Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity


Begins Monday through Saturday (April 7/8 through Saturday, April 13/14)

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For this final week of Esoteric Lent, mindful of the discipline of “the constant effort to live at the highest possible point all the time”, we shall immerse ourselves in the story of the “Three Temptations of the Christ” as he met and overcame evil. Some of the best contextual writings on this subject are found in Alice Bailey’s book, From Bethlehem To Calvary. The Master DK did not write this book, she did, but it is clear her deep understanding was influenced by knowledge and insights beyond the ordinary. Perhaps you have references to other good sources as well.

If you do not have her book, the relevant section has been copied and inserted into a PDF here for you to read.

CLICK HERE for the PDF of the Three Temptations of the Christ

or here:

Our intention for this week will be to immerse ourselves in the high radiatory energy pouring through these specific gospel stories, esoterically understood, as we prepare to enter Easter Holy Week that begins Palm Sunday, April 14. The Episodes of Easter Holy Week are a reenactment of the Five Initiations the Master Jesus and The Christ on His own level progressed through — restoring the Mysteries of Initiation for Humanity. Moving with them and in them is as much for our edification as it is for all of humanity as these stages of spiritual unfoldment are impressed in our consciousness and become progressively more real for us on higher turns of the spiral as our Essential Divinity unfolds.

Another good book to be immersed in during the entire period of Lent and the three Festivals of the Spiritual Hierarchy running through Aries, Taurus and Gemini is The Reappearance of the Christ (ROC) by Alice A. Bailey (written by the Master DK through her as His amanuensis). Its content carries a very high energy and is an esoteric classic for periodic immersion and radiation into the heart and thought field of humanity for the coming forth of the Soul of Humanity.


Come back to this page periodically to see if anything new has been added.

NOTE: We are considering having a Webinar on Saturday before Palm Sunday. Stay tuned! If we have it, the purpose will be to highlight, summarize and put closure to the Esoteric Lent period — all of which has been a deep preparation for the unfoldments that can and will occur during Easter Holy Week (beginning Palm Sunday) and the next Blue Moon of Aries later in the week.

Blessings to One and All who have been walking the conscious journey with the Soul Star Group through the daily attunements, disciplines and diamond soul practices — filling full the sacred chalice of the Soul Star Group, a wellspring in service of the Plan. We are serving bringing forth renewing light of sacred Teachings, radiating higher Love, resonating to Holy Will — in and through the Soul of Humanity.

Know, intuit, feel the Blessedness of this work and your part in it.

Halina — Sheldon

Signs of Christ - Nicholas Roerich (painter)

Signs of Christ - Nicholas Roerich (painter)

"O how AUM shall penetrate into the human consciousness! Here I have drawn a pistil and above it an arc, and have set the foundation in four directions. When by human feet and human hands the Temple will be built wherein will blossom the pistil laid by Me, then let the Builders pass by My Way. Why should We await the way when it is before Us?”

— Leaves of Morya's Garden - Book 2 - Illumination (1925) - 2.5.5 

A - The Father

U - Christ Consciousness

M - The Mother


(Posted Wednesday, April 10, 2019)

An Abbreviated focused reading of the above main document — includes specific Contemplations and Mala practices with “Words of Power”.

CLICK HERE (revised 4/11/19 at 11:11 AM PT) — for the new Abbreviated and focused study

Esoteric Lent Diamond Soul practices are intended to discipline the personality and its vehicles and to renounce the unreal to come under full Soul control for the purpose of unfolding, expressing and being a channel for our Essential Divinity.

The three temptations of the Christ when viewed and experienced from the higher level of the Master and the Chohans of the 6th degree in relationship to the expression of higher Harmlessness and that beneficence which renders all evil harmless, stimulates the same within us.   

In this more condensed form, we are reviewing the writings on these subjects to link, live and/or experience (to what degree we can) the Three Temptations in relationship to Harmlessness at the level of the aspirant, disciple and soul which Jesus had gone through, and on a still higher turn of the spiral what Christ went through at His stage of unfoldment as the Perfect One. 

We must remember Christ is with us today beaming forth What and Who He Is – as He Is today – expressing His Divinity.

In the context of the Three Temptations, the three primary practices of harmlessness – perfect poise, a completed point of view and divine understanding – demonstrate and affirm our Essential Divinity. They can only be experienced, not ‘reasoned into’ from the level of the concrete mind, yet the mind must play its role through right orientation and holding the mind steady in the light. The concrete mind when turned downward is lost in detail and endless analysis then becoming a prison for the soul unable to receive higher light. When the mind is turned upward, contemplating the lesser and higher expressions of harmlessness, a door opens into illumination and inspiration flows allowing touches and tastes of this experience … and if drawn in, a deeper and fuller experience of the freedom of perfect poise, a completed point of view that knows the whole, and a loving divine understanding that is the Heart of the Christ.

This is subtle work.  It works by “surrendering unto” … leading to being taken over—overtaken by the Soul.  It happens to us as the vibratory vehicles are sufficiently raised … creating space for virgin spontaneity. … And then it happens, and keeps happening – that state of Being,

Our true natural state,

The Signature of God

In the Flesh

From LOM — Let us remember the subjective goal of all manifested life in this solar system.

“What I seek to bring out here are the three clear lines whereby a man may mount to the Logos and find union with the self of the Solar System.  He can mount by the line of the Manu, he can attain through the line of the Bodhisattva, or he can reach his goal via the path of the Mahachohan.  But specially note, that on this planet the Lord of Love and Power, the first Kumara, is the focal point for all three departments He is the One Initiator, and whether a man works on the line of power, or on the line of love, or on the line of intelligence, he must finally find his goal on the synthetic Ray of Love and Wisdom.  He must be love, and manifest it forth, but it may be love working through power.  It may be love in harmony, or love working through knowledge, through ceremonial or devotion, or it may be just pure love and wisdom, blending all the others.  Love was the source, love is the goal, and love the method of attainment.” (LOM, 167/8)

ON-LINE GATHERING — This Saturday (Sunday in South Pacific)!


For those who are deeply interested, we will have a Zoom meeting on

Saturday, April 13 — 12:00 PM PT, 3:00 PM ET and 8:00 PM LONDON.

Please join us to review our 40 days together … “properly prepared” to move into Easter Holy Week. More information will follow here, including the zoom link.


EA, 116/17

“In the first cycle of experience upon the wheel, the soul itself is in captivity to substance; it has come down into the prison house of matter and linked itself to form. Hence the symbol of Pisces, of the two fishes linked together by a band. One fish stands for the soul and the other for the personality or form nature, and between them is to be found the "thread or sutratma," the silver cord which keeps them bound to each other throughout the cycle of manifested life. Later on, upon the reversed wheel, the personality is brought into captivity by the soul, but for long aeons the situation is reversed and the soul is the prisoner of the personality. This dual bondage is brought to an end by what is called the final death, when the complete release of the life aspect from the life of form takes place. It should be borne in mind also that the soul itself is of the nature of form from the standpoint of the Monad, though it is a form far subtler than any that we know in the three worlds of human evolution.

“There is also a dual renunciation referred to in these key words, for first of all the soul renounces the life and light of the Monad, its source (symbolized by the words "the Father's home"), and descends into the ocean of matter; then, reversing itself, the soul renounces the life of form, the personality centre. The soul detaches itself (in consciousness) from the Monad, the One, and functions from its own centre, making its own new and material attachments. Then, upon the reversal of the wheel, it proceeds to detach itself from the personality and re-attach itself in consciousness to the One Who sent it forth. Such is the climaxing story of Pisces.

“The Lords of Will and Sacrifice come down into manifestation, sacrificing their high position and opportunities upon the higher planes of manifestation in order to redeem matter and raise the lives by which it is informed (the lower Creative Hierarchies) to the status of Themselves in so far as They constitute the fourth Creative Hierarchy. This is the subjective purpose, underlying the sacrifice of these divine Lives Who are ourselves essentially, Who are qualified by knowledge, love and will, and animated by ceaseless persevering devotion. They seek to bring about the death of the form in its occult significance and the consequent release of the indwelling lives into a higher state of consciousness.

“Of this process, all the world Saviours—past, present and to come—are the manifested symbols and the eternal guarantees. It is in such recognitions as these that the mainspring to the life of service must be sought. People born in this sign are frequently to be found serving the race and ministering to its needs upon some level of consciousness. Thus they are prepared for the final sacrifice in Pisces which "absorbs them back into their originating Motive," as the Old Commentary expresses it. It is for this reason that the life of service and the directed intention to serve constitute a scientific mode of achieving release. In Aquarius, the sign of world service, the lesson is finally learned which produces the world Saviour in Pisces. Hence my constant emphasis upon service.”

CONTEMPLATE. Our Lenten journey is a seasonal practice of renunciation — renouncing and relinquishing that which is not Real — the unreal, and reattaching to that which is Real: “Lead me from the unreal to the Real, from death to Immortality”.

Once on the reversed wheel — for all who are reading these words, our spiritual journey is a great renunciation and relinquishment … whilst in service of lifting all indwelling lives to a higher state of consciousness (through the many ways and forms this is done).

Renunciation is the journey of Humanity as Lords of Will and Sacrifice achieving its full purpose as the fourth Kingdom in Nature. Having done so, Humanity will blend and merge with the Fifth Kingdom — the Kingdom of Souls for manifesting the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth in line with the Plan of Sanat Kumara — Whose goal is on “the synthetic Ray of Love and Wisdom”.