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SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity

 NOTE: Easter Holy Week calendar has changed. The Washing of the Feet will now cover two days — Tuesday and Wednesday. See Calendar for updated changes.

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We begin again with the Meditation that appears on Sunday, deepening Soul contact in the Peaceful Presence of the Soul, connecting with the Soul Star Group, and Christ with the Spiritual Hierarchy as we step into dynamic Their Presence.



Christ washes the Disciple’s Feet – Giotto   Note the Halos surrounding the heads of all Disciples, both women and men.

Christ washes the Disciple’s Feet – Giotto

Note the Halos surrounding the heads of all Disciples, both women and men.


“… Under the impact of the evolutionary urge God moves towards fuller recognition. "Purification" is the word generally used to cover the process whereby the medium of divine expression is prepared for use. The Galilee experience, and the daily effort to live and meet the eventualities of human existence (which appear to grow more drastic and disciplinary as the great wheel of life turns, and, turning, carries humanity onward), bring man to the point where this purification is not simply the result of life itself, but is something which is definitely imposed by man upon his own nature. When this process is self-initiated, then the speed with which the work is carried forward is greatly accentuated. This produces a transformation of the outer man of great significance. The caterpillar becomes transformed into the butterfly. Deep in man lies this hidden beauty, unrealised, but struggling for release.” FBTC, 145/7

“…Immediately, on the descent from the mountain-top [of the Transfiguration Initiation], Christ began again to serve. He was met, as well we know, by a person in distress, and He at once responded to the need. One of the outstanding characteristics of each initiation is the increased capacity and ability of the initiate to serve. Christ demonstrated an entirely new and unique way in which to speak and to meet the masses, as well as to teach privately and personally His chosen few. His power to heal still continued, but His work shifted into a field of new values, and He spoke those words and enunciated those truths which have proved the foundation of the belief of those who have had the insight to penetrate the theological presentation of Christianity and there find reality. His service consisted primarily at the time in teaching and speaking. But such is the wisdom and the beauty of His presentation of truth, He couched divinity in forms which the average man could grasp. He bridged the old and the new, and gave out that new truth and that special revelation which were needed at the time to unite the ancient wisdom and the more modern hope.” FBTC, 166/7

“Christ sounded with clarity the note which can usher in the new civilisation and the new order, and a close study of the ideals and ideas which today, without exception, underlie every one of the great experiments undertaken by the various nations, will show that they are based, in essence, upon some definitely Christlike concept. ...When these basic ideas are transmuted into world ideals by the consecrated thinkers of the race, and applied in the spirit in which Christ conceived of them, then we shall indeed inaugurate a new world order.”

“It is of supreme value for us to realise that what Christ really did was to usher in the era of Service, even if we are only beginning today (two thousand years after He set us an example) to grasp the implications …”

“That of course is the basis of service. It must be, as it was in the case of Jesus Christ, a spontaneous outcome of divinity. One of the strongest arguments for the divine unfoldment of man is the emergence on a large scale of this tendency to serve. We are just beginning to get a faint vision of what Christ meant by service. He "carried this actuating motive of service to the extent of saying that when the common good and your personal success or welfare conflicted, you must sacrifice and not sacrifice the other man." This idea of service is of course in complete conflict with the usually competitive attitude to life and the selfishness generally shown by the average man. But to the man who seeks to follow Christ, and who aims eventually at climbing the Mount of Transfiguration, service leads inevitably to increased illumination, and illumination in its turn must find its expression in renewed and consecrated service, and thus we find our way—through service to our fellowmen—into the Way that Christ trod. Following in His steps, we achieve eventually the power to live as illumined and Christlike men and women in our normal everyday surroundings.” FBTC, 167/70


In Corinne Heline’s book, New Age Bible Interpretation — Mystery of the Christos. Vol VII, p 82, she writes:

“Perhaps the most important lesson the candidate for Initiation has to learn is humility and the willingness and readiness to serve each and all. Not until this lesson has been mastered is man properly qualified to rule or to wield with safety the powers that Initiation bestows upon him. It is a fundamental law of evolution that the most advanced continue their further progress only as they stoop to serve the lowliest and to help them to rise to higher levels. Self-sacrifice lies at the heart of all true attainment. It was in obedience to this cosmic law that the footwashing preceded the most exalted teaching which the Master gave to HIs innermost circle in the whole of His earthly ministry. “If I wash thee not,” said He when Peter protested that the Master should not so humble Himself, “thou hast no part with me.” Humility and forgetfulness of self are passwords to the highest attainment. It is he who becomes as nothing who attains to all.”

Jesus Washing Peter’s Feet – Ford Madox Brown, 1876

Jesus Washing Peter’s Feet – Ford Madox Brown, 1876

“The Christ knew the high destiny awaiting Peter when his pride and impetuosity would be replaced by serene humility. Consequently Peter becomes the central figure in the footwashing scene in which all disciples … are given the supreme object lesson in humility as a prerequisite to true spiritual attainment.”

Humility is a necessary key, a soul virtue, that opens to the blessings of life more abundant. 



There are multiple meanings in the Washing of the Feet.  In the examples that follow —Jesus washes the feet of his disciples and Mary Magdalene washes the feet of Jesus with her tears.

The first is a Blessing given by the Master consecrating a disciple for sanctified service in the world.  A life well-lived has been spent in service, giving and bettering the life and lives of humanity and all life on earth, symbolized for us by the man carrying the Aquarian water pot pouring forth all he has for a thirsty humanity. 

It is also a reminder of God’s continuous care.  As links in the great chain of Being, high to low and low to high, the Holy Mother’s countless manifestations of form open to an endless variety of universes, seemingly without end. The Plan in our universe and on our level is to consciously join that chain, and to tend, nourish and serve the deeper needs of everyone and life in that chain. Opportunities are provided for us every day.  

We see examples of Christ Jesus bending low to serve the "little ones".  When the "little ones" grow into mature Christhood, they in turn nurture and tend the needs of those who follow. Illumined ones who have “achieved” before us have always demonstrated the way forward. All that is needed for the great work of redemption of the returning nirvanee is 'written' and 'coded into the fabric’ of Being, reflected throughout the universe in story, prose, geometry, color and number. In our search for truth, humility opens wide the doors to the higher inner worlds — and is key to keeping them open. This was once a secret, hidden, now widely known among seers and the Great Ones who have gone before us. 

A commonly accepted understanding of the symbol of washing the feet is of course continuous purification. The fulfillment of the Great Redeeming Work is deeply layered, subtler on every turn of our refining conscious awareness




◊ “Initiation” leads to accelerated evolution and expanded stages of consciousness. It leads “to the stream that once entered, sweeps a man onward until it carries him to the feet of the Lord of the World, to the feet of His Father in Heaven, to the feet of the three-fold Logos.” (Initiation Human and Solar (IHS), 14).  

◊ “ . . . Let love stream out today—from out my eyes, my hands, my feet, because my heart beats with the love of God.” (DNA-II, 716)

◊ “The Sandals on the Feet: ponder upon the Path in three ways: a. The Path which you have travelled to my Ashram. This will involve the Past.  b. The Path of Service which you seek to travel now, moving freely in and out of my Ashram. This involves the Present. c. The Path of Initiation for which you are being prepared. This involves the Future—your future and its goal. You begin to realise yourself as a pledged, devoted servant.” (DNA-II, 479/80)

In these statements we see a principle of continuity running through the great chain of Being on the upward ascent.   We see the grapevine of continuity carrying the wine of life throughout time, in and out of incarnation, generation after generation. We see Humanity as a divine Center in the body of God. We see the consecrated path of the Pilgrim upon the way:

Consecrate thy path, O Pilgrim on the Way.  Be an anointed one, walking straight the narrow golden Path of Truth, with Beauty in mind and Loving Service bearing radiant, joyous, sacrificial gifts demonstrating upon the way. These shall take you all the way, as was taught and demonstrated by the Lord of Love Who so loved the world He gave His life, daily, as a natural outflow of His Being

REFLECT:  Esoterically, the feet symbolize treading the Path of Initiation and the responsibilities that come with it.  In every spiral ascent upon the mountains of Consciousness, corresponding ‘empowerment in service’ is conferred and given. "It is the way."

REFLECT: Christ opened the door for the Saving Force to extend into the depths of matter. The higher serving the lower lifts the lower unto the higher.

REFLECT: In what ways has the Soul led your feet to where you now stand … ◊ …leading you forward … for what purpose? ◊ Whom are you serving?



(Supplemental follows)


ANOINTING THE FEET OF JESUS speaks of a NEW STORY, a NEW PRESENTATION of the FEMININE that must be told, again and again until it infiltrates the Consciousness of Humanity   

It is a redemptive story emerging in our life time that is having a profound impact on "restoring truth and balance" in the subtle relations between the sexes, and therefore the life of humanity.  Through such stories, we facilitate the restoration of the Divine Feminine — to Her rightful place, from which the fruits and enjoyment of a new civilization can unfold. It can only be built and unfold through true (right) relations flowing through all spiritual and religious circles, new politics and economics, education, and all the walks of life where women live, work, love and serve. And we must rewrite the history books to heal a multitude of pains still holding sway in the grids and field of humanity. We must be in 'right relations' with the truth, and therefore the real story.

In Christian theology, retelling the story as it must be told will have a redemptive effect in the collective heart-mind of humanity — Truth restores wholeness, and wholeness heals.

Retelling the story as it should have been told is made possible by relatively recent discoveries made in the mid-last century as ancient record scrolls were found in the desert near to where Jesus had lived.  Dead Sea Scrolls were found in caves close to the Dead Sea near Jerusalem, and Gnostic manuscripts or codices were found in clay jars in the Nag Hammadi region of upper Egypt. Both provide proof that many more chapters could have been included in the Bible.  They were excluded through decisions made by church leaders as they organized the Christian religion in the 4th century.

Among the Gnostic texts (codices) was The Gospel of Mary containing references to Mary Magdalene being in close relationship with the Master Jesus and one of his closest senior disciples.  This text is slowly reversing the erroneous story told about her throughout the entire Piscean Age of church history, begun by a Pope conflating Mary Magdalene with other Marys, a common name of that time.  Far from being a scorned 'sinner', the new story describes Mary Magdalene as a consecrated Disciple—a Holy woman, and one who came from a distinguished family. In these texts, it is made clear that she was in fact His most senior disciple when referred to as the "Apostle to the Apostles'.  

Of interest, references were made to her by Jesus as He who 'loved her'.  Reason suggests she may have been his wife as it was common for a Rabbi such as Jesus was, to be married, and for a husband and wife to travel together.  Mary Magdalene was often if not always by his side, as a wife would be — before, during and after his death.  Only close family members would be given rights of access to a burial chamber.  

In Mary's enactment of ritually anointing Jesus' feet with consecrated unguents and precious holy oils, we see Love expressed in holy relationship and we see mutual recognition of innate Divinity. We see Mary strengthening His life mission, transcending yet including the personal nature of a consecrated, sacramental relationship.  In retelling the story as it should have been told, we unravel the past, we unbind truth from falsity, and we begin to rebuild a new future based upon spiritual truth.  We must uphold the sacred role of women in times past and present, giving her a home of dignity in all dimensions of life. Her love, beauty, intelligence, softness, nurturance as well as toughness and feminine strength can fully surface and express freely throughout humanity, and therefore for world betterment. Beauty and Truth in divine polarity and balance is what the new world is calling forth. This is a supremely good thing.

The Feast Day of St. Mary Magdalene instituted by Pope Francis in 2016, is now officially July 22.   This is a Festival that can be celebrated on behalf of the Divine Feminine in Humanity.

What is more, the celebration of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of Christ Jesus, which on higher turns of the Spiral represent a Great Deva/Angel, Mother God, and Virgin Matter — celebrated on August 15 as the Assumption of Mary into Heaven for raising purified matter, and again on her birthday, September 8 — celebrating this birth in all of Humanity. Much more can be said about “Virgin Matter” and its role for birthing the Christ through form. Another time, another year!

Note: among the texts found in Nag Hammadi is the complete Gospel of Thomas containing the "Sayings of Jesus" put into writing by a scribe.


REFLECTION:  Esoterically, what more could the anointing of Jesus' feet by Mary Magdalene suggest?  As a woman, could she as an aspect of the Divine Feminine, be a symbol for sanctified, love-filled matter in the flesh (whereas the Virgin Mary is the essence of creation in the beginning)?  ◊ Could she be a symbol for the Divine Other, strengthening both in relationship?  As a fit vehicle for the energies of the Divine Feminine, was she a conduit for pouring strength into Jesus to help him continue walking the strenuous path he had chosen to complete His mission?  Did she play an especial role in His life so that he could fulfill his ordained mission as a perfected vehicle for the over-lighting (overshadowing) Presence of the Christ? Was she a balancing polarity for completion on the outer plane of expression - representing a feminine/masculine balance that we all inwardly contain?  Let us Ponder.

RITUAL:  In timeless rituals such as these, we also see demonstrated a tender love between ordinary people in whom the Soul finds honor, dignity and a place to call home — through whom a culture of divine relationship can be established and grown.

If touched by these thought currents, consider washing or ritually anointing the feet of a loved one. It could be you the Soul washing the feet of the personality in service of its forward movement and unfoldment. Or the reverse, where you give gratitude for the path the Soul has brought you to whereon you now stand. Remember that through ‘sacred ritual' we honor and draw forth divinity in ourselves and the other. Engaging in a ritual performed by Christ Jesus brings the sacred past into the sacred present, for the sacred future.  This understanding offers meaning and potency to restoring the divine perception of sacred relationship.  On a higher turn of the spiral, "right human relations" become sacred Spirit relations lived through 'wholeness'.

As we "wash our feet" during Easter Holy Week in our daily ablutions (sacred cleansing for higher attunement), let us think what we are doing.  Let us tie our ablutions to universal Truths.  Every human being is a microcosmic expression of the cosmos.  Let us attune with the great Mysteries brought to us through the myths written in the stars and reflected in the human heart that speak of Love and Compassion, and ‘the ineradicable nature of Goodness and the inevitable, ultimate triumph of the Good’. Let us re-consecrate the path we walk with these truths ingrained in them, leading to a "Living Way" as we walk upon the planes of Earth, blessing the earth as we walk.

REFLECTION: ◊ Are you an anointed one infused with the Christ Spirit, O Pilgrim on the Way?  ◊ How cleanly and fully do the waters of life flow through you? 

◊ What is your consecrated stream of service, O Pilgrim on the Way, through which you express your love




“Service as the Key to Liberation, Spiritual Livingness and Carrying Forward the Great Continuity of Revelation”

“… In due time, Christ came and gave out to the world (mainly through His disciples) two major truths: the fact of the existence of the human soul and, secondly, the system of service (this phrase is used advisedly) as a mode of establishing right human relations—to God and to one's fellowmen. He told men that they were all the Sons of God in the same sense that He was; He told them in many symbolic ways who and what He was and assured them that they could do even greater things than He had done, because they were divine as He was. These greater things, humanity has already accomplished upon the physical plane and in its control of nature, as Christ knew men would, because He knew the workings of the Law of Evolution.  He taught them that service was the key to the life of liberation, teaching them the technique of service through His own life as He went about doing good, healing the sick, as well as preaching and teaching the things of the Kingdom of God and feeding the hungry, both physically and spiritually. He made the life of every-day a divine sphere of spiritual livingness, thus emphasizing the teaching of the Buddha, through desiring nothing for the separated self. … Thus the Christ taught, loved, and lived, carrying forward the great continuity of revelation and of hierarchical teaching.”   (ROC, 107/8)

◊ “The fact of the soul” and “the system of service as a mode of establishing right human relations to God and each other" and service as “the key to the life of liberation” Reflect on your own experience, how have these truths established the two relations — to God and to one's fellowmen?

◊ Service is the key to a life of liberation. What does this mean to you, how does service lead to liberation? Consider we are liberated from the downward pulls and impulses of the lower nature when we are “lost in service”.

◊ “He made the life of every-day a divine sphere of spiritual livingness”. How is this working out in your own life? Are you valuing every day in this way? Are you valung the opportunities offered every day as spiritual experience? ◊ Who do you know in contemporary society who lives this way? Reflect on this person’s life and their effect on you.

◊ Reflect on the above paragraph (the bolded lines) AS KEYS to changing our lives and the world today if lived as guiding values and principles. Let us see, imagine, visualize, act and create guided by them through the Keyword of the Soul for Aries: “I Come Forth and From the Plane of Mind I Rule” — a mind directed by the Soul and Soul values.

◊ As we let go of the unreal (past mistakes, misperceptions, lesser values), we are released from the illusion, glamour and grip of the lower world enabling us to walk in greater freedom.  Here now once again is an allusion to the feet ‘walking in greater freedom’ … "upon the way". Reflect. ◊ Upon reading this, is there a situation in your life calling for “walking in greater freedom” — to be applied.



The “Law of Repulse” functions under the great Law of Love. The Soul repulses that which no longer serves spiritual progress. For the soul in form, the personality is cleansed, purified and rendered ‘vibrationally pure’ of the past.  Expanded awareness, wider and truer perception, and greater degrees of spiritual livingness are gifts from the Soul that follow “repulse”.  What is oft experienced as painful passages of ‘letting go’ are but a release from a life we have known and sometimes loved but no longer need.  The gifts of Soul that follow are a life of directed purpose, simplified and one-pointed.  A new quality of “lightness”, of etheric livingness, of energetic freedom circulates unobstructed through a vibrationally pure system. CONTEMPLATE

◊ Could this be what is meant by the ‘greater freedom of liberation’ – To Be what we are, in fact and in truth?  ◊ Could this be another aspect, esoterically interpreted, of 'washing of the feet'?  Was Christ washing the feet of His disciples freeing them from maya, glamour and illusion, thereby empowering them to serve with greater courage, joy, and effectiveness, free to be themselves – as Souls, the Self that lives beyond the shadows of an illusory self?

“ … As a soul, you are strong in knowledge; as a soul, you love all beings; as a soul, there are no circumstances which you cannot handle; as a soul, you can dominate dynamically your environment.” (DNA-I, 526) 

◊ Christ through Jesus was a Teacher and model for the perfected man. ‘Spiritual livingness’ is the gift of “the Way, the Truth and the Life’. He was preparing future disciples for a new Jerusalem.  Washing their feet, He demonstrated humility and empowered them to serve to bring forth a new world.  Let us consider discipleship in the current Age.  What are we asked to do, how are “we the same” as they during a critical time of transition as an old world is passing away and a new world struggles to be born?


STAGES OF CHRISTHOOD CONTEMPLATION:  The Christ–child is not mistaken for the Christ–man, nor is early Christhood the same as Christhood crowned in the “fullness of days".  There are Degrees of realization.  In earlier stages, we learn about the Soul's powers, in later stages we learn to use these powers for redemptive purposes in service.  Waters of purification become soul inspirations, and later still become the Wine of divine Power given to accomplish the Redemption of the human race.  We become the Path Itself as we identify with and become the Life, the Truth, the Way – Living Christs walking the planes of earth. Let us remember “It Is Written” in the flesh, we become Signatures of Christhood. CONTEMPLATE

Mikhail Nesterov

Mikhail Nesterov

Healing the Sick

Resurrection of Jairus daughter  Artist:   Vasily Polenov

Resurrection of Jairus daughter Artist: Vasily Polenov


"The knowledge that He is ready and anxious publicly to appear to His loved Humanity only adds to the sense of general frustration, and another very vital question arises: For what period of time must we endure, struggle and fight? The reply comes with clarity: He will come unfailingly when a measure of peace has been restored, when the principle of sharing is at least in process of controlling economic affairs, and when churches and political groups have begun to clean house. Then He can and will come; then the Kingdom of God will be publicly recognized and will no longer be a thing of dreams and of wishful thinking and orthodox hope". (ROC, 163)