Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Pure Contemplative Soul Offerings, Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity


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Scorpio—The Light of Day. This is the place where three lights meet—the light of form, the light of the soul, the light of life. They meet; they blend; they rise.

Keynote:  After testing, trials and triumph, the Word of the Soul is “Warrior am I and from the Battle I emerge Triumphant.”


Sun's Entrance into Scorpio: October 22; 4:47 PM, PST

New Moon of Scorpio: October 30; 10:39 PM, PST

7 Day Scorpio Full Moon Process:  Nov 11 - 17

Scorpio Full Moon DAY: November 14 - 5:53 AM, PDT; 1:53 PM GMT; 2:53 AM Christchurch, NZ (Nov 15)

Sun's entrance into Sagittarius: November 21; 1:24 PM, PDT; 9:24 PM GMT; 10:24 AM Christchurch, NZ (11/22)

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In Service to Humanity

(Monday, November 14, 2016)


I. Individual Alignment

Let us begin this Day with a Prayer Intention:  “May our prayer be for true Hierarchical Contact – may our minds and hearts and bodies be recipients of the energies, contacts and impressions that are right and true for our unfoldment, and may we learn to serve as the True Soul.



“O Hidden Life vibrant in every atom,

O Hidden Light shining in every creature,

O Hidden Love embracing all in Oneness,

Let each who feels One with Thee,

Know He is One with Every Other.


1. With “the Breath of Life” come into the peaceful Presence of the Soul field … of the Soul

2. Sound forth the sacred Word OM … dissolving and releasing atoms of lower vibratory matter - of lesser vibration.

3. . On an in-breath, from within the “Heart of the Son” and with intense spiritual aspiration, draw forth atoms of higher vibration … visualizing solar energy pouring through all the centers. Sound forth the Sacred Word, OM (silently). Pause.  Making every conscious breath a deeper and truer contact with Reality, let us enter the energy field of the True Soul … and merge our consciousness with It (sounding a silent OM).

4. With every conscious breath, send forth radiant essence throughout your being.  

Sound the Sacred Word to seal in these vibrations.


II. THE SOUL STAR GROUP – Group Soul Infusion

◊  Let us now see ourselves standing inside a large circle of Souls, gathered and gathering for meditation—as Participating Souls of the Soul Star Group.  

Simon's Star-50%.jpg

See each soul as a radiant sphere of love and light … together forming one magnanimous sphere of Light and Love.  Pause. 

On the ‘breath of life” – in one simultaneous movement, extend a ray of love and light from our heart and mind to all hearts and minds herein gathered.  Sound a sacred OM.

Take time now to feel into and sense the Soul Star Group as one pulsing, beating, unified Heart … filled-full with radiant Soul virtues… synthesized in one group Soul-Love vibration.


 III. Recognition of the ANGELS

Let us be aware of the presence of the great presiding Angels Who have here gathered to attend these proceedings.  As we stand in Their Presence, we bid Them welcome into our Hearts.  They are the Angel of Scorpio … the Solar Angelsas Hearts of Fiery Love … and the Great and Mighty Angels of the Lord standing round the Christ and Spiritual Hierarchy.   Also present are the Angels of music and the Spheres of the Lord of the World.

We bid them All welcome, as we sound the sacred Word, OM.  Pause.


IV. LIFTINGof the VEILS: The Spiritual Hierarchy, The Christ, the Triangle surrounding the Christ, Sanat Kumara – the KING of Kings and the Great Chain of Being

◊ The Soul Star group sounds forth the sacred Word in one unified Sound…coming into vibrational resonance with the Ashrams of the Masters of Love-Wisdom—the Ashrams of the Christ. 



A great Sounding OM is heard … In the purity of this vibration, a veil is seen lifting, revealing the Masters of Love-Wisdom.

Standing round the Christ … radiant and pure Their Countenances, powerful Their Light.  Yet the strongest vibration is the fire of Love in Their Hearts.

In reverence deep and silence pure, stands this great Assembly.

In the Presence of these Great Ones, we come to know Their vibration.

Our Hearts filled full, with light and love, our inner life thrilled and quickened, “the great potency of the inner Groups” once known, cannot ever be forgotten.

A sounding of the Sacred WORD is heard again, with mantric words of power, lifting yet another veil of light and love and power.  A new wave of Sound unfurls a FORCE of LIGHT of otherworldly Power: The Avatar of Synthesis, the Spirit of Peace and the Buddha … together fortifying the Christ Who stands inside a triangle of spiritual energy of enormous potency.”  All here gathered sense the significance.  In cooperation deep, a new WORD sounds forth, bringing blessings from the Kingly Stars





                         SPIRIT OF PEACE                                                                                BUDDHA         

("A triangle of spiritual energy of enormous potency”)

In the thundering Sound of Silence that follows, a Veil the third is seen lifting ... revealing in Light ‘the Seven times Seven Ashrams’ of the One Great Lord and King of Shamballa—Sanat Kumara.

… in Whose Presence, choirs of Angels sing ... joined in Harmony and in song … bringing new joy and life to our finest senses …great and sonorous vibrations, the spheres of Heaven revealing the Beauty and Glory of our Cosmos.



Sirius 10394826_316364265227175_8304216801275779571_n.jpg
CHILDREN OF THE STARS, Photo by James Neeley 2010

CHILDREN OF THE STARS, Photo by James Neeley 2010

Standing together as ONE in unified Assembly, we now participate in the Great Cosmic descent of energies through the great Chain of Being: From the great Cosmic Center, the Pleiades—Hub of the great Wheel … through the potent and beautiful star Sirius ... through the constellation Scorpio … through the "Son of Divine Love"—as the Heart of the Sun ... through the planetary agents transmitting Scorpion energy to our Earth via Mercury, Mars and Pluto…on through Sanat Kumara and the Great Assembly standing round the Lord of the World at the center of the Council Chamber of Shambhala … through the “Christ—Master of All Masters and Teacher alike of Angels and of Men” … through the Kingdom of Souls—the Spiritual Hierarchy and the 49 Ashrams under the supervision of the Christ ... through all the sparks of fiery Essence of participating SOULS—Initiates, Disciples and Aspirants in the world of ascent … and on to those who stand upon "the ground" in our world of daily living.           AUM








"O Thou who givest sustenance to the Universe!

From Whom all things proceed,

To Whom all things return,

Unveil to us the face of the true Spiritual Sun,

Hidden by a disc of golden light,

That we may know the Truth

And do our whole duty

As we journey to Thy Sacred Feet" (Fire)




In the twenty minute period (or more) leading up to the Full Moon moment (and in the 12 hour period after), we remain in Silence, our minds and hearts poised in readiness to meet and receive the Solar Fire Full Moon energies of SCORPIO.

In quiescence deep, let us stand in the energy of the LIGHT OF DAY poised in Holy Contemplation:

THE LIGHT OF DAY: This is the place where three lights meet—the light of Form (of the purified personality), the light of the Soul, and the light of Life.

                                                                        They Rise. 

     They Blend, 

They Meet,                                                                       


KEYNOTE:  After testing, trials and triumph, the Word of the Soul is

“Warrior am I and from the Battle I emerge Triumphant.”


Release all thought now … Be in the Sacred Silence... awaiting Contact.


◊ Together with the Christ and the Spiritual Hierarchy, sound the GREAT INVOCATION (silently or aloud) imbuing the Heart of Humanity and the world we live in with the pure energies of Scorpio (you may hold your hands in blessing for the energies to pour through your palms).

Immersed in the rarified solar fire full moon energies, open the mind and heart to Intuition and Loving Comprehension ... Be Renewed on this Day.

Continuing in the silence that follows … Be a channel for the anchoring and expression of Solar Fire. 



Triumphant Disciple.jpg

 "I am a point of light within a greater Light.

I am a strand of loving energy within the stream of love divine.

I am a point of sacrificial Fire, focused within the fiery Will of God.

And thus I stand.


I am a way by which men may achieve.

I am a source of strength, enabling them to stand.

I am a beam of light, shining upon their way.

And thus I stand.


And standing thus revolve

And tread this way the ways of men,

And know the ways of God.

And thus I stand."

(“These are “words and phrasestranscribe[ing] into language words so ancient that they antedate both Sanskrit and Senza. But the meaning is clear and that is the point of importance.”)


 ◊  Sound the Sacred Word, OM, standing in the radiant Light of Day.


Let us now give what we have received, extending to all whom we touch this day ‘with our minds, hearts, words, deeds, and our very Being’.

Guard this day of Contact.  Preserve an inner silence … listen to ‘impressions’ today and in the days ahead.




7 Day Full Moon Ritual Observances

Esoteric Advent—is a year-long contemplative, ritualized Spiritual Approach for participating in monthly Solar Fire Full Moon rituals, seasonal and planetary Festivals in concert with the energies of the stars, and the spiritual-religious rhythms of the year.  Esoteric Advent is intended to be one of the purifying streams of the Christian tradition for the emerging “new world religion” that will be seen coming into fuller expression over the next several hundred years during the Aquarian Age.

Esoteric Advent was inspired and born to cooperate with the Advent of “The Coming One, The World Teacher—The Christ” and those who serve Him, the Spiritual Hierarchy – the Kingdom of Souls where the Love of God is Known.  This Center of Love will be coming into greater visibility as it seeks to actively engage with Humanity on the physical plane.

Aspirants, Disciples and Initiates are learning to consciously participate and cultivate a living relationship with the Kingdom of Souls (the Spiritual Hierarchy) and the Christ Who stands ever at its Center.  As we come into closer contact with Them, with pure intention, we serve as a living link between Them and Humanity.

As Souls, we are in 'service training' for building full Soul consciousness and are developing "Ashramic Intimacy" with the “inner Groups of great potency” of the Great Ones – the beloved spiritual Elders of our human race also known as the Masters of Love-Wisdom who are working for and with the Plan of God.  Thus do we find joyous opportunity to live and serve, be nourished and nourish the One Soul of Humanity—evoking it into fuller Soul expression.



A Path of Approach to the Spiritual Hierarchy - the Kingdom of Souls

Planetary and Solar Fire Full Moon rituals are part of the emerging New World Religion. As such, each are called to a “Soul-imperative” to organize our lives in such a way that we can be found participating in the rituals of the life of Sanat Kumara – the Lord of the World, of whom the Christ is a Disciple.

We are all free to choose how to best work this out in our lives. The only true demand is an inner one.  Regardless of what we are ‘doing outwardly' in the world, the discipline is to hold an interior Soul focus and intention to work with the "living energies" pouring in upon the earth and humanity during these times.  It is a privilege and a sacred opportunity to consciously participate with the great Lives of a vast inner world order where the whole is seen as One.  

In addition to the immense benefit we individually and as a group receive, every full moon period of three phases: Preparation, Contact/Registration and Distribution —allows for “Giving Blessing” to Humanity and the “world” with all that has been contacted, given, received and blended during our seven days of inner focus and contact.  Thus we serve.

We will add that participating in the Full Moon Approaches, month after month, year after year, we are building these unique energies into our “causal body” and are also developing spiritual competency in the entire process, thereby aiding our Guides and Teachers who live in the 'invisible realms’ while becoming more like Them as we give of 'our-Selves' through planned spiritual service.


Participating in the Seven Day Full Moon Ritual Observance consists of Three Phases: Preparation Days, The Day of Contact, and Distribution Days. Participating in a shorter ritual of 5 or 3 days can be done by combining the meditations and practices containing these Phases. It goes without saying that the more we put into our preparations, the deeper and more profound the results.  However, it is the intensity of our effort and an unbroken attitude toward the inner spiritual Reality that produces the greatest fruit.

The three phases are as follows:

Seven Day ritual service: three days of Preparation before the Full Moon Day, the Full Moon day of Contact, and three days of Distribution after the Full Moon Day.

Five day ritual service: two days of Preparation before the Full Moon Day, the Full Moon day of Contact, and two days of Distribution after the Full Moon Day.

Three day ritual service: one day of Preparation before the Full Moon Day, the Full Moon day of Contact, and one day of Distribution after the Full Moon Day.

The Master DK wrote that the Preparation phase of the Full Moon Approach is designed to enable "confident aspiration in order to hold the mind steady in the light of the Soul" (the Soul-Mind-Brain alignment).

Please be in meditation a minimum of 30 - 45 minutes before the exact moment of the Full Moon, at which time we sound the Great Invocation.  Prior to sounding the Great Invocation, let us consciously link once again with the Soul Star Group, all Participating Souls around the world - inner and outer, with the Spiritual Hierarchy—within Whose center stands the Christ – the Coming One, the Lord of the World, and "The Son of Divine Love" (SOL, the Heart of the Sun)—from Whom all things proceed, to Whom all things return... within Whom we "live, move, breathe and have our Being".


For a comprehensive understanding of The Full Moon Approaches, you can read more in the Supplemental Reading tab by this name.  The work we are doing here in a three-phase Approach is best described in Stage III of that document; it also describes (most remarkably and profoundly) the work we are doing throughout the spiritual seasons of the year.  As we make ourselves available – as a dedicated and consecrated group to the Christ - we are availing ourselves of fresh incoming energies directed by the Spiritual Hierarchy with Christ standing at its center.  With these energies we participate in the outworking of the Plan of God and our lives can take on new meaning, significance and Joy.

In the 7 Day meditations, we will make extensive use of the Sacred Word, OM, we will work with "the breath is the life”, and we will participate with the presiding Angel of the Light of the respective Sign, always within the group field of the Soul Star Group (the Group Soul).

Cooperating with the 12 Angelic Lights of the 12 Constellations, we are giving access to the Solar Angel to make gains for us in increasing ascendancy.  It is the Solar Angel Who is ultimately responsible for stimulating and unfolding all 12 Soul Potencies (siddhis) of “the Mind of Christ" of the Inner God.  As we unfold and exercise each Potency of Light residing in the "Heart in the Head" Center, the intuition is accessed with greater ease, and the way to the “True Soul” (the spiritual Triad of the Monad - God Immanent) can be deeply sensed and found, leading to the true and real Presence of the inner God.

You may read more about the correct use of Sounding Forth the OM and communicating with the Angel/Deva Evolution in the Supplemental Reading tab.

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Music by HAROLD G. MOSES can be ordered through Nimbit Music:

HGMoses - Harmonic Sounds and Tracks

HGMoses - Instrumental


Music by Michael Robbins - The Great Invocation can be ordered through


Other Music: Can be purchased on-line or in music stores.

Rachmaninov: Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, Op. 31, The Great Ektenia; Album: Sacred Treasures - Choral Masterworks from Russia

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