Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Pure Contemplative Soul Offerings, Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity

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Orientation and Overview - Christmas 2016

In an excerpt from the teachings of Master DK, we read: The idea of a Christmas appeal and call to prayer and to invocation of the Prince of Peace will be potent in evoking a desirable reaction, and will serve also to blend into closer unity all who recognize the work the Hierarchy [the illumined spiritual Elders of our race] is attempting to do”. … Omit no one, “for through them millions can be reached and swung into desired activity”.

“The Spirit of Peace Who is invoked in the second phrase: Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad, is that mysterious and divine Entity with Whom the Christ came into touch and Whose influence played through Him at the time that He earned the right to be called the "Prince of Peace”.  ...The Christ embodied in Himself the cosmic principle of Love, the expression of which in manifestation will work out as "Glory to God, Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards men." To this the angels testified at His birth. When He expressed this principle of Love in His life and world service, He definitely linked up our planet and humanity (in particular) with the Source of the light, love and life … This was the world salvation which He brought …”    (The Externalization of the Hierarchy, 159)


Dear Friends of the Christ – Upon the Lighted Way, 

The invitation to participate in a group approach to Divinity through Esoteric Advent – Christmas, began four years ago through spiritual guidance and by the inspiration of “the great potency of the inner groups.”   Since then, several participants have expressed it was a spiritually rich and deeply uplifting experience, and for some, profoundly and unexpectedly so.

In the northern hemisphere we are approaching the sacred season of the return of the Light marked by the Winter Solstice – a celebration of the return of Solar Light which for some is experienced as the birth of light and love from time immemorial – as a birthing time for all Solar “Sun” Gods, and for the Sons of God. In the southern hemisphere we are approaching the Summer Solstice – that fullness of Light that reveals all and fulfills all, followed by a waning of that light to integrate all that has been received in fruit and flower.

For many, the Christmas period is an especially sacred time – and a potentially potent time of opportunity for Love and Life to be made known and presenced in the hearts and minds of an increasingly awakening humanity unfolding its consciousness and awareness. During this time, the “Rising Christ” in us is encouraged to take firmer hold in our Soul and group Identity.

“It was … the magnetic power of the will that Christ referred when He said, "I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto Me." This had no reference to the crucifixion but to the magnetic will of the Christ to draw all men, through the life of the indwelling Christ in every heart, out of the world of material values into the world of spiritual recognitions.”  (The Reappearance of the Christ, 29)

As such, this season is a celebratory planetary ritual for the “Coming One” – for the “Advent of Christ Universal”.  The universal celebratory Mass of the Cosmos allows for the Spirit of Peace, in the person of the Christ, to manifest for the raising of humanity, and for the restoration of the Mysteries.  Spiraling down to the particular in the Human Soul realm of experience, we “come to know” through direct experience the birth of a higher vibrational reality, in the etheric and in brain awareness, producing ‘a new mind in Christ’ – lifting all, healing all, confirming in all the Truth and magnification of one’s Essential Divinity.   Many who read these words already know – or deeply intuit – all the above. 

Of equal significance is the triune initiatory process that began with the preparatory purifications in the sign Scorpio, followed by a vision of the goal of the Soul towards the mountain top in Sagittarius, leading to a further ascent in consciousness in the rarified refinement of “air” (the Buddhic planes and above) on the mountain top of Capricorn – where the initiate meets a transfiguring glory of consummation. That this triune astrological period coincides with traditional Advent where hundreds of millions of people worldwide are consciously (and unconsciously) anticipating “the Coming of the Lord”, it is of no small coincidence and a great opportunity.  The esoterically trained can avail ourselves of this opportunity, join with the gift-waves of the Christ, and work from within the deeper currents that sub-stand the inner movement of this sacred season.

The invitation to participate in Esoteric Advent is extended to experienced meditators, to those who are firmly rooted in conscious Discipleship, to those who want to accelerate their spiritual unfoldment by coming into contact and resonance with higher spiritual energies and therefore possibilities, to those who want to work in group approach to Divinity, and to those who are seeking an opportunity to serve.  By saying yes, we become a “participating energy” in a consecrated group process for the invocation and evocation of higher contacts that is not possible when working alone.

As a service, our participation is also intended to evoke the Soul of Humanity by first increasing our own Soul light and love.  We affirm our Soul Identity.  We are expanding the Mind of Christ and its powers.  Our objective is less about individual gains and more about a significant opportunity to join—as Souls—with the Christ and the Kingdom of Souls, in the building of a group Chalice to release more love and light into the world through and with Him.  Still, we can expect our participation to bestow gifts and blessings “beyond measure” as we come to know “the joys of group work” and confidently expect a “desired response” in our own lives.  “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all else will be added unto you.”


The Esoteric Advent – Christmas Process:

Our process will be simple and will require little in terms of “time”.  Yet, as many know from experience, simple often equates with essence and therefore potency – one can feel (sense) the weight of deeper purpose and spiritual responsibility behind this effort.  And there is no getting around the fact that we must put first things first and organize and prioritize our lives to make the most of this opportunity. 

Offered in two phases:  Phase I this year will be the three (often four) weeks of Advent.  The first week will be preparatory and will gather, orient and build the group body and group field with the Madonna Laboris.  Week Two will include a Solar Fire Full Moon (Sagittarius).  Week Three will include the Winter Solstice and run up to Christmas.  

1.      Daily we will contemplate a Seed Thought, once daily and carry this thought throughout the day, holding the Soul Group in heart and mind.  Others may want to set up a rhythm of visiting the Contemplation thrice daily: morning shortly after rising (with your morning meditation), during the day (high noon or mid-day) and again at night before sleep.  Some may want to intensify their spiritual practice with still greater frequency at the top of every hour, or as one is moved.  

2.      On each Sunday morning, we are asked to commit to doing an in-depth Meditation before 9 am (in your time zone).  This meditation will serve to build the flower of the individual Heart, with the group heart, with the Heart of The Christ and the Spiritual Hierarchy.  The meditations are progressive, and will invoke more potent energies by the time Christmas morning arrives.

3.      The daily Contemplations and Sunday meditations will serve a threefold purpose: 

a) Orient, align, lift and bring the group en-rapport with each other, building a unified group Heart-Mind poised to vibrate to higher energies and Thought impressions,

b) The Soul Star Group will grow and build in magnetic power as the Truths we are contemplating attract higher and higher energies, strengthen our Identity as Souls, and attune with the Presence and reality of the Christ and “the great potency of the Inner Groups”.

c) The Soul Star group itself will become an invocatory Chalice container to invoke the Prince of Peace, His ministering Angels and Those Who stand With Him.  These energies are intended to be of service for distribution into a world in need of love, higher will and healing.

4.      Optional individual or small group ceremonies along the way can be offered to deepen this deeply introspective time. 

5.      This year we are planning to have a webinar on Christmas Day (time will be confirmed but it will likely be at 10am or 11am Pacific Time).  We will do a brief meditation, meet each other by voice, and share our experiences.


Phase II is the Twelve Days of Christmas, beginning on the first day after Christmas.  One each day, a Contemplation and correspondence to one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac that also correspond to the 12 petals of the “Heart in the Head” Center, will reinforce the “New Mind of Christ” that took birth in “greater measure” during our Contemplative season.  More will be said about participating in the magical 12 Days of Christmas for those who wish to participate in Phase II. 

A ritual on Three Kings Day will conclude our walk in the Inner Halls with the Great Ones. 

Throughout this period, other service initiatives will run in parallel that some here are committed to participating in which can dovetail and be in supportive alignment.  It is all “one work” under the “jurisdiction of the Christ”.  When aligned, all builds upon, supports and enhances the other.

The weekly and daily Contemplations, and everything we need, can be found on the website under the tab - The 4 Weeks of Advent. 

We will begin this Sunday, December 4 with the first Sunday of Advent. 

Feel free, and be encouraged to write about your insights or experiences on the “Soul Conversations” tab, or write me/us directly at

Gratitude to all who have responded to the call of Esoteric Advent.  A blessed Advent Season and Joyous Christmas to One and All,

Halina Bak-Hughes and Sheldon Hughes


“Christ is the World Healer and Saviour. He works because He is the embodied soul of all Reality. He works today, as he worked in Palestine two thousand years ago, through groups. There He worked through the three beloved disciples, through the twelve apostles, through the chosen seventy, and the interested five hundred.... Now He works through His Masters and Their groups, and thereby greatly intensifies His efforts. He can and will work through all groups just in so far as they fit themselves for planned service, for the distribution of love, and come into conscious alignment with the great potency of the inner groups.”  (EXT, 604)