producing a "great void of darkness". 

"In the Silence" of this day suggests the phase of darkness the disciple Jesus is moving through before he "rises" and stabilizes upon a new and higher plane, whilst the Christ RISES unto the Father (on the Monadic plane).  

In a great act of Redemption, Christ went into the underworld to lift and redeem Souls from the great thralldom of darkness of the astral plane that had befallen humanity.  Herein lies the revealed mystery of His role as Savior and Redeemer as the Saving Force moved through Him and penetrated the earth.  



Descent into Hell, C. 1895  Mikhail Nesterov

Descent into Hell, C. 1895 Mikhail Nesterov

“Only reality is true"

"Perceiving only the real world will lead you to the real Heaven”

Christ’s “descent” into "hell" concerns His work of ministering to and raising the lower worlds of human living (of the physical/etheric, astral and mental planes), transmuting and correcting (undoing) the miscreations and misperceptions of the lower worlds to a higher vibration and foundation upon which humanity could begin to live and work.

Our work today is to remove the misperceptions of mind that are illusory projections onto reality and raise them unto Truth — to see and live clearly.


"You cannot assign to death whom God has given eternal life

CONTEMPLATE one or more of the following aphorisms of Truth (from the ACIM Teachings:

◊ "You cannot crucify God’s Son, for the Will of God cannot die.”

◊ The dream of death and crucifixion still lies heavy upon the eyes when the dreams you see are not reality.  ... As long as you believe that you can crucify him, you are only having nightmares. 

◊ “Blessed are ye who have not seen and still believe,” for those who believe in the resurrection will see it. The resurrection is the complete triumph of Christ over the ego, not by attack but by transcendence.  Christ rises above the ego and all its works, and ascends to the Father and His Kingdom.

◊ I (Christ) am leading you to a new kind of experience that you will become less and less willing to deny … Let the Christ in you interpret for you, and do not try to limit what you see by narrow little beliefs that are unworthy of God’s Son. For until Christ comes into His Own, the Son of God will see himself as Fatherless. … I am your resurrection and your life.

◊ The Call to awake is within you.  If I live in you, you are awake.  Yet you must see the works I do through you, or you will not perceive that I have done them unto you.  Do not set limits on what you believe I can do through you, or you will not accept what I can do for you. 

◊ To believe that you can perceive the Real world is to believe that you can know your Self. 

◊ The Real world can actually be perceived. All that is necessary is a willingness to perceive nothing else.  The ego may see some good, but never only good.  That is why its perceptions are so variable.

◊ For true perception cannot be partly true.  If you believe in truth and illusion, you cannot tell which is true.  Perceiving only the real world will lead you to the real Heaven, because it will make you capable of understanding it. [Do not waste time focusing on the unreal]

◊ The perception of goodness is not knowledge, but the denial of the opposite of goodness enables you to recognize a condition in which opposites do not exist [you are seeing and operating from a plane of unity - of Buddhi].  And this is the condition of true Knowledge [beyond the world of polarity].

◊ To perceive only the Real world is salvation, because it is the recognition that Reality is only what is TrueOnly Reality is True.

◊ You can know God because it is His Will to Be Known.

◊ The whole power of God is in every part of Him.

◊ Unless you give all that you have received, you will not know that your redeemer liveth, and that you have awakened with Him.  Redemption is recognized only by sharing it - through your daily living and daily way of being.

The Love of God surrounds His Son whom the god of crucifixion condemns.  Teach not that I died in vain.  Teach rather that I did not die by demonstrating that I live in you.  I am your resurrection and your life. You live in me because you live in God

◊ And everyone lives in you, as you live in everyone. 

The resurrection is the Will of God, which knows no time and no exceptions.  Make no exceptions yourself, or you will not perceive what has been accomplished for you.  For we ascend unto the Father together, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, for such is the nature of God’s Son as his Father created him."    

(Quotes taken from ACIM: Waking to Redemption and The Condition of Reality)


Let us allow the balms, ministrations and powers of the Christ and His Angels to bring the necessary healing (to make whole) those parts of mind that misperceive reality.  As we heal separation, we are lifted up, we are brought out of 'hell'.  Christ brought salvation from the lower worlds of hell by lifting, redeeming, and healing. The Christ in You continues.  As separation from God is brought unto wholeness, all becomes well — in the world of form and outside of form.  

Thanks Be to God.

AVE MARIA (Kathleen Battle) offered here as a confirmation of lifting and redeeming matter unto Heaven.

Christ in Limbo, Fra Angelico

Christ in Limbo, Fra Angelico

Entering the silence

Let us enter the sacred Silence. 

When the veil was rent in twain, Christ opened the door to a new and higher energy of "Will in the Matrix of Love", allowing those of Faith to rise to higher states of Being and conscious Awareness.

In the words of Krishna (a prior incarnation of Christ) to His disciple, Arjuna, brought to us today by the Master DK, are words of wisdom Christ taught then and would say now again:

a. Know thyself to be the undying One.

b. Control thy mind, for through that mind the undying One can be known.

c. Learn that the form is but the veil which hides the splendour of Divinity.

d. Realise that the One Life pervades all forms so that there is no death, no distress, no separation.

e. Detach thyself therefore from the form side and come to Me, so dwelling in the place where Light and Life are found.  Thus illusion ends.  (TWM,308)

CONTEMPLATE and absorb each of the above …

In Contemplative Silence, let us now prepare for the energy wave of the Resurrection.  

Preparatory to receiving the gift waves—of the life wave of the Risen Christ, let us be deepened and prepared in the Silence.  

We shall "Rise" with Him on the Third Day.


֍    ֍    ֍

harbinger of resurrection

Harbinger of Resurrection , Nikolai Ge, 1867

Harbinger of Resurrection , Nikolai Ge, 1867

"Resurrection is the keynote of nature; death is not.

Death is only the ante-chamber of Resurrection."

“Resurrection of the spirit in man, in all forms, in all kingdoms, is the objective of the entire evolutionary process ... and this involves liberation from materialism and selfishness. In that resurrection, evolution and death are only preparatory and familiar stages."  (EOH, 470)

"Resurrection is the clue to the world of meaning, and is the fundamental theme of all the world religions—past, present and the future.”



The Veil between Spirit and Matter, “Rent in Twain from top to bottom” allowed for a New energy to move through the Consciousness of Humanity.  We follow in the Light and Love and Life of the Path laid before us by the footsteps of the Christ, stage after initiatory stage.

In these days, in this time, all has been greatly accelerated.  The great Companions of the Christ—the Masters of Love-Wisdom, are moving forward fast upon the Way into Life with the Christ.

Let us move with Them,

Let us Be with Him and in Him,

as He is today 

Riders, 1932 Mikhail Nesterov.jpg


Let us sound the Great Invocation in union with the Christ and Spiritual Hierarchy for the blessing of the world and the further awakening of the Soul of Humanity.

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