Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity




A mantram is a combination of sounds, of words and of phrases which, through virtue of certain rhythmic effects, achieves that which would not be possible apart from them.

The potency of a mantram depends upon the point in evolution of the one who employs it.  Uttered by an ordinary man it serves to stimulate the good within his bodies, to protect him, and it will also prove of beneficent influence upon his environment.  Uttered by an adept or initiate its possibilities for good are infinite and far-reaching.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, 926


A mantram, when rightly sounded forth, creates a vacuum in matter resembling a funnel.  This funnel is formed betwixt the one who sounds it forth and the one who is reached by the sound.  There is then formed a direct channel of communication.

Letters on Occult Meditation, 16




“The Sound or the Sacred Word when correctly used has various effects which might be touched upon here.

OM sounded forth, with intent thought behind it, acts as a disturber, a loosener of the coarse matter of the body of thought, of emotion, and of the physical body.  When sounded forth with intense spiritual aspiration behind it, it acts as an attractive medium, and gathers in particles of pure matter to fill the places of those earlier thrown out.  Students should strive to have these two activities in their minds as they use the sacred Word in their meditation.  This utilization of the Word is of practical value, and results in the building of good bodies for the use of the soul.

The use of the OM serves also to indicate to the workers on the universal planes, and to those in the outer world who are gifted with spiritual perception that a disciple is available for work and can be utilized actively in the needed places of the earth.  This should be borne in mind by all aspirants and should serve as an incentive in making the outer phenomenal life coincide with the spiritual impulse.

The use of the Sacred Word has its place also in the magical work of the Hierarchy.  Thought forms are created for the embodiment of ideas and these embodied forms are sent forth to contact the minds of the disciples who are responsible in the group of a Master for the carrying forward of the plan.”     

Treatise on White Magic, 140/141

 "The breath is the life pouring through all the bodies."



“E'en though the evolving human Hierarchy is masculine or positive, yet that is no guarantee that all that is found in the present system is masculine too.  The fact is that the negative [or receptive] faculty or the feminine aspect dominates, even though this may be unrecognized by you.  Let me demonstrate and give some indication by figures of this hypothesis:

1.In the first solar system there was one dominant evolution, and it consisted of one hundred thousand million monads.

2In the present system, the second, there are two dominant evolutions, the human and the deva [angelic]there are—as earlier stated—sixty thousand million human monads.  Add to this the feminine evolution of the devas, consisting of 140 thousand million, and you have the necessary two hundred thousand million.  This elucidates my statement anent this being a feminine system.  

3.  In the third solar system, the total number in evolution will be the needed three hundred thousand million that perfection requires of the threefold Logos.  [Esoteric Healing, 109/110]


“With the coming in of this seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic, a tentative approximation of the two evolving groups is to be somewhat permitted, though not as yet with the involving group.  Remember this statement. The deva [angelic] and human evolution will, during the next five hundred years, become somewhat more conscious of each other, and be able therefore more freely to co-operate.  With this growing consciousness will be found a seeking after methods of communication.  When the need of communication for constructive ends is sincerely felt, then, under the judicious guidance of the Masters, will certain of the old mantrams be permitted circulation.  Their action, interaction and reaction will be closely studied and watched.  It is hoped that the benefit to both groups will be mutual.  The human evolution should give strength to the deva, and the deva, joy to the human.  Man should communicate to the devas the objective point of view, while they in turn will pour in on him their healing magnetism.  They are the custodians of prana, magnetism and vitality, just as man is the custodian of the fifth principle, or manas.  I have given several hints here and more is not possible.”   

Treatise on Cosmic Fire, 182/3