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SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Pure Contemplative Soul Offerings, Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity

LIBRA - 2017


"A Group Approach to Divinity"



"The entire "vault of heaven" is the phenomenal appearance of that entity."


"The Ancient Wisdom teaches that "space is an entity".  It is with the life of this entity and with the forces and energies, the impulses and the rhythms, the cycles and the times and seasons that esoteric astrology deals".    (Esoteric Astrology, 7/8)  

LIBRA. "This constellation, as you know, connotes the point of balance in the long relationship and interplay between the pairs of opposites. It indicates the will-to-express—in perfected proportion and harmony—both the life of the spirit and the potency of matter."  (EA, 632)

Libra —The Light that moves to rest. This is the light that oscillates until a point of balance is achieved. It is the light which is distinguished by a moving up and down.   (EA, 330)

Keyword of the Soul: “I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force.”  (EA, 251)

The soul “reaches a point of equilibrium in Libra, in which sign soul and personality achieve a balance of cooperation”  (EA, 94)

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SUN ENTERS LIBRA: September 22 - 1:03 PM PDT - Autumn Equinoxe

LIBRA (SOLAR) FULL MOON DAY TIME:  Thursday, October 5 at 11:41 AM PDT;  East Coast at 2:41 PM EDT.  GMT at 6:41 PM / BST at 7:41 PM ; Christchurch: Oct 6 at 7:41 AM ; Adelaide Oct 6 at 5:11 AM

7 DAY RITUAL Process: Monday - Sunday ( Oct 2 - Oct 8) for the Americas and Europe.  Participants in the South Pacific, add one calendar day: Tuesday - Monday (Oct 3 - 9).  Scroll down below the image of the 7 phases of the moon to access the Daily rituals

LIBRA NEW MOON: October 19, 12:13 AM PDT

World Time Buddy is a sweet time zone converter.  All you need is one exact time of a known region to see the rest.  See section at the bottom for more information.

Click Here to read Letter of Invitation for Libra



A Path of Approach to the Kingdom of Souls

Every full moon period has three phases: Preparation, Contact/Registration and Distribution.  To read more about the Full Moon Ritual Approach, CLICK HERE [Note: this link will be activated soon].

Participating in the Solar Full Moon Rituals, we serve by building a truer Soul Identity at increasingly higher levels of vibrational awareness of Reality.  Through such Rituals of group approach to Divinity, we come into closer contact with the Ashrams of the Christ, the Spiritual Hierarchy, in Whose Center He stands.  As we consciously participate in planetary invocation and evocation with the Great Ones, we stand with Them for the redemption of Humanity and the betterment of all life on earth, and we help build the 'new world' Religion intended to serve the One Soul of Humanity in fulfillment of the Plan of God.

“Hold to your established links and with your brothers walk.  Walk as a group upon the Lighted Way.  The chain of Hierarchy firmly stands.”   (DNA-II, 627)

“If you want to ponder upon the Three Pearls of the World, can you feel your heart as a summit, bestowing power upon the three sacred rivers which nurture many lands?  Can you master the trinity of Consciousness without diminishing one part?  The spirit must be accustomed to divisibility. …  Why is the Service called great?  Because it approaches the Infinite.  This is the measure by which you can think of the Three Pearls of the World.”         Hierarchy, Vs. 442

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Regarding the daily meditations, there is much teaching and training value in how the meditations have been constructed.  However, hold these meditation instructions “lightly”.  In the final analysis, they are a ‘form’ and as is true of all forms, they can naturally be adapted to the needs and demands of each.  Once learned, the meditations can be abbreviated while still retaining the primary elements of every phase with full power and effectiveness.  However, there is something to say for staying with a ritual form that builds time and after time with usage and practice.

◊  During meditation, Be aware of what is happening rather than attempting to make something happen.  Following the form whilst simultaneously letting go for a 'greater flow-through' allows for genuine Angelic participation and for the Great Ones to make Their influence felt and known as They convey "Universal Truths” (Ideas) from the Universal Mind — the Mind of God, Love from the Heart of God and Life through the Will of God. 

Steadily the Real shines forth. 

The Higher Way, revealed, 

Leads all unto the Royal Road

 of the Peace-filled chamber of Shambhala.



NOTE: An updated version after the original, V2 (Version 2 or 3), is often uploaded on the following Day after we have gone through it again ourselves.  V2 replaces the original and contains refinements or new content.   

DAY ONE - MONDAY (Tuesday in NZ/Aust) - CLICK HERE  V2 (refined) uploaded today at 11:28 AM PDT.   

DAY TWO - TUESDAY (Wednesday in NZ/Aust) -  CLICK HERE V3 (further refined); uploaded 10/12/17 at 11:00 AM PDT

DAY THREE - WEDNESDAY (Thursday in NZ/ Aust) - CLICK HERE V2 (small edits uploaded 10/3/17 at 4:07 PM PDT)

CLICK HERE CLICK HERE for a Full Moon Visualization of the Labors of Hercules/Libra (written by Doug Wells)




DAY FIVE - FRIDAY (Saturday in NZ/Aust) - CLICK HERE  V3 (refined) uploaded (10/7/17) at 4:52 PM PDT

DAY SIX - SATURDAY (Sunday in NZ/Aust) - CLICK HERE  V2 was uploaded (10/7/17) at 11:41 AM PDT

DAY SEVEN - SUNDAY (Monday in NZ/Aust) - CLICK HERE V2 uploaded (10/8/17) at 10:56 AM PDT

(Science of All 12 Days - by Jose Becerra :

MUSIC CHOIR - The Great Invocation by Michael Robbins and Harold Moses



World Time Buddy, a time zone converter, allows you to select up to four time zone locations (and more if you are willing to pay for their service).  You can change (add or remove) locations.  This is the best all-in-one Time Zone converter I've enjoyed using. 

In the following: I created a link to World Time Buddy for 4 time zones for Full Moon Day - Oct 5/6 .  I began with my time zone (San Francisco) and selected GMT, Christchurch, Adelaide.  Select the entire link, Copy, Paste and Enter - in your browser to see  all 4 time zone comparisons.,0,2192362,2078025&h=5391959&date=2017-10-5&sln=11-12

The schedule shows whole numbers for the hours - so you must add the minutes.  For example, the Solar Full Moon time for Libra on October 5 in San Francisco is 11:41 AM PDT.   The chart shows 11 AM; you must add the 41 minutes.  Then look down the column for other selected time zones.  Note: GMT and BST (British Summer Time) are one hour apart.  Friends in the South Pacific, your actual date is Oct 6.