Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity

Gifts from the Heart

“May our Hearts be touched anew with Love so that we too may Love and Give"

 ... in all ways ...

great and small



Gratitude from the heart is a ray of light in the world. When accompanying financial contributions, money is reconstituted into a flowing Golden Substance in the divine circulatory flow of higher purpose.

There are five ways to make a financial contribution to Sol Invictus Universalis / Esoteric Advent:  

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“Sol Invictus Universalis" — means Christ Is Universally Victorious.  Esoteric Advent emerged from SIU which means the Advent of the Soul — emerging through you, in Humanity, and as the Planetary Christ.

This work was inspired by “the Master” for the Advent of the Christ and Spiritual Hierarchy to walk openly once again amongst humanity — it is a promise He made and will fulfill. The Soul of Humanity must first be made ready by Preparing the Way.

Esoteric Advent is a "living ritual" for the Heart of the Christ and Soul of Humanity. Two Kingdoms in the body of God, the Spiritual Hierarchy or Kingdom of Souls and Humanity are coming together. As these two kingdoms actively merge, they increasingly become a channel of expression for the "gift waves of the Christ", and greater still, the One of Awful Power - God, to bless, heal and build a new Temple of Humanity “upon earth as it is in heaven” — for the coming Age. It is part of the Plan of God.

Esoteric Advent is a living soul project organized from a compendium of Ageless Wisdom teachings and related sources, accessing an 'inner world of energies' from the Kingdom of the Soul. It draws upon decades of personal study, spiritual practices, the application of the Teachings in life — and continues to be inspired from “on High”. 

The Esoteric Advent website is a living website that offers: Guided meditations and contemplations through the science of invocation and evocation, planetary and solar alignments, the science of the Soul, angelic communications, profound love-wisdom Teachings, the scientific use of the sacred Word, etc. A portal into the sacred opens through this magical combination of the power of sacred text, resonance with sacred music and sound, and the lifting beauty of sacred imagery.

Through this means of entry into “the sacred” — as individuals and/or groups participate in the processes and rituals over time, something magical happens to the consciousness of participants and group life as holy love, holy light and holy will “breaks through” them.  Though we may enter into this work as a personality, we become increased in Soul. "Participating Souls" have commented they have discovered a deeper connection with their Soul, and the Soul of Humanity through the living practices, meditations and high or sacred thoughts. Spiritual regeneration, renewed purpose in life, renewing spiritual meaning and service unfoldment often result. Participating in the sacred rhythms of the year through monthly and seasonal rituals, celebrating life with inner spiritual Elders of the Human race, being held ‘true’ in the loving embrace of the Soul Star Group, continuous immersions in the Teachings and Diamond Soul Practices — all contribute to spiritual development, unfoldment and service potentials for group and world renewal in service of planetary transformation for the coming Age.

If Esoteric Advent "touches you," please help support this work by making a gift contribution(s) of any size - if you can.  Your gracious support and monetary expressions of gratitude will help sustain and grow this body of work.  Any and all gifts in any amount — small, great or in between — are heartily accepted, welcomed and appreciated. Each is a blessing that when summed together, makes a tangible difference for sustaining the work of the Christ through the flowing golden substance known as money when used for higher purposes.

With Joyful Hearts in the Fires of Beauty, Wisdom and Gratitude,

Halina Bak-Hughes and Sheldon Hughes

Founder(s) of Esoteric Advent (Dec 2013) and Sol Invictus Universalis (Dec 2011)

At this time, SIU and EA are not yet a non-profit, but actions have been taken to become so.


All research, content, writing and organization, and all construction, layout and design of this website were created by HBH with the assistance and support of her husband, SH, each drawing upon three plus decades of deep spiritual studies in the Ageless Wisdom teachings and esoteric sciences applied to daily living through service in the world. This living website represents countless hours of careful building and frequent editing, every month and every spiritual season. All costs associated with website hosting have been self-funded. If you are moved to contribute financially to support this work, please consider making a regular Contribution — no amount is too small or too large. Thank you,