Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity



With the Madonna Laboris and the Solar Angel


Consciously Attune. Enter into Sacred Space. Invoke often. “Let Be”.

Through our ritual process of united gathering as the Soul Star Group, through our attuned alignments, listening to sacred music, beholding sacred imagery, and contemplating sacred text, we enter through a "living portal” into a vibrational reality of the sacred – where live the Angels and great Beings of Love, Light and Holy Will.

Many are the ways to access the inner worlds unto greater wholeness, and to that which we truly are - 'divine flames of fire, divinely human'.  Our purpose during these weeks is to unfold a new measure of our innate divinity - the Christ Mind (and therefore the Heart and Holy Will) that is our Triune nature, increasingly realizing our Soul powers in service of the Greater Good. It is also our purpose to participate with the Great Ones in laying down the energetic field from which a new heaven on earth - "as it is in heaven" can be born.  During this season especially, we come into the greater truth that we are 'Magi in the making' ~ fully incarnating Souls that in due time and place will flower what it means to be truly Human.

As such and in parallel, we shall be seeding our higher qualities into the Soul of Humanity.  The vision of the Plan can be sensed and seen through our Soul nature.  Conscious co-workers serve this realization, intentionally building a "new world on earth” in cooperation with the Great Ones. 

"When a man literally walks in the light of his Soul and the clear light of the sun pours through him — revealing the path — it reveals at the same time the Plan. …" 

(TWM, 355)

As the world transitions from the old to the new, in the midst of death, chaos and destruction, we must and can stand strong with the 'arrow true' as we hold to the higher Vision.  Never alone, the Great Ones stand firmly with us, their aid, Love, Strength and Compassion encouraging every step upon the way

There are oases along the serving way.  We shall find them for our renewal.  Esoteric Advent is such an oasis.

With these thoughts in mind, we begin our first ascent of the First Mountain with renewing aspiration and concentration.  As we walk in the footsteps of the Christ we participate in the First and Second Initiations with aspirants and disciples.  We ascend and re-ascend the first two Mountains of Consciousness on higher turns of the spiral in the sacred ethos of Esoteric Advent - to come forth more firmly as Christs.

This week, we begin our ascent with the Solar Angel and the Madonna Laboris Who will be with us for the entire duration, now, and in the weeks and months ahead. In fact and in truth, They are always with us — guiding our internal process toward realization, revelation and liberation. Hence the rituals for ‘invoking often’.



We Commit.  We Gather.   We Attune.  We Labor in Love.

Inner Preparation:  Organization, Dedication, Inner Orientation

◊ Let us organize, orient, and dedicate ourselves as we enter the Silence of "sacred time – sacred space". As we come to realize this intention, we contribute to making 'time and space' sacred in the world of form.

The Master DK advises that while active in the world of form, "at no time—whilst so occupied—are we to lose sight of our inner orientation and recollection.  All the time we are outwardly busy, we simultaneously are occupied with a constant realization of a retreat inward, a heightening of our vibration, and a raising of our consciousness." (DNA-II, 56)

Fusing outer activity with inner orientation, we work in "one blended, concentrated spiritual activity."

◊ Let us contemplate our purpose:

Through aspiring mountain attitudes, through prayers and invocations, Contemplations and Diamond Soul Practices, we are ritually incarnating the living Fires of God Immanent — "The Christ within, birthed anew".  The “Souls of We who have here gathered” and the One Soul of Humanity shall come forth in ever greater measure. The measure is “heightening and retaining” the high vibration of the Soul while in form.

The Soul - the Christ in us is a matrix of energies continuously fed by the higher energies the Soul comes in contact with on Its own Planes of awareness.  The Soul looks in two directions – to Spirit, the Father in Heaven, and to Its form, the 3-fold personality in incarnation.  It is our task as Souls to infuse the form with Itself, raising it unto Heaven.  The esoteric meaning of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven – is the raising of the Matter aspect of the personality unto the atomic levels of vibration, culminating in the third Initiation – the Transfiguration and the Renunciation that follows.  It is our task to awaken fully as the Soul whilst in incarnation; in so doing we further awaken the Soul of Humanity. It is the task of the Soul of Humanity to ‘make sacred the planes of the Earth’.  'All of creation groaneth for the coming of Man', said St. Paul.  Humanity will make the earth sacred, for it is up to us – “we are the Holy Ones we have been waiting for”.



The still, small voice – the voice of Conscience

 Initiate of all degrees

 Called to this planet 21 million years ago from the Council Chamber of the Heart of the Sun

to assist in the creation and rise of Humanity, the 4th Kingdom in nature. 

 This divine Solar aid was prepared on Venus, a sacred planet. 

Venus stands in relationship to the Earth as the Soul stands in relationship to man (human).

 The Solar Angel works as a constant reminder of our true divine nature. 

 An Eternal Solar Flame ... our Eternal Friend … our inner North Star


For more on the Solar Angel, go to the “Sol Invictus Universalis” website: copy link into browser (or highlight the link, right click and Go To)



Let us enter into 'sacred time' and 'sacred space' visualizing the place you are sitting as a temple for the Soul. Light a light unto the Christ in the stillness of your Mind as you sound the Sacred Word, OM (silently or aloud, feeling its vibration).

Stepping into the Soul field, breathe into the Silence …, then identify as the Soul ~ as higher Light, higher Love and Holy Will.

Sounding forth the Sacred Word, OM, breathe in "the Breath of Life pouring through all the centers" ... releasing atoms of lesser vibration from our vehicles of expression (mind, emotions, body).

With intense Soul aspiration, attune to a still higher vibration breathing in atoms of higher light, higher love, and higher Will whilst sounding the sacred Word, OM, heightening every center, affirming the new vibration. ◊ Allow the energy to circulate from the Crown down through the central column through all the Centers and out through the minor chakras in the soles of the feet, "Blessing the Earth upon which we walk".  ◊ Follow the energy as it circulates back "whence it came" (up the central column or as an ovoid which includes the entire etheric field). Stand now in the continuous circulation of this divine energy.

Let us now attune with the Soul Star Group and enter the Group's vibrational field.  Visualize, Feel (Sense) or Imagine our Group standing in "the Christ Circle" made visible to our inner eye, seeing ourselves as radiant spheres, beacons of Christ Light and Love.  OM

Let us now turn our focus to the Center of the Christ Circle, the Central Star, symbol of the Christ. (Pause)

Behind the Star, sense the central fire of Love and Holy Will of the Christ – a magnanimous Heart Flame transcending all earthly fires. (Pause) Let us extend a beam of lighted love to the Christ.  (Pause)  As we do, feel (register) the central fire of the Heart of the Christ responding, releasing radiant waves of light, love and life-power to all Souls here gathered.  (Pause) Allow the all-embracing Love of the Christ to enter into our hearts and minds, anew. (Pause) In one simultaneous outpouring, the Group Soul is blessed and Blesses in the spirit of the Christ.

Sound the sacred Word, OM, confirming and sealing in the new vibration. 




We deepen the Love of God in our lives by ‘opening to’ the Saving Force as expressed on Earth through the Divine Feminine. Christ opened the Door to redemption through Love, a “Saving Force”, in His first Advent when He released Divine Love into the world.  Ever since, we have been strengthened in the power and joys of Love, carrying the Saving Force within us as a radiatory presence, to use at will as He did for the saving of the world. 

Organized religions through the centuries have not sufficiently taught the realization of God Immanent. We are learning to access and use the energies of our higher nature as Christ did, as have all the Great Ones who have walked the planes of earth before us who “achieved full Divinity”.   We are doing the same. It is part of the Plan. In so doing, we shall outpicture the world we want to live in, a Soul world, that is in accord with the Plan of God.  This will be the theme of our focus this week as we work within the energy field of the Solar Angel and the Madonna Laboris. 


Life Lines of Luminous Compassion are ever with us.

The Compassionate Heart of the Divine Mother

~ is a luminous life-line on our path of return.


THE MADONNA LABORIS depicts a story from an apocryphal gospel.

"In the transcendent heights above earth's vibration stand the gates of Heaven.  The Apostle Peter, sacristan of paradise, guards the gates.  

Peter became disturbed and said to the Lord God: “All day long I watch the gates of Paradise; I do not let anyone in, yet in the morning there are newcomers in Paradise.”

And the Lord said: “Let us make the rounds at night, Peter, and see.”

So they went in the night and they saw the Holy Virgin lowering along the wall her snow-white scarf, up which souls were climbing.

Peter took this to heart and wanted to interfere, but the Lord whispered:

“Shh… let Be…”

(Story and painting by Nicholas Roerich, Realm of Light, To Womanhood, 1931)  


DURING THIS WEEK OF ADVENT, we will heighten our feeling nature by bringing all lower emotions “into the sacred” — through the Mother of the World as the Madonna Laboris and the HEART of the Christ. As our astral emotions are purified and become attuned to a higher correspondence on the Buddhic Plane, to that of pure feeling, then that which is lower is reconstituted by that which is higher. We can then reflect the pure Love and Intuition of "Buddhi".

Feeling embraced (on all levels) by the substantive Presence of the Holy One in the world—we come to realize GOD’s Divine Love, Mercy, Compassion and ever-present embrace—is always with us, substantiating the very fabric of our Being.

MOTHER GOD is the Holy Substance behind form. Mother God sub-stands and embodies. She is ‘substantive existence’ – the essence of all forms.  Through Her came the manifest world.  

The essence of the DIVINE MOTHER is known by many names and by many attributes – She is the ‘Thousand Faces’ of the Divine Feminine. In this first week, She comes to us as the Madonna Laboris, very much needed by our Humanity today, and all sentient life on earth at this time in human history. Let us welcome Her into our lives fully to experience the richness, fullness and gifts of Her Presence.


With these thoughts in mind, return to the image of Madonna Laboris (starting the music again).

Allow yourself to come to know the presence of the Madonna Laboris ... that aspect of God that is a loving, saving force. Feel into Her magnanimous Presence reaching toward you ... surrounding and suffusing you with Her Grace.

Visualize, feel or imagine the Madonna extending a "life line of love and compassion" to you ... and receive Her Blessing now.

Know that Her life-line is ever present for the asking, in every circumstance ... in every shadow ... as well as in joyous times.  She will teach us about Her Way.

Entering deeply, linking with Her energy, we participate with Her holy energy experienced as ever present loving Compassion and Grace – God extending and reaching towards us. Remember this now.

          Reflect upon your experiences of Grace

          Reflect upon your experiences of healing arising from Love and Compassion

          How has the Saving Force moved through your life?


Recognize the Saving Force as what Christ brought and continues to bring to Humanity as the World Savior, and how the Christ in us responds, overcoming all separation as we build and strengthen the inner Christ.

Feel this energy now. Recognize it, know it intimately ... come back to it again and again on this day, this week and the entire Advent period.

And now, in service, let us extend the Saving Force ... to someone you know, to a situation in need, to a needy world – with Her through your Hands, your Heart, your Mind, YOUR SOUL.

“Let Be”.


Later in the Day or in an evening reflection:

Remember a time when this happened to you … for you.

Remember a time when this happened for someone you know.

Recognize this power at work in the world today. 

Shhh … She is with us, ever Present.


Return to the image of The Madonna Laboris (start music again).

Let us open to the feeling waves of Compassion, Healing and Forgiveness, allowing this Holy Energy to find deeper and fuller entry “in and through” us, thereby making a permanent residence in our world—through each of us—and through this group.  Pause.

Is there someone — a person, situation or condition in the world that needs the living Life-Line of the Madonna Laboris as Divine Compassion, as Forgiveness—'For Giving Love'.   

Offer it now with the Madonna Laboris (visualizing the Life-Line pouring Grace to this person, situation or condition).  Conclude by sounding the Second Stanza of the Great Invocation.

"From the Point of Love within the Heart of God,

Let Love Stream Forth into the Hearts of Men (into Human Hearts),

May Christ (The Coming One) Return to Earth".

"Let Light and Love and Power Restore the Plan on Earth."


Walk into your Day today feeling flowed-through with Divine Compassion and God's Care.  "Let Be".


Return to the image of The Madonna Laboris (starting music again).

Christ said, "I will send you the Comforter".

The Holy Comforter brings healing love and solace to the wounded heart, and holy Hope renewing vision when all appears lost in darkness.  

The Comforter points to the higher Way—reached through Beauty, Truth and Goodness. We enter the higher Way through these portals.

“Beauty is the magnet of the new world and love is its portal of entry”.  (KM 9)


The gift of the living Life-line as a luminous Saving Force for all who consciously touch and attempt to embody this Divine energy.

Reflecting on these words, call to mind a time in your life when you have been truly and profoundly comforted, lifted, or inspired through Beauty … Truth … or exemplary Goodness. Recognize and link this now to the work of the Holy Comforter coursing through our Solar universe ... through your universe.

Continue reflecting, bringing to mind who or what is in need of the Blessings of the Holy Comforter.  Be Her for them. Extend this Life-line - a line of Life where it is needed now (either imaginatively with the power of Soul behind it, or through actions).

Attune and identify with one of the living Energies today; knowing that each is a living Being:

Beauty Live — Be Beauty today (... recognize Beauty today as force for change; noticing the effects).

Truth Live — Be a ray of Truth today (… recognize Truth revealing Itself to and through you to the world).

Goodness Live — Be Goodness today, extending the power of Good today –

“… the recognition of the unconquerable nature of Goodness and the inevitability of the ultimate triumph of good.” Esoteric Astrology, 580

Be Present and Extend.  You, We, the Soul Star Group are Living energies for the Divine Matrix of Love in our Solar universe.  Let us Know ourselves to Be extending influences in our Solar universe for an evolving world.

Expect the world to change through these “powers” coursing through us and the Soul Star Group, knowing they can lift inner and outer life conditions. 

◊ At the end of this day, notice how ‘the world’ – ‘your world’ has changed … altered, lifted, expanded or been enriched through the application of these living energies, the treasures of the higher worlds of a ‘living universe’.

Let Light and Love and spiritual Power Be present here on earth,

for restoring the Plan on Earth.

The Divine Magnet, the Christ, draws us into His field.

Through vibrational resonance, we make contact.

The Mind of Christ in us becomes the Mind of Christ in the world.  



Return to the image of The Madonna Laboris (starting the music again)

Let us understand that one of the Faces (Forces) of the Divine Feminine is the Divine Mediatrix Who brings together opposing forces, reconciling light and dark, bringing harmony out of conflict … through the potent power of the Fire of Love.

Notice where you are seeing (have seen or are experiencing) this energy “at work” in relationship to yourself, your relations, and the world?

“Presence” this energy in ‘your Soul field’

Fully step into the field of the “Divine Mediatrix” today

The Divine Feminine in Her Ways works through all sentient beings, male and female, through all forms, manifestations and presentations open to the energy of the Divine Mediatrix.  This energy Ever-Always-Present expresses profound effects in the diversity of life.

"Let Us Be" a living matrix of Harmony today invoking and manifesting this core energy from within the Soul of Humanity.

Look for this today ... for the mediating influence ‘wholing' all lesser conditions unto "that which is True and Good" for all.

Conclude by intoning:

"Let Light and Love and Power Restore the Plan on Earth" on this Day.

(Linked with the Soul Star Group, sound forth this 'Word of Power' often today)

FRIDAY - Venus Day

In the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin we are reminded to contemplate: 

Contemplate what is immaculately (purely) conceived within us. 

Contemplate "conceiving" the pure and Holy Light.

Contemplate the virginal state, the archetypal pattern, that which shines with perfection.

Contemplate ‘we have this and are this’.  It is Good (God) to remember.   


Madonna Laboris labors day and night, “Saving and Redeeming” ~ a Saving Force that 'saves our-selves unto our-Selves'.  Our world of mis-creations are undone and restored unto a perfect, perfecting Pattern.  The Virgin Madonna holds before our inner eye the pure pattern, the intended Archetype to which we are returning.  The Madonna Laboris holds for us a Life-line to this pattern, ending suffering and strife.  ◊ Reflect.

She is the Feminine Christ.  As the Feminine Christ, She is ~ 

Responding to every inner cry, every call, to every invocation for help through the Angelic Kingdom of Her Body.  She saves lost and troubled souls caught in the thralldom of the lower worlds of materialistic values that endlessly produce mis-creations.

To those who attune to Her Presence, She stimulates, awakens and nurtures the higher potentialities — the Christ powers within.  She has presided over this nurturing and birthing process for Aeons as we go round and round the Constellations.  She guides every awakening Soul toward the fulfillment of Its Potential.

As we step onto and move forward upon the Lighted Way of the Soul, the Golden Path leads onto a Higher Way, a diamond pathway of Spirit.


As Redemptrix, She redeems by nurturing and birthing the Soul into fuller flowering.

As evolving Souls, we are increasingly released from the grip of the lower worlds — from fear, materialism and the downward pull of the unredeemed lower self.  

Rising on the luminous bridge of our unfolding Awareness (higher Mountains), the powers inherent in the "Soul-Self" are released, and appear.  These in turn further redeem our inner world and the outer world, its reflection. 

The vibrational bridge of consciousness continues expanding, eventually leading to the higher world of Spirit within which we find ultimate Freedom from the downward pull of form life.  Yet, the path to the essential Self is through the form. 

What Awareness is rising in you now?

Reflect.  Confirm how the process of redemption, an alchemical process that redeems, lifts, transforms and transfigures is being accomplished in you now by the stupendous Force of the fire of Intelligent LOVE (Venus is higher Mind, the abstract Mind and Buddhic Mind of Pure Reason - Love in the Mind).

See the many "ways" redemption is changing your life (remembering the Soul is the true redeemer).

"Seeing the ways" in which we as a collective Humanity, and as Individual Lights within this Body Collective are changing the world is an important spiritual practice.  Changing our perception to "see whole" beyond our normal frames is also a spiritual practice.   When drawn up on lifelines of luminous Love in Mind, we see whole.  Fragments are left behind.  Fragmented perception is healed whole.

Seeing what is unfolding, changing for the greater Good, we are widening the channel and freeing the powers of "potential" to rush in.  When we add our thought-force of "Consciousness" (Soul  Awareness), we assist Beneficent forces.  We participate in the great chain of Being.  We create links to the Loving Will of God.  We are subtle activists of true creation (not mis-creation) on the inner planes "strengthening the hands of all true servers".   Thus we serve.


"From the Point of Light within the Mind of God,

Let Light stream forth into Human Minds,

Let Light Descend on Earth"

"Let Light and Love and power Restore the Plan on Earth"



SATURDAY is for Saturn’s Day — for the Will of God — the Will to Good, and higher Laws of the Universe to find entry and anchoring points here on Earth.

Let us direct the Madonna Laboris energy through the Soul Star Group to “Let It Be” a Saving Force for a troubled and suffering world.

Let us Invoke with clarion Consciousness, the “SAVING FORCE” for the Soul of Humanity, the Soul of Our Nations and the Soul of the Earth by consciously standing within this energy field as a Soul Group.

Let us Be attuned to the ways in which we cooperate with It, allowing the energy to flow through our thoughts, feelings and actions. Let us come to recognize this Force intimately.

PLANETARY HEART PRACTICE: Look upon the Soul of your Nation as a Group Soul. It thrives through your Soul-recognition of Its strengths, unique qualities and gifts to the world. Calling forth the Soul of your nation, hold It in the Love of your Heart. Link your Heart with the Soul Star Group Heart and with the Heart of your Nation. Link this "triune Heart" with the triune Heart of the Mother of the World, the Heart of the Lord of Love and the Heart of the Lord of the World.  Link this triune Heart with the Heart of the Solar Lord.

“The Good” is a force, a potency of God. Stand within this energy field now as you direct with the Soul Star Group the power of “The Good” into your nation, suffusing and irradiating it with this higher vibration, righting all wrongs (Speak into the field with your own words now for what is needed). Visualize the Good streaming from the Will of God, through the Christ and Spiritual Hierarchy into and through the Soul of your nation.

Encourage the efficacy of the Saving, Redeeming Force now unfolding, nurturing and birthing the collective Soul of Humanity to come forth … first confirming this process in your own life as a "redeeming Fire” found upon the “Lighted Way".

May "The Saving Force" Be With You and the Souls of All Nations, the Soul of Humanity, and the Soul of the Earth as we sound:

"From the Center Where the Will of God is Known,

Let Purpose Guide all Human Will.

The Purpose Which the Masters Know and Serve.”

Sound these words of power whenever we see the need for the Saving Force in the world, and, whenever we see the Saving Force ‘at play’ as Grace confirms and strengths His Holy Will in the world.

When complete, you may sound THE GREAT INVOCATION - The Great Invocation if you have not already done so, or the Affirmation of the Disciple - Click Here: Disciple; using the pronoun We.

Mother of the World

Mother of the World

Madonna Laboris

Madonna Laboris


“The Mother of the World—is a sublime manifestation of the Feminine Principle of Divinity”.

The Madonna Laboris is a living expression of this Principle of Divinity.  

Together they are a potent Saving Force for the Soul of Humanity preparing the Way for the Coming One—and for all Coming Ones in the future of Humanity.

Let us Be inspired, Let us Be lifted high by the Saving Force of GOD.  It lives within us.  "Invoke Often". 

Let us Be instruments of It's Good - for the Good in the world to come forth.

Let us feel comforted and confirmed by It's living power.  

Let us Be Lived-through by the Saving Force of Redemption, by the Divine Mediatrix, by the Holy Comforter.

Let us Be in-formed by the Living Presence of the Divine Feminine that sub-stands all life … and So Live.


“From the Center which we call the Human Race.

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out,

And May It seal the door where evil dwells.

“Let Light and Love and Power Restore the Plan on Earth."


SHE WHO HOLDS THE WORLD (Nicholas Roerich)

SHE WHO HOLDS THE WORLD (Nicholas Roerich)


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