Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity




For the first Sunday of Advent, have a candle ready to light the first of five Lights of a 5-pointed Star.  We will be building a 5-pointed Star throughout the four Sundays of Advent, plus a central fifth Light on Christmas Day morning.  

These may be votives, tea lights, tapers, birthday candles or electric lights dedicated for this purpose.  If using candles, anoint each one before the start of the ritual with essential oil, or simply rub the candle with your fingers, with the intention of dedicating its “flame” of fire to the Flame of Living Light and Love of the Holy Ones.

There need not be any great emphasis placed on a right or wrong way to do this. If you prefer not using candles or lights, you may imagine a flame (s) of light shining brightly in the stillness of your mind.

Each Light when lit on each passing Sunday, through focused intention and ritual observance, will grow into a Star of purposeful brilliance – a star of power, love and beauty unfolding within you, sanctifying your life and the Earth upon which you walk.


Find a space wherein you can work undisturbed for creating a sacred ritual atmosphere.  Meditation music, burning pure incense resins such as Frankincense and Myrrh appropriate for this season, or any high quality sandalwood or aloes-wood. These aromatic incenses help create a sacred atmosphere and immediately attract the Angels attuned to this season — honoring their presence. And yet, these also are not ultimately necessary.  It is the atmosphere of love in your heart-mind that is the greatest attracting agency creating an energetic ‘perfumed environment’.

The Heart Drone by Harold Moses (on the website) resonates powerfully with the OM sounding forth. Or select music of your own choice that assists in filling the atmosphere with sacred sound, shifting your energy from the mundane world to the inner realms of light where Beings of pure loving Light live ‘in attendance’ to participate with us individually and as a Group.


There are three components to our work together.

FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT. The Page for The First Sunday of Advent Light (with a meditation and potent brief ritual for lighting the Advent lights (candles) is ready for you to participate in. Each Sunday a new Page will be uploaded on the day before. It will also be in a PDF format if you desire to print it.

Our friends in the the South Pacific begin their calendar Sunday one day in advance of the Northern hemisphere.


Have open and ready the document titled “Participating Souls” containing the names and locations of ‘we who have here gathered’. This document may or may not be ready for Week One.  However, if it is, you will see it under a separate page on the website.  You will need this document for the “naming and loving” section of the meditation with the Soul Star Group. To access this document, either open a second tab on the website to read the ‘words of power’ followed by the list of names at the appropriate time in the Meditation – in the section of the Soul Star Group, or, print the document to have it in front of you. This document will necessarily be edited as new people join us next week, so look for two or more updated versions for Weeks Two and Three.  

WEEK ONE with the Solar Angel and Madonna Laboris has been uploaded onto a separate page under that title - which begins every Monday through to Saturday. It contains our daily meditation and Soul Practices for each day of the week. After Saturday begins the next Sunday of Advent and a new week beginning on Monday, and so on.

In Summary, two new pages will be uploaded every week: 1) the Sunday Advent Lighting Ritual with meditation, and 2) the WEEKLY daily Soul practices, 3) plus a third Page titled “Participating Souls”. As newcomers join, I update the list.

In past years, every Sunday had also included an additional in-depth meditation to follow. I sensed this was too much for the majority of Participants to do. Therefore, we will simplify the process this year and not include the more advanced Sunday Ritual Meditations (different from the Sunday Advent lighting rituals). We’ll see what difference this may make in the group energy field. However, Sheldon and I will continue to do them, perhaps with a smaller core group (yet to be organized starting on the Second Sunday of Advent/Week Two). Past participants who have these more advanced rituals may choose to use them, or not. If you have questions about this, write me directly at


◊ For “Participating Souls” who are new to this process, some of the content presented here will contain new language to you embedded in this presentation of the Teachings of the Ageless Wisdom as put forth by MDK (via Alice A. Bailey). Be patient in familiarizing yourself with it; over time the word phrases and concepts will become as old friends and you will move rapidly along with everyone else who has been with this form of the Teachings for years and decades. The benefit that comes to you by entering through this portal of advanced Teachings on the Esoteric Advent site is that we are translating many of the concepts into our own words, or single them out for contemplation, thereby making them easier to grasp energetically and to understand. They will open you to a potent new world of spiritual life, and will grow in you.

◊ Having said this, you will benefit greatly by reading through other pages on this website at your leisure after the three weeks of Christmas Advent are completed.

First and foremost, for this set of rituals, we will be making extensive use of “The sacred Word, OM” and “The Breath is the Life”. To understand what we mean by these terms, please go into the Supplemental Reading tab, and find “(The) OM Sounded Forth, The Breath is the Life, and the Dual Evolution”. It briefly but potently explains these terms and how we use them. Found in the Supplemental Reading tab - or CLICK HERE. Also, just yesterday new content was added about the coming ANGELS and their work with Humanity, so all of us will benefit from reading this at your leisure. Sheldon and I never tire of reading these paragraphs - they energize, awe and inspire us every time.

◊ If you are working off of a desktop or laptop, and you customarily leave your tabs open, you must refresh your browser often, at least a few times during the day (click in the area of the URL and hit Enter) thereby allowing you to see recent changes made to content or new pages have been added to the website. I am a proverbial editor! If you do not refresh your browser, you may be missing critical elements of this process that are added regularly!

In entheos anticipation of our Journey together preparing for the First Mountain!

Halina (and Sheldon)



Our Advent wreathe of 5 Lights will create an etheric 5-pointed Star at two levels of Being as we invoke (connect with and call in) higher energies. One star level is our own individual Soul star, and the other is the Group Star formed from the combined union of all our individual Stars together forming the Soul Star Group. The Sunday meditations will reinforce this but it also happens quite naturally simply through our intention and the work of the Angels participating with us.

OUR “Star(s)” will also correspond with the following higher meanings to hold in heart-mind as reminders during the Sunday ritual lightings. The “Star” has many correspondences, but the following meanings are the most relevant to hold in the Group Mind as we work together:

◊ The five-pointed star represents the perfected Human – the Divine Human or God-Man having attained perfection – a Master of Love-Wisdom;

◊ The Star of the Christ.  The Christ is the foremost spiritual leader of Humanity.

◊ The Star Sirius. Sirius appeared to the Wise Men in their travels to herald the birth of Christ. The principle of Love was born on earth through the Christ, the first of our Earth Humanity to achieve liberation (esoterically significant) paving the Way for others to follow;

◊ Christ is a Sirian Initiate.  Cosmic Buddhi or Love streams through this brilliant star of Sensitivity – the Star of Initiation.  Every zodiacal Sign carries an energy that must be embodied and mastered over many life-times, time after time until relative readiness is reached. We pass the tests of the Soul in Scorpio and move fast upon the Way under the impress of Sirius.  The star Sirius is important to earth because our Spiritual Hierarchy, the Kingdom of Souls, is conditioned by “the Great White Lodge on Sirius” where the most spiritually advanced of human Beings go to receive further training;

◊ The five-pointed star also symbolically represents four cardinal directions – East, South, West and North – that relate to dimensions and purposes of our earth Logos. The glyph for the symbol of Earth is a circle with an even-armed cross inside. All who take incarnation reside in the sphere of earth’s influence — the horizontal plane of the four-fold field of daily life where consciousness unfolds stage by stage. The vertical spiritual dimension of Spirit creates the fifth point of the Star.

◊ The fifth Light symbolically lit on Christmas Day represents the vertical axis of the Life of Spirit towards which the disciple climbs, vibrational mountain after mountain, reaching the supernal light of God … and a Star is born.

◊ The Christ Light of Love and Holy Will penetrates, encompasses, and ensouls all the World - as a “Son of God”:

“I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD”, said the Christ.

Soul Groups in unified Approach to Divinity, extend this Light to the world, enabling us to say:


As we intentionally move through the Advent process, individually and as a group, we should remind ourselves of the high nature of this work. We are on a journey of the Wise Men.  We journey with them, and we are Them as the Triune Soul Self. We are symbolically growing the Mind of Christ in ourselves to bring “Good Gifts”.  We are also the Virgin Mary. Through virginal matter the Virgin Mary has prepared us, purifying the matter in ourselves. Having become the Virgin Mary within ourselves, we give birth to the Christ – to a Son of God – A God Man.

As the Soul Star Group, we are building a Chalice, a Holy Grail – containing the energies we gather and invoke, for release and dissemination throughout the planes of Earth — through us and “where on earth we live”.  

In these ways we magically serve, bringing sacred ritual into our lives, consecrated in purpose for sanctifying life on earth in concert with a life far greater, a Heart–Mind Whose daily rituals turn the world.

With this first Sunday of Advent of Light, we carry these thoughts in mind as we move toward the Eastern gate. Through that portal, a new quality of Light enters the world of our daily living.