Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity


the second MOUNTAIN

the Higher Vibrations of Love

WEEK two


the goal


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Come Here Often. Consciously Attune. Enter into Sacred Space. Invoke often.

Through our ritual process of united gathering as the Soul Star group in the Christ Circle, attunement with the inner worlds, listening to sacred music, beholding sacred imagery, contemplating sacred text, holding an interior focus, we enter through another "living" portal.   

In the inner worlds, we access the greater wholeness of what and who we truly are - 'divine flames of living Fire, divinely human' - expressing loving, intelligent Will.  We are striving to unfold our innate divinity, realize our Soul powers and participate with the Great Ones in creating a new world here on earth - "as it is in heaven".  We are 'Magi in the making', incarnating the Soul into fuller flower, thereby the Soul of Humanity. Accessing the vision of the Plan, we build a "new world" here on earth in cooperation with the Great Ones. This is the purpose of "esoteric advent".



Hearing the Voice of the Soul (the Intuition),

The Group Soul Onward Moves

The Origin of Mountains

 "When the Planetary Creator toiled over the

formation of the Earth, He gave attention to fertile

plains which could provide people with a quiet



But the Mother of the World said, “Verily, people

will find bread and trade in the plains, but when

gold will pollute the plains, whither shall go the pure

in spirit to gather strength? Either let them have

wings, or let them have mountains, in order to

escape from gold.”


And the Creator answered, “It is too early to give

wings to people, they would carry death and

destruction. But let us give them mountains. Even if

some be afraid of them, for others they will be

salvation.”   .....  

(from an ancient creation myth in the Agni Yoga teachings by Nicholas and Helena Roerich)



Every morning, we align and merge with the Soul ... entering the Group Soul field and the Christ Circle. 


◊ Let us enter into 'sacred time' — no past, no future, only NOW, and 'sacred space' — only Soul, visualizing the place we are sitting as a temple for the Soul. Light a light unto the Christ in the stillness of your Mind, sounding the Sacred Word, OM (silently or aloud, feeling its vibration). ◊ Breathe into the Silence … and Identify as the Soul That Is higher Light, higher Love and Holy Will.

◊ On an in-breathe, we breathe in the Life energies of the sign Sagittarius — a Beam of directed, focused light flowing through the Heart of the Sun — "The Son of Divine Love" … through our Solar System, ... to the Earth … to and through Shamballa where the Will of God is known, … to and through The Christ and Kingdom of Souls, … to and through the Soul of Humanity ... and all the Kingdoms of nature. 

In these energies, as we breathe conscious "Breaths of Life" (whilst sounding aloud the sacred Word OM), Life pours through all the Centers ... releasing atoms of lesser vibration from our 3-fold personality vehicles of expression (mind, emotions, body).

◊ With intense spiritual aspiration, reach deep into the Heart of the Sun — the “Son of Divine Love” — The Cosmic Christ, to breathe in atoms of higher Light, higher Love, and Holy Will. Sounding a silent OM (or aloud) … we access higher atoms … heightening every Center in the 3-fold Personality vehicle).  ◊ Sense this energy pouring through the Crown ..... down the central column through all the Centers … out through the minor chakras of the soles of the feet "Blessing the Earth upon which we walk".   ◊  The energy circulates "whence it came" (through the central column, or as a great ovoid sphere of circulating energy encompassing the whole subtle body), flowing in a continuous fountain of living energy in which we now stand … in Being

Soul Star Group - 75% Copy.jpg

◊ We attune now with the Soul Star Group, sensing ourSelves as Spheres of Lighted radiance, Soul Beauty, Higher Love and Holy Will … together as One we comprise the Group vibrational field. Let us sense the group’s beauty, magnetism and vibrational potency. OM

(For those who choose, “Naming and Loving Participating Souls” can be done here CLICK HERE V4.1. We are 110 Lights).

◊ Let us now vibrationally Attune with the inner Group of great Potency — the great “Christ Circle", visible to the inner Eye — within Whose Center stands The Christ. ◊  We sound the sacred Word, OM (silently or aloud) ... affirming this recognition and our resonance with It.

Let us deepen our focus to the Center of the Circle, the Central Star — symbol of The Christ.  Behind this Star, sense, visualize or imagine a blazing central Fire — the magnanimous Heart of THE CHRIST, His Peace, Radiant Light and Holy Will transcending all earthly fires … pouring forth across all the planes of Earth. ◊ OM 

Unified in our group Approach to Divinity — with the Solar Angel, Madonna Laboris and Divine Mother behind Her, we extend a beam of lighted Love and pledges of service to The Christ — Who receives our offerings in a great Heart Chalice … poured forth for the well-being of Humanity. OM  (Pause).

As we do this, feel (sense) Christ responding ... releasing radiant waves of Light, magnetic Love and Holy Will to and through the Soul Star Group … and all Soul Groups serving His purpose. ◊ We know, and therefore affirm, that in every serving group thus consecrated, the Christ is present, for He said, 'Whenever two or more are gathered in my Name, there Am I also.  ◊ Allow now the feeling of the all-embracing Love of The Christ suffusing our heart-mind-body, anew — on this day, everyday, in every way.  ◊ OM  

We turn now as a Group, facing the world ... to bless our Soul-Inspired Projects (or those we care about) with the spiritual life-giving energies pouring from the Christ through the Soul Star Group and each of us— in service to Humanity for the ‘redemption’ and upliftment of the world. ◊ OM

In so doing, we lift our creations onto higher turns of the Great Spiral of Life in the many mansions and endless expressions of God’s vibrational Reality.

◊ ◊ ◊

Sounding THE GREAT INVOCATION as a group places our work in a mantric stream with The Christ blessing the world.



DAILY CONTEMPLATIONS – Enter this website often (once in the morning and again before sleep, and more often if possible throughout the day.  We are establishing a rhythm, and a growing presence of collaborative Virtues that are giving shape and form to a Living GROUP CHALICE of Soul offerings and Soul qualities by virtue of our continuous "giving" through these ritual Meditations, Invocations, Contemplations and Diamond Soul Practices.  The Angels (Angelic Intelligences) of the Lord deliver our offerings to the Lord of Love— for the Chalice of Love.  Nurtured in the Mind of Christ, we are assured that our spiritual labors are carried forward, nurturing the heart and ife of Humanity whilst serving as a counter-force to the pain and suffering in the world caused by the misuse of power, thought and wrong choices. Transforming our offerings to The Christ — Who Loves Humanity, He returns them magnified in accord with His wider Vision and Wisdom aligned with the Plan of God.

As we consciously apply the daily Contemplations and Diamond Soul Practices to our lives, we are anchoring them here on Earth through our acts of service — great or small or seemingly insignificant. Even a smile is a service. Even a lighted thought is an act of service. In aggregate, all acts of love serve the ocean of Giving.

“Opportunities” will be brought to us this Week – let us recognize them as the “holy work" that is Ours to do.  We transform ourselves and the world in which we live by our very thought-life, by the conscious use of words, and by our actions – 'we are Creative'.  To feel, think and act as living 'Christs in the making' – our higher innate spiritual potentials are stimulated, demonstrated and made known increasing our power to serve a greater Plan - the Plan of God.  

Let us therefore expect the unexpected, and recognize the remarkable, miraculous "holy instants" that will manifest — inwardly and outwardly — as part of this process.  Look for them, see them with new eyes - through the inner Eyes of Christ, seeing all adversity as part of the transforming world “where on earth we live”. The “non-local powers of the Mind of Christ in us" when applied lift and redeem the world.

The affairs of the world today are 'Soul-sized'.  We are learning to participate as true servers in the Group of World Servers under the impress of The Christ and Masters of Love-Wisdom – Who together form the “great potency of the Inner Groups" actively fulfilling the Plan of God.  It is a supreme opportunity and privilege to cooperate with Them "on the ground" of daily living, inwardly and outwardly.

Let us begin our Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices with these thoughts in mind … with the assistance and guidance of the Angels of the Lord.


NEW NOTE: This next section with the Cross of Light and Angel of the Lord (which precedes the daily “Contemplations for the Second Mountain”) could be best left for the evening just prior to sleep and “lights out”. Experiment to see what works best for you.

When Christ walks openly among us again, He will come as the World Teacher bringing with Him great Angels equal in rank to the Masters of Love-Wisdom Who assist in fulfilling His mission.

Angel of white gold and sword - 25%.jpg

Adjusting our focus, see standing in our midst an Angel of the Lord – an Emissary and Divine messenger of The Christ.

Standing in the energy field of the Soul Star Group, let us connect with the Angel of the Lord of Love by directing a Group beam of Gratitude and Lighted Love to Her, and inwardly say, “Be With Us, with me, this Day, this Night”. OM

Be now open to transmission from the Angel of the Lord to the Group … and to you personally.

The Angel blesses and "informs" us … and will continue doing so throughout the ‘day and night’ … assisting us in our movement up the Second Mountain of Consciousness. Periodically attune to Her Presence — remember Her. (Pause)

Sound the sacred Word, OM, affirming this relationship and strengthening vibration. 


CONTEMPLATIONS and diamond soul practices for the SECOND MOUNTAIN




In the energies of Sagittarius, a major underlying theme is that of direction.

The “faculty of sensitive direction” is rightly developed through the Mind of Christ within, which leads to “an effort to identify all soul and personality activity with God's Plan, and this is, in the last analysis, the ordered direction of God's thought."  ◊ CONTEMPLATE

"There is no true direction apart from thought, and I would have you remember that thought is power.” 

“This is a statement upon which all disciples should ponder, for they can achieve no real comprehension of the direction of God's Plan unless they work with a phase in their own lives which is subject to their own mental direction. Then and only then, can they understand.”  (EA, 191)

As we open our thought to the Mind of Christ in us, it becomes a beam of focused, directed light pointing the way forward "revealing a greater light ahead and illumining the way to the center of the light".  

“I am a point of light within a greater Light"

The Soul Mind is a beam of focused, directed Light. The Soul Mind, the Mind of Christ — a heart-mind unity, speaks as the Intuition. 

Every Intuition heard, every true Vision adhered to, is a step forward upon the Path of the Lighted Way.

CONTEMPLATE the above to absorb these spiritual truths (thereby making them your own).



◊ Today, from the higher vantage point of the Second Mountain, let us see and identify all our Soul and personality activity with God's Plan.

"When we open our thought to the Mind of Christ in us, it becomes a beam of focused, directed light pointing the way forward "revealing a greater light ahead and illumining the way to the center of the light".

We move fast upon the Way.

Sound the Sacred, Word, OM (3X) .... confirming the new vibration.



CONTEMPLATE: "The Law of Love is in reality but the law of the [solar] system in demonstration on all the planes.  Love was the impelling motive for manifestation, and love it is that keeps all in ordered sequence; love bears all on the path of return to the Father's bosom, and love eventually perfects all that is.  It is love that builds the forms that cradle temporarily the inner hidden life, and love is the cause of the disruption of those forms, and their utter shattering, so that the life may further progress." (TCF, 594) 

CONTEMPLATE: “… disciples and aspirants must on every hand live harmoniously and love. The violent vibrations of our surroundings must be stilled by a strong counter vibration of love, remembering ever that as we work on the side of evolution, the power of the Godhead itself is with us, available for use. Naught can withstand the steady pressures of love and harmony when they are applied long enough. It is not spasmodic efforts that count. It is the long-sustained, unvarying pressure which eventually breaks down opposition and the walls of separativeness.” (EXT, 516)  


◊ Have you known or witnessed a long-sustained, steady pressure of love and harmony, that “perfected all that is” ? ◊ … where everything worked out in the long run because of the perfecting power of Love?

◊ Have you witnessed or experienced disruption, shattering or a destruction of forms that you absolutely knew was due to the great Hand of “love in action” for the purpose of “life” making further progress? If our answer is yes, then we are seeing and understanding as the soul sees and understands. The Soul who is a Master has a “completed point of view” — taking into account the past, present and future.

◊ Is there a situation in your life, or in a present world condition where the perfecting power of Love and Harmony — as a steady, long-sustained and unvarying pressure, must be applied.

The task of pouring out the Love Principle in a new and dynamic manner is being carried out by all the Masters and by all initiates who have taken the third initiation." (EXT, 538)   



"Listen, O Pilgrim, to the chanting of the Word by the great Deva [Angel] Lords.  Hush all earth vibration, still the restless strivings of lower mind, and with ear intent hark to the sounds that rise to the throne of the Logos. Only the pure in heart can hear, only the gentle can respond.

The stormy sounds of all earth struggle, the shrill vibration of the watery sphere, the crashing note marking the place of thought, dims the sound and shuts out the tone.  He who is silent, quiet and calm within, who sees all by means of light divine and is not led by light reflected within the threefold spheres, is he who will shortly hear.  From out the environing ether will strike a note upon his ear unlike the tones that sound within the world terrestrial.

Listen, O Pilgrim, for when that sound strikes in colourful vibration upon the inner sense, know that a point has been achieved marking a great transition.

Watch then, O Pilgrim, for the coming of that hour.  With purified endeavour mount nearer to that Sound.  Know when its tone steals through the misty dawn, or in the mellow sunlight strikes soft upon the ear, that soon the inner hearing will become expanded feeling and will give place to sight and perfect comprehension.

Know when the music of the spheres comes to you note by note, in misty dawn or sunny noon, at cool of eve, or sounding through the deep of night, that in their rhythmic tone lies secret revelation."  (The Rays and Initiations, 763/4)


I hush all earth vibration. I still the restless mind. Quiet and calm I look within. I see by means of light divine, and am not led by light reflected within the threefold spheres. I listen to the Voice of the Soul ... and deeper still, the Voice of God revealing the Way through Love, making all things new.  I give Love to the group with whom I walk.  I give Love to a world in need.  Together, we walk in Love and onward move.  I give thanks for the Way made clear.


— We are reminded by the Master that during world crisis, groups and individuals working for world goodwill experience stress and strain.  Yet spiritual poise, spiritual sensitivity and Love must be the keynote in all relationships as that power which will precipitate the new world:  

"That which signifies the most at this time is the spiritual poise and the spiritual sensitivity of the workers."  

"It is to this important condition that the group members must pay due attention. Disciples and spiritual workers must not be so occupied with the details of the Plan, with the production of that which will produce the externalization of the ideas, that the spiritual training and strengthening of the workers is neglected. In the dust and turmoil and noise of the fight, grow not insensitive and hard, or so preoccupied that the needs of those with whom you work are forgotten or pass unnoticed. Let love be the keynote in all relationships, for the power which must salvage the world is the precipitation of love, and how shall that find its way onto the physical plane save through a group whose ears are attuned to its imminent emergence, and through the lives of those in the group who are irradiated by love itself?"    EOH, 333

"Let love be the active force seen among all of you".  ... Let there be "an intensification of love between all of you, and a growth of real understanding. Forget not, at the same time, that love is the great attractive magnetic force, and will consequently draw to itself all that is needed at the present crisis and for the materialization of the vision in due form on earth. ..."     EOH, 335


CONTEMPLATE “There is no being on Earth, from the very lowest form of life to the very highest, who is not moving onward towards a greater and finer expression of divinity, and Christ Himself is no exception to this universal evolutionary law. He is therefore, at this time and because He is preparing to raise the entire human family nearer to God, laying Himself open to certain powerful in-flowing energies, absorbing into Himself streams of spiritual force, and undergoing a dynamic stimulation which is entirely new to Him; this constitutes His testing for the exalted Initiation which now confronts Him; it constitutes also the sacrifice that He is making in order to complete His work on Earth and bring a new salvation to humanity.   (EOH, 663)

DIAMOND SOUL PRACTICE (select one or more)

Contemplate what inspires you most in the above paragraph — to hold in heart and mind throughout this day.

As Christ evolves, so do we — with Him.  He is the archetypal Human, the greatest one born through Humanity leading the many on the Way forward.  In His movement forward, He creates an updraft — a drawing upward of All Humanity with Him. Sense this movement, sense it as something very real, and also profoundly assuring and comforting. “I, if I be lifted up, will draw all Men unto Me.”

As “humanity is moving onward towards a greater and finer expression of divinity”, there are individual cells within Humanity who have become Lights upon the Way for others. Intuit (perceive, sense, comprehend) this movement toward a greater and finer expression of divinity.  

Take this in, what it portends, the holy responsibility and the opportunity.

Let us recognize the “greater and finer expression of divinity” moving through those whom we know and love, moving them forward — even when apparently mired or stalled. We cannot stop the evolutionary process though we may stop our recognition of it.

Recognizing the “greater and finer expression of divinity” within ourselves, what is becoming more Real to you now?

In order to complete His work on Earth, Christ will bring a new salvation to humanity. Today, let us ponder, intuit, what this would be. Do we have any semblance or recognition of what this is, could be? How would we recognize it? These are questions worth pondering because they will move in us — toward a newer, firmer direction, deeper into the auric field of the Great Ones, and if penetrated deeply enough, to the door of the “new salvation” from which flow new potentials for humanity, and our group life.

In ending today’s practice, let us bow deep to the flame of Love burning brightly within our Heart … the same great Heart of Love that extends from the Christ to all, magnified by those Who choose to Know and Love Him … the same great Heart of Love extending from the “Son of Divine Love” in the Heart of the Sun.

In the sacred ‘depths of Silence’ of the Soul and the Christ in us, we forward move (up) on the Mountain.


(Edited 12/13/18)


Venus Day

Higher Mind — The Christ Mind


 “Let the Love of God be spread abroad in every human Heart”

“Once that "mind is in us which is also in Christ" (Phil. II.5), we shall find that the control of [the] emotional nature and this sentient area of consciousness (the astral plane, if you prefer the term!) becomes complete. Then this past sentient control and its entire area of influence no longer exists. It has no reality, except as a field of service and a realm in which men wander in despair and bewilderment.  The greatest service a man can render his fellowmen is to free himself from the control of that plane by himself directing its energies through the power of the Christ within. He will then find that the self-centered forces and the energies of personal desire and of emotional love will be superseded by a living energy which can be sensed in a large way, though it cannot as yet be appropriated in its pure essence; this energy, we call the "love of God."

“It is that free-flowing, outgoing, magnetically attractive force which leads each pilgrim back to the Father's House.  It is that force which stirs in the heart of humanity and finds expression through the medium of such great avatars as the Christ; which guides the mystical yearning found in each human being, and works through all movements that have for their objective the welfare of humanity, through philanthropic and educational tendencies of all kinds and through the instinctual motherhood found everywhere [in every one]. But it is essentially a group sentiency, and only in the Aquarian Age, and as a result of the reappearance of the Christ, will its true nature reach correct understanding and the love of God be spread abroad in every human heart."  ROC, 130/1


◊ Let this day be about “rendering the greatest service to our fellow men”. Let this day be about directing the energies of the astral plane “through the power of the Christ within” (our own, those in our midst, and those we serve).  Let this day be about superseding "self-centered forces and the energies of personal desire and emotional love” with the “living energy” we call “the love of God.”

Know and trust that today things will most certainly “come up”, will surface and unmistakably come into your field for you — because the Advent process draws it up and out as opportunity for redemptive service. As this happens, direct these energies that are in need of redemption through the power of the Christ within.

It begins with seeing “what is” through the Eyes of Christ — the Christ perspective of divine, loving, comprehension— and then bringing “what is” through the alchemizing powers of the inner Heart of the Christ.

This is magical service. We are learning to wield and master the use of energy for the greater good. All the energies of the 21 lower sub-planes cry out for redemption. We needn’t be concerned with their details, but we do need to recognize their appearance when they ‘come calling’ for redemption — and then put them through “the power of the Christ within”.

Once these energies are sufficiently redeemed, our gift is “moving fast upon the way” … where no internal obstructions slow our movement and progress upon “The Lighted Way” in service of the Plan.

◊ Confirm: We are preparing the Way for "the Love of God to be spread abroad in every human heart".


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SATURDAY- Saturn's Day

As Humanity learns to live in conformity with the greater Laws of the Soul, all shall Be Well.

As we choose to live in conformity with the higher Laws of the Soul and the Universal Laws of God,

All IS Well on Earth as IT IS Heaven ~

As Above, So Below.

“May All BE WELL with You” said the Christ to His Disciples.

◊ Let us pause to rest a little now and reflect upon our vibrational ascent of the Second Mountain as the “higher vibrations of Love” have taken fuller control sweeping through our personality vehicles (after a week of group Meditations, Contemplations and Diamond Soul Practices).

What have we learned, what have we gained?

What has become “Law” for you?


bringing us IN STEP with LAWS OF THE SOUL and DIVINE LAW.



In this interlude, let us gather our forces before the next ascent.










(and Sunday-Meditation IV for those who wish to go deeper)










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