Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Pure Contemplative Soul Offerings, Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity

The Sign LEO


In Service of the Christ and the Great Ones, the Plan and the Full Flowering of Humanity

Leo: The light of the soul

Word of the Soul“I am That, and That Am I”.

SUN ENTERS LEO: July 22, 2017 - 8:16 AM PT (3:16 PM GMT)

St. Mary Magdalene Feast Day: July 22.  Light a candle in the Altar of the Heart to the Divine Feminine this week.  Think upon Her as a Divine energy flowing through the heart, mind and body of all Humanity.  OM

TWO LEO NEW MOONS THIS MONTH:  July 23 (2:47 AM PT; 9:47 AM GMT) and August 21 (11:31 AM PT; 6:31 PM GMT)    

LEO SOLAR FULL MOON DAY: USA: Mon/August 7 - 11:12 AM PT; 2:12 PM ET ◊ GMT: Aug 7, 6:12 PM  ◊ NZ - Aug 8, 6:12 AM ◊ AEST - Aug 8, 4:12 AM

7-DAY FULL MOON Ritual Process begins: Friday/Aug 4 through Thursday/Aug 10 (one calendar day later in the southern hemisphere but times are exact) 

Scroll to bottom of page to participate in the 7 Day Full Moon Ritual process prepared daily for a sanctified Group Approach to Divinity.


EDUCATIONAL Themes, Mantrams and Process

(Click on the shaded area which opens to a PDF file; these can also be found in the Supplemental Reading tab; new information is added to the Themes periodically)

◊ What is the Spiritual Hierarchy and Their Work Today:  The Spiritual Hierarchy

◊ Alignment: What Is Alignment?  What Is Alignment?  

◊ Prepare the Way - A Compilation Prepare The Way

◊ The Great Invocation: A World Prayer for Humanity - The Great Invocation 

◊ The Sacred Word OM / The Breath is the Life - Mantram - Sacred Word

◊ Affirmation of the Disciple - Affirmation

◊ Mantram of Unification - Mantram

◊ Seven Newer Truths - Seven Newer Truths 



7 Day Ritual - A sanctified Group Approach to Divinity

(Each day will be uploaded when ready)

Letter of Invitation to Participate in 7 Day Full Moon Process for Leo - Click Here to read


Day One/Aug 4 - CLICK HERE for Day One; revision #3 - 1:34 PM PDT

Day Two/Aug 5 - CLICK HERE for Day Two; revision #2 - 3:15 PM PDT

Day Three/Aug 6 - CLICK HERE for Day Three; revision #2 - 12:49 PM PDT

Day Four - Full Moon Day/Aug 7 - go to the tab directly

Day Five/Aug 8 - CLICK HERE for Day 5

Day Six/Aug 9 - CLICK HERE for Days 5 & 6 together; V2 (revised on 8/9/17 - 1:12 PM PDT) 

Day Seven/Aug 10 - CLICK HERE for Days 5-7 All In One

Music for Meditative Contemplation for Day Seven:

Note: To hear the music and to read the text, you may need to open Esoteric Advent twice so that you have two tabs open - one for music and one for Day Seven (the other way around this is to first open and then save the PDF on your computer).