Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Pure Contemplative Soul Offerings, Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity

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The SUN ENTERS CANCER: Jun 20, 9:25 PM PDT; Jun 21, 4:25 AM GMT; June 21, Christchurch, 4:25 PM NZST and 2:25 PM AEST.   CANCER NEW MOON:  Fri/Jun 23 7:32 PM PDT;  Sat/Jun 24, 2:32 AM GMT;  CANCER FULL MOON DAY:  Sat/Jul 8, 9:08 PM PDT; Sun/Jul 9, 4:08 AM GMT;  4:08 PM NZST and 2:08 PM AEST

the summer solstice

The Summer and Winter Solstices, and the Spring (Vernal) and Fall (Autumnal) Equinoxes form what is esoterically called a Cardinal Cross. Together it is a cross of stupendous energy and power pouring from the light, love and life of the Sun energizing everything.

Let us recognize that the glyph (symbol) for the earth is a cross inside a circle.  This esoterically links earth to the cardinal cross, depicting the significance of our little planet earth to the solar Logos. 

During each of the cardinal festivals a different arm of the cross is emphasized. *"Right now the emphasis is on solar life".  Solar life is expressing, infusing matter.

We have the opportunity to step into a conscious relationship with the Great Ones and the Great Chain of Being. Think of it, for a deep moment.  Let us attune to what is present - to what we are doing!  It is a supreme opportunity to be aware of and participate in these celebrations going on at multiple levels including the cosmic, albeit at our level of awareness.  We are drawn up into more of the Great Ones, and to where the Great All, lives.

Through these rhythmic cycles, the Great Ones (members of the 5th Kingdom of Souls – the Spiritual Hierarchy) together with the Christ (Lord Maitreya) as Elder and leader of Humanity, look to the Lord of the World and to the Sun for Their inspiration.  To the extent that we as conscious “striving” human Souls participate in these rhythmic cycles with Them, we are participating in a great planetary ritual that the Lord of the World is also celebrating, and it is the method by which the Elders of humanity *“regulate their processes within the Divine Plan of God”.  It is through conscious participation in these rhythmic cycles that we are brought into the company of planetary Beings and Planetary Lives who welcome us.  Just as we welcome our animal companions into our homes or go out with them on walks and excursions into nature, all the more do the great Ones welcome us into Their company during these Planetary ritual festivals.

The Summer Solstice is the time of a higher interlude for the earth, an “ascent towards higher receptivity”.   *"It is a time to manifest our inner life".  It is a time for the “highest possible contact with down-pouring energies" (available for our reception).  It is a time of interplay between Spirit and Matter.   At the Summer Solstice we are witnessing solar life expressing through form.   So then, let us witness this life in all its ways during this time – seeing life unfolding and expressing, and not miss the daily "miracles" found in a moment - in a "holy instant"

As spirit manifests, our eyes must be upon the life and loving will of the Solar Logos - of His Light and Love and Will manifesting on earth in the midst of all else that seems to be going on.  Let us not be distracted from these greater Truths. 

Let us take the time today, and train ourselves to see and think from the perspectives of the greater higher Beings in Whom we live and move, in this case Solar (our Sun) and Planetary (our Earth) Lives.  Let us look for, witness and celebrate spirit manifesting, and allow for the higher Will to have its Way over the lower.  Spirit and Matter uniting are two divine aspects of Deity being brought into fuller manifestation through the agency of humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy – the 4th and 5th kingdoms.  As we follow the profoundly magical teachings of DK, as we follow the Advent of the Christ and the rule of higher Law, we are following the Laws of Spirit.  This is where "All is Well" and "all shall be well" in the domain of human living.  Let us not, on this day, be drawn away from these higher truths.  Let us draw them into form.

CONTEMPLATE (on the above)

CONSIDER:  What is manifesting (and attempting to manifest) that is of a higher nature, of spirit - in ourselves and in our lives, ... in the life of humanity, ... and on the planet?

Let this be our contemplative thought throughout this day.  


Visualize the Sun in your Heart.  Feel its warmth and radiance. 

Feel its magnetism and life. 

See the Sun permeating all aspects and conditions of your being.  Breathe into the Sun ... OM.

Visualize the Heart of the Sun in you, radiating higher Love and Light and Life throughout you, into the Soul Star Group and all Groups that are working on behalf of the Plan, ...into your environment, ... and to and for whomever you cast your eyes upon today, and those life conditions and circumstances that come to mind (now and throughout this day).

Let us build hundreds and thousands and millions and billions ... of Lighted Houses on this Day as Life and Matter (in the thought-forms of our holy minds) interplay, express together and build new forms ... so that the Heart of Humanity and a new Aquarian civilization can fully unfold. 

Sound a silent radiatory OM. 

the rider on the white horse

The further and deeper we travel along our spiritual journey, upon the Way that is the Path of Life, the more we live a symbolic life.  We must pay attention to the symbols appearing within us and before us, personally and collectively. 

"The Coming One" - "The World Teacher" - "The Christ" - the Lord Maitreya (and His many other Names known throughout our world cultures), in esoteric circles is referred to as "The Rider on the White Horse." 

It is said that this "Christ" is an expression of the Principle of Love - the Love of God, such as the Soul is an expression of Love in the Human being.  The Soul, the Christ in us, speaks to us in symbols and images, through our dreams, life metaphors and higher correspondences.  The Christ in us speaks and communicates with us through symbol and geometry and the many and varied forms of nature, most especially during the Summer Solstice (and all four cardinal signs).  I believe the symbols appearing on the Summer Solstice are communications for us, through our psyche, and the world collective.  

Do you "hear" the "White Horse" speaking to you, to us, to Humanity, through these symbols?  

Let us say unequivocally yes, and listen.  

Observe and intuit.

Presence is the primary condition to understand the messages. 

Let us meditate on these messages and garner all we can from them.  Our collective thought and meditation is an important link to what wants to emerge during this cycle.

What do you see?  

What do you know, unequivocally?

Finally, are you a Rider on the White Horse?  ... Say yes ... Let it Be so.  

Be the Rider.  Spread your essence, the Holy Word; allow the Holy Spirit to work through you ... spreading Solar Life ... through Good Will upon the planes of the earth .... throughout Humanity and all Kingdoms.



                                    Sun and Planets

                                    Sun and Planets


The Summer Solstice, as a spiritual observance and practice, can take place over a minimum of three days: the day before leading up to it, the day of the actual Sol-stice – when the Sun ‘apparently seems’ to stand still in the Heavens not moving – and the day after as the Sun’s light begins to wane again in relation to the earth as the cycle moves toward the Winter Solstice (in the northern hemisphere), and from the spiritual Hierarchical perspective as the higher interlude begins to move toward the lower interlude cycle in Capricorn, and the Autumnal Equinoxe in September before that.

The turning of the earth in relationship to the sun makes our seasons tangible.  The Summer Solstice is a turning point for the earth in relationship to the Sun.  Ever in relationship with each other, we on earth stand within that Holy Relationship, in Truth.  

CONTEMPLATE (on the above)

The following questions are asked of the intuition.  In-sight comes from intuition, this is Joy.

As "earthlings", we could ask, what is the message (meaning, or new emergence) in this Relationship?  

What must we Know, and Presence, to do our part? We are being constantly blessed by the light of the Sun to the Earth at all times of the year - the Sun's gift to the earth, and how that translates at our levels.  Allow this Light to display within and through us.

What new Joy must we express to bring in higher energy to manifest on earth?  

How do we, must we stand in relationship with "White Horse"?  And then with each other, demonstrating Right Human Relations?  With earth and life on earth?  With the Solar System?  And most importantly of all, our inner Soul-Self as the Rider?

Note: the White Horse is the completely purified personality, upon which sits the Rider - the Triumphant Soul.  There is no longer any obstruction for the Soul to use its vehicle (the integrated purified personality) for its aims.  


The Sun, our Solar Logos, is a Love Being – God As Love is a Great Heart in this Solar System, fulfilling itself through Itself.   

And we have to get it right for the earth because the earth is a key Center in His Solar body for the fulfillment and realization of His Divine Purpose and Plan.

In Truth, there is only one Field.  Love is a unified field that connects all things and all people. Where there is not Love, there is separation. Connection makes possible the future we want to live. Our job is to remain connected to this Field, thereby overcoming the illusion of separation (in its many extended forms).   

The overarching Contemplation or Meditation theme over these three days could be a mantra:

"God Is Love"  

"God is the Life behind the Love that is permeating all existence"




with the Soul Star Group in relationship with the World Groups

of which we are a part


*The three quotes with asterisks are by MDR during a Summer Solstice in Finland, 2005


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