Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity



In every new era such as we are now in, Humanity has the opportunity to build anew in accord with higher Principles. The New World will be born of civilizations intentionally comprised of higher spiritual Values, Principles originating from the Plan of God for Earth, and reflecting a Divine Pattern that in due time and space will manifest as “a new Heaven on Earth”. 

The Buddha and the Christ gave Humanity seven foundational Principles upon which to build a new world — a global civilization, the seeds of which began in 1945.  The energy emanating from these Principles are as "saving" powers of the triune nature of God: God as Holy Love, God as Holy Light and God as Holy Will. 

Let us begin here. In our feeling, thinking and doing nature we can take responsibility for the whole, and thus serve.  Let us join with the greatest spiritual forerunners of the human race, sounding forth through our hearts and minds and actions seven Principles given us for birthing a new world in which we would all want to live.  And let us continue holding these in heart and mind until the new world is born. 

The Soul of every nation carries an energetic quality that must be drawn forth and anchored into daily living. The Soul of every nation when sufficiently evoked shall Participate in bringing forth the new world through its citizens.

The Soul of America (not its *present visible persona) is destined to play a key and unique role for bringing forth the new world civilization. Let us begin by contemplating a profound truth: “America belongs to the world”

— therefore all the world can, and must, invoke the Soul of America to come forth.

(*The true Soul of America never has and never will reflect the values and brief tenure of one sitting president or political party; the true Soul of America is not selfish, does build walls of separation, does not separate families or children from parents, does not leave the poor to fend for themselves, and does not militate against or bully nations through manipulation or fear).

— therefore We around the world must invoke the true Soul of America.

The Statue of Liberty was not born from the soil of America. She was gifted to America. France’s gift was an offer of Gratitude in the spirit of Brotherhood for America’s role in overcoming the dark forces threatening capture and annihilation. This statue now stands as symbol of Freedom and Liberty, and of higher Soul Values of the Good — for the Peoples of the earth and from all walks of life. She is Mother America welcoming all to the land of the free. She is not an American symbol, She is a world symbol. Still more than this — She is a spiritual symbol for the Good, the True and the Beautiful in which All Peoples can share simply because they are human.

During every new moon phase period — on New Moon Day, Participating Souls around the world are subjectively joining together — along with the great building Angels joining forces with Humanity, to sound forth the "Seven Willed Determinations" given to Humanity by the Buddha and the Christ for building a new world.

The most simple and direct way to invoke the Soul of America on behalf of the world is through the Soul Motto of America — “I LIGHT THE WAY”. Let us draw Her forth.

Electricity - I Light the Way.png
1 The Will to Power.png
2 The Will to Love in the Spirit of Inclusiveness.png
3 The Will to Action - Overcoming Hatred for a Happier World.png
4 The Will To Cooperate Demanding Right Human Relations.png
5 The Will to Know and to Think Correctly and Creatively.png
6 The Will to Persist in Devotion to the High Ideals of the Soul.png
7 The Will to Organize Under the Spiritual Hierarchy Through the Potency of the NGWS.png




The Souls of Nations will bring forth the new world through a citizenry of conscious Souls who increasingly recognize we live within porous, boundaryless, national borders.

As Souls, let us join together in bringing forth the Soul of our Nations

— through the One Soul of Humanity.

We are One Soul, One Humanity, One Earth.