Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity


Welcome Friends, Participating Souls.  If you have arrived here, you have begun – and are proceeding with the Esoteric Lenten process.   

Below is the Daily Meditation, followed by the Contemplations – which through their application, become the Diamond Soul Practices for our Esoteric Lenten process. 

More content will be added throughout these days.  Do go over the Contemplations again because more will be added to and through them.  These are our Diamond Soul Practices.  Through the perceptive lens of the Soul, the Intuition reveals more and more as it turns upon the altar of Love, of Truth, of Beauty, of higher Will ... refining our higher senses for renewed perception and revelation. 

May Christ's Blessings be with you, and with us all as we reach deep into the True Soul Self blessing with the Light of the World during this sacred month of Pisces that is expressing synthetic Love, Salving and Saving all.   

NOTE: See Note below for information about beginning the Solar Full Moon of Pisces observance.

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Roerich - Bridge of Glory


“It is indeed and in truth from glory to glory that we go.”

(EP-I, 314)



(Meditation III from DNA-II, 129/30)

Master DK advises:  This is an “Alignment Meditation between heart-head-soul … in preparation for a still higher contact”.  This is a “very simple alignment exercise ... to move forward with a uniform [group] procedure … to produce the greatest and most rapid results.  It is good for you to have in mind that the better you do this exercise and the quicker and closer your alignment, the better will be the group alignment.  The exercise is so short and simple that you may regard it as too elementary.  I assure you that it will reward any constant effort.” … “I would ask you, therefore, to do this simple alignment exercise every day.”

I. Start with the point of soul focus of which you know much theoretically and can know more practically. This falls into three stages:

1. Raise the consciousness into the head.

2. Carry the thought or consciousness upward through the astral body and the mind to the soul.

3. Identify the personality consciousness with the soul consciousness, and realise that they are one.

II. From that point, definitely and consciously, assume the attitude of the Observer. This also involves three stages:

1. Observe the personality and consider it from the angle of the etheric body.

2. Consciously throw soul energy down into the centre at the base of the spine. Then raise it slowly, via the five centres and the two head centres (ajna and highest head centre), up into the soul body. This produces, when correctly done, a vivifying of the sutratma and links the personality and soul into one blended unit. It is what might be called the acme of alignment.

3. Then endeavour to throw the attention of the united soul-personality toward the Spiritual Triad.

III. Reflect upon the antahkarana and its relation to soul-personality and the Monad [Spirit][This bridge of Light betwixt the lower self and the higher will produce a growing Awareness and contact with the Higher Self, the Monad as our true Identity, and a transference of the lower into the Higher will ensue].

We continue with the following as a Group:

IV. Bring to Heart/Mind the Soul Star Group within the Ashram of the Christ and all Participating Souls in this Group Endeavor.

1. As a Group, in one unanimous movement we extend a beam of Loving Light to all Participating Souls, thus strengthening the group Soul Field. 

2. As a Group, we come into resonance with the Aura of the Christ ... and the 'Great Potency of the Inner Groups'.  

The Aura of the Christ is a welcoming, magnetically Loving, and power-filled Presence.  Within His Field we can hear Him saying: I share with you the Purpose of the Father, the arising Great Synthesis, Peace profound, the radiant Light of the Buddha, and the Creative activity of the Ashrams which I superintend

3. Let us become aware of our Group standing in a sacred Circle — among increasingly potent concentric Circles standing near the Great Onesthe Elders of the Human Race in the "Company of Heaven" standing round the Christ, Who stands as a radiant Center of a potent Triangle of Energies.  ◊ OM

◊ As a group, visualize (sense and feel) our Group extending the purest potency of Love to the Christ and the Company of Heaven …  Let us register the return flow of Their magnetic Love ... radiant Light ... and potency of Their Holy Will  ... blessing and stimulating all Group Souls aligned with the Great Hierarchy as spheres of Light ... continuing into each of our individual energy fields making us points of Light on the ground of daily living. 

We sound the sacred Word, OM, confirming our resonant connection as distributors of sanctified, harmonizing Energy.

4.  In the potent Presence (Aura) of the Christ Circle in which we now stand, we turn to face the world to sound His Great Blessing  the Great Invocation of Light, Love and Power blessing the Earth, the Soul of Humanity and all the Kingdoms of nature.

(This rendition of Ave Maria brings forth the Divine Feminine in all "for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear" for the sanctification of Matter)



Prayer, Fasting, Abstinence

“In an ancient treatise upon meditation, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, we find the teacher proclaiming, "Through purification comes also a quiet spirit ... and ability to see the Self."10   Purification is of many kinds and degrees. There is physical purity and moral purity, and there is also that magnetic purity which makes a man a channel for spiritual force. There is psychic purity, which is a rare thing to find, and mental purity.  The word "purity" comes from the Sanskrit word pur, which means freedom from alloy, from limitation and from the imprisoning of the spirit in the chains of matter. There can be no achievement without purification; there is no possibility of our seeing and manifesting divinity without passing through the waters that cleanse.

In the world today a great cleansing is going on. An "ascetic purification" and an enforced abstinence from much that has hitherto been deemed desirable, is going on in the world, and none of us can escape it. This is due to the breakdown of the economic system and the many other systems which are proving ineffectual in the modern world. Purification is being forced upon us, and as a consequence a truer sense of values must eventuate. A cleansing from wrong ideals, a racial purification from dishonest standards and undesirable objectives, is being powerfully applied at this time. Perhaps this means that many in the race today are going down to Jordan, to enter its purifying waters. A self-applied ascetic purification, and the recognition of its value by the pioneers of the human family, may succeed in leading them to the portal of initiation."    (From Bethlehem To Calvary, 97)

CONTEMPLATION: Read and re-read the above. 

◊ Discover, notice, observe what strikes you, what stands out, what resonates, what wants to become prominent in and through you during this time, what comes alive and where.  Bring the living word (ideas) into the presence of your heart for inclusion and cultivation, leading to service and salvation.   

◊  For several days, you may want to take a line from above (or below), such as: "Through purification comes also a quiet spirit ... and the ability to see the Self."  Contemplate this from the perspective of the purpose of the Lenten process. ◊ You may then want to consider your experience of the above meditation as directly creating that quiet spirit that comes from purification - the stream of alignment, and energies invoked bring cleansing and the ability to see the Self.  ◊ The awareness of this relationship opens the door to "the ability to see the Self" - the Will aspect, Atma, of the Spiritual Triad.  From this we can extrapolate the other aspects of the Spiritual Triad which are stimulated. 

Think these thoughts into Being for Humanity ... as light streaming forth into the "Minds of Men".  


"I call you to prayer and to meditation" 

"I call you to discipline ... and to the constant effort to live at the highest possible point"

 "This work," Christ said, "goeth not forth save by prayer and fasting."  I call you to prayer and to meditation for both are needed today, fusing as they do the emotional and mental bodies into one aspiring whole. I call you to discipline, for that is the meaning of fasting and to the constant effort to live at the highest possible point all the time; this is so often a dream but not often a fact. Today, in the hour of the world's need, aspirants and disciples who are willing to make at least consistent, persistent effort are needed by humanity and the Hierarchy.”    (EOH, 353)

CONTEMPLATE the above. 

What is your prayer?

What are your disciplines? 

Be affirmed in the Teacher's counsel:  "I am called to discipline ... and to the constant effort to live at the highest possible point all the time."


Leaves of Morya’s Garden – Book Two: Illumination

“One must manifest discipline of spirit; without it one cannot become free. To the slave, discipline of spirit will be a prison; to the liberated one it will be a wondrous healing garden. So long as the discipline of spirit is as fetters the doors are closed, for in fetters one cannot ascend the steps.

One [will] understand the discipline of spirit as wings.

Whosoever will comprehend the discipline of spirit as illumination of the future worlds is already prepared.

He who has envisioned evolution will approach it carefully, joyously brushing away the dust on the path. Most important, there will be no fear in him. And rejecting the unnecessary he will acquire simplicity. It is easy to understand that the realization of evolution is always beautiful.

Again they will ask: “Why at the beginning of the path is so much that is pleasant accorded and so much forgiven?” It is because in the beginning all fires are full blown and the called one walks as a torch. It is up to him to choose the quality of his fire. He who comprehends the discipline of spirit will understand the direction of the fire and will approach the cooperation for the General Good. The end of the path can be illumined by a thousand fires of the General Good. These thousand fires will light the rainbow of the aura. Therefore, the discipline of spirit is wings!

CONTEMPLATE.  Select a line from above, a key thought or seed idea.  Repeat it to penetrate the idea further ... allowing it to wash over and through you, to speak to you, to penetrate you.  For example:

◊ One must manifest the "Discipline of Spirit" to be free, to have wings.  The discipline of Spirit is a Healing Garden.  Entering the Garden, we are liberated, freed of the fetters of the lower worlds.  We have wings.

◊ Through the Discipline of Spirit, we joyously brush away the dust on the path.  Freed from fear, removing the unnecessary, we acquire simplicity and beauty and stand in the constancy of Love. 

◊ In cooperation deep, we stand among the thousands of illuminating fires lighting the rainbow aura for the general Good. 

◊ The discipline of Spirit illumines the future worlds. 


The Sphere of Radiation

"The "sphere of radiation" [aura] is a potent instrument in service, and its extent and purity of contact should be cultivated by the pledged disciple.  There is true occult teaching in the statement in The New Testament that "the shadow of Peter passing by healed." His aura was of such a nature that it had a beneficent effect wherever and whenever it touched or contacted those in his environment. The control of the Christ over His aura was such that "He knew when virtue had gone out of Him"—He knew, therefore, that healing energies had poured through one of His centres to a needy person or group of persons. It is the aura, and its potency of attraction, and its stability, which also holds a group together, which also keeps an audience listening, and which makes an individual of importance along some definite line of approach to his fellowmen. The "sphere of radiation" is easily determined by those who seek it out and who watch the effect of the radiation upon people in their community and environment. One highly emotional person, working through an overdeveloped and uncontrolled solar plexus centre, can wreck a home or an institution. I give this as an illustration. One radiant, creative life, consciously using the heart or the throat centres, can carry inspiration to hundreds. These are points well worth careful consideration."

"You must, however, bear in mind that these centres are brought into activity by the cultivation of certain major virtues, and not by meditation or concentration upon the centres.  They are brought automatically into the needed radiatory condition by right living, high thinking and loving activity. These virtues may seem to you dull and uninteresting, but they are most potent and scientifically effective in bringing the centres into the desired radiatory activity.  When the task is done, and when all the centres are living spheres of outgoing, radiatory activity, they swing into each others' orbit so that the initiate becomes a centre of living light and not a composite of seven radiant centres. Think on this."

(Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle, 174/5)

CONTEMPLATE the above.  During this lenten season, let us deepen "right living, high thinking and loving activity".   

◊ Let us place into the purifying stream of True Soul Consciousness: a line of thinking, a line of emotional reactivity, a line of desire, a line of activity (mindless, habitual, old or otherwise), and how you are and are not living in accord with "right living".

Our "sphere of radiation" will increase ... and all else will follow. 

◊ Bring forth a virtue as a center of focus for right living, high thinking and loving activity.

◊ As we place all we live, think, feel and do upon the Altar of Love, the Holy fires of "right living, high thinking and loving activity" shall move us deeper into the living stream where the footsteps of the World Teacher points the Way◊ CONTEMPLATE.



We shall enter into a 7 Day Ritual for the Solar Full Moon of Pisces which will replace and continue our Esoteric Lentin observance.   

The Full Moon occurs 4:52 PM, PST on Thursday, March 1st and 12:52 AM GMT on Friday, March 2nd.  Depending on your location in the world, begin your 7-Day practice counting three days before the Full Moon Day in your locale – your practice will begin this Monday or Tuesday respectively.  Go to the appropriate tab in the Website  to participate in the Full Moon ritual.

After the 7 Day process ends, we will pick up with PART TWO of Esoteric Lent.