Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity


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We begin again with the Meditation that appears on Sunday, deepening our contact with the Peaceful Presence of the Soul, connecting and standing with the Soul Star Group, and with the Christ and Spiritual Hierarchy to be blessed and infused by Their Presence.



 Christ washes the Disciple’s Feet – Giotto    Halos surround the heads of all Disciples,     women and men.  Notice the color of the halo surrounding the disciples, and the color surrounding the head of Christ.

Christ washes the Disciple’s Feet – Giotto

Halos surround the heads of all Disciples, women and men.  Notice the color of the halo surrounding the disciples, and the color surrounding the head of Christ.





There are multiple meanings in the Washing of the Feet.  Two that stand out are Jesus washing the feet of his disciples and Mary Magdalene washing the feet of Jesus (for the hearty reader in Supplemental Reading below).

The first is a Blessing given by the Teacher or Master to consecrate a Disciple for sanctified service in the world.  A life is well-lived when one gives all one has, symbolized by the Aquarian water pot poured forth for thirsty humanity. 

It is also a reminder of God’s continuous care.  We are links in the great chain of Being, high to low and low to high, through manifestation's many forms.  When we are open to the universe, to life, life has "a way" to tend to our deepest needs, to nourish and provide. Humility, complete surrender, a soul virtue, is necessary to 'be open to the universe and receive the blessings of the Father and Mother'.  We see the example of the Christ bending low to serve the "little ones".  When the "little ones" grow into Christs, they in turn will nurture and bless those that follow.   

Another more commonly accepted understanding in the symbol of washing the feet is the necessity for continuous purification and inner cleansing, potently enhanced as the inner Christ nature participates.  Purification mentally, emotionally and physically for the fulfillment of the Great Redeeming Work is an ongoing process

All that is needed for the great work of redemption is provided.  It is 'written', it is 'coded' into the fabric of the universe and in the essence of our Being.  When we know this as Fact, deeply, the doors are flung wide open and remain so.  This is the secret. 



The Great Ones, the Masters of Wisdom who walk the Higher Way, point the Way of ascent. Through the great continuity of revelation and the beauteous chain of Being, it is They to Whom we aspire to become and Whose rarified vision we aspire to attain.  It is through the mastery of the five planes and freedom to walk therein that the magical powers of the Self are gained.  We walk in Their footsteps, on the paths of life that Their feet too have walked. The planes of consciousness upon which They now stand are the feet we aspire to reach. Every ascent in consciousness is an ascent to the Feet of a Greater One.  

“Initiation into [accelerated evolution and expanded stages of consciousness] lead to the stream that once entered, sweeps a man onward until it carries him to the feet of the Lord of the World, to the feet of His Father in Heaven, to the feet of the three-fold Logos.” (Initiation Human and Solar (IHS), 14).  

In this single statement we see the principle of continuity and an example of the great chain of Being on the upward ascent.   We see the grapevine growing, carrying the wine of life, throughout the body of Humanity as branches of generations all comprise the One Humanity, a divine Center in the body of God.

Consecrate thy path, O Pilgrim on the Way.  With anointed feet, walk straight the golden Path of Truth, with Beauty at your side and Loving Service your sacrificial gift.  These shall take you all the way, as was taught and demonstrated by the Lord of Love Himself Who so loved the world He gave His life, daily.

For Esoteric Easter, washing the feet of the Disciples, includes yet extends beyond purifying and washing away the grime of the world when in service, the higher serving the lower making all equally worthy.  Christ opened the door to the Saving Force, to Salvation.  Walking the Path of Service in the Way of the Lord, leads to the great Mysteries of Initiation which Christ brought (through Jesus).  Conscious Discipleship enlightens our way and the way for countless others.

REFLECTION:  Esoterically, the feet can be seen to symbolize treading the Path of Initiation. In every spiral ascent up the Mountains of Consciousness, a corresponding ‘empowerment for service’ is unfolded.  The Path of Initiation is not for oneself alone; it is a group event because it serves a group purpose.  As we gain new powers to serve, more is made possible. "It is the way."

What Way are your feet treading today?




(Supplemental study follows)



ANNOINTING THE FEET OF JESUS BY MARY MAGDALENE speaks to us today of a NEW STORY unfolding.   It is a redemptive story emerging in our life time that is having a profound impact on "restoring the balance" in the life of humanity.  Legitimizing the Divine Feminine in Her rightful place, now and throughout religious, political and economic history, is healing a multitude of pains that still exist in the field and will bring 'right human relations' to a profound new level of healing and wholeness. 

In Christian theology, retelling the story as it should have been told throughout the Piscean Age will have a redemptive effect in the collective heart and mind of humanity, as Truth is restored to wholeness.

Retelling the story as it should have been told is strengthened by relatively recent discoveries in the mid-last century through ancient scrolls and records found in the desert near where Jesus had lived.  The Dead Sea Scrolls found in caves close to the Dead Sea near Jerusalem, and Gnostic manuscripts or codices found in clay Jars in Nag Hammadi, a region of upper Egypt, provides proof that many more chapters could have been included in the Bible.  They were excluded in decisions made by church leaders of the newly organized religion in the 4th century.  

Among the Gnostic texts (codices) was The Gospel of Mary containing references to Mary Magdalene in close relationship with the Master Jesus as one of his senior disciples.  This text is slowly reversing the erroneous story told about her throughout the entire Piscean Age of church history, begun by a Pope conflating this Mary with other Marys of that time.  Far from being a scorned 'sinner', the new story describes this Mary as a consecrated Disciple.  As a Holy woman, she  represented the Divine Feminine, and is acknowledged by some today as "Apostle to the Apostles'.  

In this gospel, references to her by Jesus were written as He who 'loved her'.  Reason suggests she was the wife of Jesus, a Rabbi.  It was normal to be married and for husband and wife to travel together.  It was Mary Magdalene who was always by his side before, during and after his death.  It was family members who were given rights of access to the burial chamber.  

In Mary's enactment of ritually anointing Jesus' feet with consecrated unguents and precious holy oils, we see Love in expression, we see mutual Holy recognition of innate Divinity and we see Mary strengthening His life mission thereby transcending yet including the personal nature of their consecrated, sacramental relationship.  In the retelling of the story as it should have been told and understood, we unravel and unbind truth from falsity.  We uphold the Divine Feminine to find a home in all the dimensions of our lives, allowing love, beauty, softness, nurturance and feminine strength to find a wider home in our lives.  We are bringing forward a higher truth of polarity, a divine balance now seen and henceforth increasingly known.

[The Feast Day of St. Mary Magdalene is celebrated on May 25 instituted by Pope Francis in 2016.  This is a Festival that can be celebrated on behalf of the Divine Feminine for Humanity).

(Note: among the texts found in Nag Hammadi is the complete Gospel of Thomas containing the "Sayings of Jesus" put into writing by a scribe rather than written decades later from memory).


REFLECTION:  Esoterically, what more could the anointing of Jesus' feet by Mary Magdalene suggest?  As a woman, could Mary Magdalene, an aspect of the virgin Mother, be a symbol for sanctified, love-filled matter?  Is she serving as a vehicle for the Holy Spirit in sacred relationship?  Could she be a symbol for the Divine Other, strengthening both in relationship?  As a fit vehicle for the energies of the Divine Feminine, was she a conduit for pouring strength into Jesus to help him continue walking the strenuous path he had chosen, to complete His mission?  Was she the balanced polarity for completion on the outer plane of expression - representing the divine feminine/masculine balance in beautiful polarity we all inwardly contain?  Did she play an especial role in His life so that he could fulfill his ordained mission as a perfected vehicle for the over-lighting (overshadowing) Presence of the Christ?  Let us Ponder.

RITUAL:  In timeless rituals such as these, we also see demonstrated a tender love between disciples and ordinary people in whom the heart is open, in whom the Soul finds honor and place to call home, through whom a culture of divine relationship can be established.

If you feel touched by these thoughts, consider a washing and anointing ritual of the feet (your own feet betwixt the lower and higher self, or with another).  Remember that through ‘sacred ritual' we are honoring and drawing forth the divinity in the other, dating back to the time of Christ and perhaps long before, hereby bringing the sacred past into the sacred present, for further unfolding a sacred future.  Understandings such as these bring great meaning and power to restoring our divinity in our perception - to what we are in truth and in relationship with each other.  It is a higher turn of the spiral for "right human relations" sacredizing humanity unto 'wholeness'.

Whenever we "wash our feet" during Easter Holy Week, let us think of what we are doing.  Let us tie our ablutions and ministrations to universal Truths.  Every human being is a microcosmic expression of the cosmos.  Let us attune with the great Mysteries brought to us as myths written in the stars that speak of Love and Compassion, and Life unalterably giving and receiving its Divine Breath on the in-breath and outbreath.  Let us re-consecrate the path we walk, anew, to a "Living Way" as we walk upon the planes of Earth, blessing the earth as we walk.

REFLECTION: ◊ Are you an anointed one infused with the Christ Spirit, O Pilgrim on the Way?  ◊ How cleanly and fully does the wine (life) flow through your life?  Do you feel it (see it) streaming within your body Being?  

◊ What is your consecrated stream of service, O Pilgrim on the Way, upon which you walk every day


“Two Major Truths, Service as Key to Liberation, Spiritual Livingness, Carrying Forward the Great Continuity of Revelation”

“… In due time, Christ came and gave out to the world (mainly through His disciples) two major truths: the fact of the existence of the human soul and, secondly, the system of service (this phrase is used advisedly) as a mode of establishing right human relations—to God and to one's fellowmen. He told men that they were all the Sons of God in the same sense that He was; He told them in many symbolic ways who and what He was and assured them that they could do even greater things than He had done, because they were divine as He was. These greater things, humanity has already accomplished upon the physical plane and in its control of nature, as Christ knew men would, because He knew the workings of the Law of Evolution.  He taught them that service was the key to the life of liberation, teaching them the technique of service through His own life as He went about doing good, healing the sick, as well as preaching and teaching the things of the Kingdom of God and feeding the hungry, both physically and spiritually. He made the life of every-day a divine sphere of spiritual livingness, thus emphasizing the teaching of the Buddha, through desiring nothing for the separated self.” Thus the Christ taught, loved, and lived, carrying forward the great continuity of revelation and of hierarchical teaching.”   (ROC, 107/8)

REFLECTION:  “Christ came and gave out to the world (mainly through His disciples) two major truths: the fact of the existence of the human soul and, secondly, the system of service (this phrase is used advisedly) as a mode of establishing right human relations—to God and to one's fellowmen."

Let us reflect upon why “the fact of the soul” and “the system of service as a mode of establishing right human relations to God and each other" is so significant that Christ would deem it necessary to give it to the world. ♦ In your own experience, how has affirming the fact of the Soul in yourself and/or another accelerated the process of establishing right relations —to God and to one's fellowmen?

REFLECTION: Reflect on the above paragraph (the bolded lines).  If brought into the Heart and lived, how would our lives, your life, your Community, City, the world ... change as a result?  Let us see, imagine, visualize, act, create … “I Come Forth and From the Plane of Mind I Rule” these days.


REFLECTION: As we let go of the unreal (the past, lesser values, misperceptions, ...), we are released from the illusions of the lower world and can walk in greater freedom.  Here again is an allusion to the feet – walking forward, moving, expanding, serving "upon the Way".


REFLECTION on the Law of Repulse: Through the “Law of Repulse” (when the Soul repulses that which no longer serves) functioning under the great Law of Love, we are cleansed, purified and rendered ‘vibrationally pure’ of the past.  Expanded awareness, wider and truer perception and greater degrees of spiritual livingness are gifts of the Soul following “repulse”.  What is oft experienced as painful passages of ‘letting go’ are but a release from our system of a life we have known.  The gift that follows is a life of directed purpose, often simplified, one-pointed and purposeful.  With it comes a new quality of etheric livingness as new energy finds the freedom to circulate unobstructed through a vibrationally purer system.

Could this be what is meant by the ‘greater freedom’ of liberation – to Be what we are, in fact and in truth?  Could this be one aspect, esoterically interpreted, of the 'washing of the feet'?  Was Christ washing the feet of His disciples to free them from their glamours and illusions, thereby empowering them to serve with greater courage, joy, and effectiveness, freeing them to be themselves – as Souls?  To be the Self that knows Itself beyond the shadows of the illusory self.

REFLECTION: The Christ through-Jesus was their Teacher, was a Presence and model of the perfected man. ‘Spiritual livingness’ is the gift of “the Way, the Truth, the Life’. He was preparing them for their future as disciples building the new Jerusalem.  By washing their feet he was empowering them, readying them to serve. He was empowering them to bring forth a new world – to build the new Jerusalem.  ◊  Let us ponder upon disciples in our current Age.  How are we asked to do the same, and more, during these critical times of transition as a new world struggles to unfold.


STAGES OF CHRISTHOOD CONTEMPLATIONThe Christ–child is not mistaken for the Christ–man, nor is early Christhood the same as Christhood crowned in the “fullness of days".  There are Degrees of realization.  In earlier stages, we learn about the Soul's powers, in later stages we learn to use these powers for redemptive purposes in service.  Waters of purification become soul inspirations, and later still become the Wine of divine Power given to accomplish the Redemption of the human race.  We become the Path Itself as we identify with and become the Life, the Truth, the Way – Living Christs walking the planes of earth.

 Mikhail Nesterov

Mikhail Nesterov

Healing the Sick

  Resurrection of Jairus daughter      Artist:       Vasily Polenov

Resurrection of Jairus daughter   Artist: Vasily Polenov

  Jesus Washing Peter’s Feet – Ford Madox Brown, 1876

Jesus Washing Peter’s Feet – Ford Madox Brown, 1876


"The knowledge that He is ready and anxious publicly to appear to His loved Humanity only adds to the sense of general frustration, and another very vital question arises: For what period of time must we endure, struggle and fight? The reply comes with clarity: He will come unfailingly when a measure of peace has been restored, when the principle of sharing is at least in process of controlling economic affairs, and when churches and political groups have begun to clean house. Then He can and will come; then the Kingdom of God will be publicly recognized and will no longer be a thing of dreams and of wishful thinking and orthodox hope". (ROC P.163)

Below are powerful MODERN DAY EXAMPLES of Discipleship-in-action, living examples in our world today of those persons or projects embodying the CHRIST Spirit in their SERVICE work.  You will note "our" fierceness when facing retrogressive oppositional forces, the power of Truth, and the Joys of everyday civility, humility and love in action.

Allow these to inspire you, and then find your own examples.  By so doing, we fan them into greater expression.

1.   He Named Me Malala 

2.  Teens React To Malala - priceless   [copy and paste this one]

3. Pope Francis The People's Pope

4. Ada Colau-Newly Elected Female Mayor Elect of Barcelona, Spain - Interview With Amy Goodman/Democracy Now - made lawmakers jaws drop.  Place your cursor at the 39 minute mark to hear the 4 minute interview.  But all 42 minutes is worth listening through to completion if you want to hear an example of how she plans to move her city toward the ideal of a New Jerusalem

Place your cursor to start at 39 minutes; 

Beneath the video is a written transcript