Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity



For the week of March 24, 2019 …



For the week of March 31/April 1, 2019 …

A FEW DAYS of rest are appropriate, and needed, following an intense immersion in the Fires of the 7-Day ARIES FM period. Aries had us immersed in fire. It is time now to balance fire with the refreshing waters of the Soul.

DN (a beloved “participating soul”) shared the following symbol representing our process. It succinctly describes ‘without words’ an aspect of our focus together.

Discipline, Flow, Surrender - Danijela.png

After meditating on the symbol, the following thoughts came to mind.

Engaging in “disciplines of spirit” — which are “disciplines of the Soul”, we are imposing upon the entire personality and its vehicles (of mind, emotions and body) a higher vibration allowing for the release of higher energy that is experienced as a flow state — when in Flow, we are “relaying channels” for energies from on High.

Through these disciplines, we are attempting to refine our vehicles to sustain ‘the highest point possible all the time’. Another way to say this is we are surrendered to the Soul. The personality cannot impose anything onto the Soul — it can only Surrender to it.

Soul / Spirit is causal and is the source of higher energy. Personality is the vehicle of reception. Both are needed for flow. The higher dimensions of the Spiritual Triad — the True Soul, are the source of all the higher virtues we aspire and desire to embody — that which creates the radiatory Aura. Surrender, through prayer and meditation, is causal for opening to these higher dimensions.

Discipline, Flow, Surrender - Danijela.png

The personality must be receptive (negative polarity) to the higher — Soul/Spirit (positive polarity) active upon the lower. Together they mingle to be one whole. This symbol encapsulates the process.

Before we begin a new theme, for those who are eager to continue, please revisit the main themes in Lent - Parts I, II, III to bring them forward into the present.

Ash Wednesday began our process in true humility “on our knees” surrendering to a deep spiritual process. The Lenten proces is a call of the spiritual will. Through Meditation III and the Disciplines of Spirit, prayer and fasting, we are cultivating in real time a high vibratory reality “all the time”. We unfold the virtues of the Soul through “right living, high thinking and loving activity”, releasing the higher forces of the Spiritual Triad to flow into the receptive, purified personality.

Lent leads to Easter. Working with living energies unfolding our Christ nature, we rise, released from the “tomb of matter” — the esoteric meaning of “resurrection”. “Revelation” of one’s innate divinity is the risen Christ. Resurrection happens in form, and the purifying Mother substance of the form — for the hierarchical revelation of Rising Christ on Earth as in Heaven.


Star of Bethlehem - Copy.jpg


“Meditation is a technique of the mind which eventually produces correct, unimpeded relationship; this is another name for alignment.  It is therefore the establishment of a direct channel, not only between the one source, the monad, and its expression, the purified and controlled personality, but also between the seven centres in the human etheric vehicle. “

Stephanie Gulu on the etheric centers.

Stephanie Gulu on the etheric centers.

“The true results (as divine and as esoterically desirable) are correct alignment, right relationship, and clear channels for the seven energies in the microcosmic system, thereby bringing about eventually a full expression of divinity.  All the seven centres in the etheric vehicle of the Christ were rightly adjusted, correctly aligned, truly awakened and functioning, and properly receptive of all the seven streams of energy coming from the seven planetary centres; these put Him en rapport, therefore, and in full realised contact, with the One in Whom He lived and moved and had His being.  The physiological result of this complete "esoteric surrender of the seven" (as it is sometimes called) to the incoming spiritual energies, in their right order and rhythm, was the appearance in the Christ of a perfect endocrine system. All His glands (both major and minor) were functioning correctly; this produced a "perfect man"—physically perfect, emotionally stable and mentally controlled.”  He lived the higher virtues while on earth, able to live at the highest point all the time.

“In modern terms, the "pattern of the behaviour" of the Christ—due to the perfection of His glandular system, as an effect of correctly awakened and energised centres—made Him an expression of divine perfection to the entire world; He was the first of our humanity to arrive at this point in evolution, and "the Eldest in a great family of brothers," as St. Paul expresses it.  The current pictures of the Christ testify to their own complete inaccuracy, for they bear no witness to any glandular perfection; they are full of weakness and sweetness, but show little strength, alert power and aliveness.  And the promise has gone forth that as He is, so may we be in this world. 

This is a promise which lies behind the right understanding of the science of the centres; the factual reality of the centres will be proven to all men when the centres are gradually brought under control of the soul, are correctly and scientifically energised and brought to a condition of true "livingness," and begin to condition the entire area of the body in which a centre is found, and—between them—bringing every part of the human body under their radiatory and magnetic influence.” (Esoteric Healing, 620/22)

◊ CONTEMPLATE the above. Notice what stands out for you as these thoughts organize within you and the divine flow further awakens higher sense vibrations.

(Meditation III and the 7-Day FM processes in which we engage monthly give opportunity to the Solar Angel to do its adjusting work).

◊ Do we recognize the enormity of the achievement of the Christ today, the first of our earth humanity to do so (whereas the Buddha achieved upon the moon chain). As Head of the Hierarchy, and Teacher alike of Angels and of Men, we stand today in His auric Field making possible the continued awakening and unfoldment for all.

Affirm the promise,

As He is, so may we be in this world”.

Center White Pink Rose by Halina - resized.jpg

“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”

We shall continue contemplating and working with these high teachings and the living energies that inform and run through them. True Teachings, such as the Ageless Wisdom conveys coming down through the ages to us today contains and stimulates the needed light (the light of knowledge that in-forms the mind), love (solar fire that is the Law of Love demonstrating on all the planes) and life (electric fire animating form) — for the unfoldment of our true divine nature enabling us to walk upon the Lighted Way with one and all in joy of redemptions — eventually leading humanity onto the higher Way where the Great Ones live.



“Christhood is the blossoming of a man of the earth into the man of the heavens, crowned.”

As He is, so may we be in this world”



◊ Spend one CONCENTRATED DAY APPLYING the discipline of “Right Living”

◊ Spend another day in the discipline of “High Thinking”

◊ Spend another day in the discipline of “Loving Activity”, combining all three.

Let these days set upon you a new, higher pattern for living. Affirm these days as “days well spent” … aggregating in a “life well spent” for the purpose of “blossoming a man of the earth into a man of the heavens, crowned” in Christhood.




(for those who are so moved to do)

For the remaining period of Esoteric Lent – before sleep, or morning meditation (thus setting the field for the day) and/or throughout the day (as contemplative mystics do).

Using a MaLa containing 108 beads — this sacred number corresponds with the number of Kumaras encircling the Earth and are connected with the Lord of the World Whose name is Sanat Kumara.

In this Diamond Soul spiritual discipline, we begin with “spiritual reading” attuning to the source and meaning of the living idea behind the word phrase.  With this deep intention in mind, sound your selected phrase 108 times (mentally or in a whisper). Before you begin, take a moment to attune with the Soul Star Group with Christ in the Center.

◊ “As He Is, So May We Be in this World” (or creatively interchange the pronoun “we” with “I”) — “As He Is, So May I Be in this World” — or, “As Christ Is, So May I Be in this World”.

◊ “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect” — (or interchange the pronoun to “I”) — “I am perfect even as my Father in heaven is perfect” (confirming one’s Identity and relationship to the Monad and True Soul).

"We shall be like Him for we shall see Him as He is" — (Imitation of the Christ).

◊ Others of your choice, including: “I live at the highest possible point all the time”. (“I CALL YOU TO DISCIPLINE … TO THE CONSTANT EFFORT TO LIVE AT THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE POINT ALL THE TIME”)

Know that (attune with) the energy of 108 Angelic intelligences flying to you organizing a sphere of units in that number in “ordered Love” — As above, so Below, in the microcosm that you are. The etheric MaLa built around you shall carry the energy of the Truths and living powers of these phrases — assisting each of us to attain these high achievements.  In humility, we serve the Christ as we think these Soul Ideas into the heart and thought streams of humanity — for “the Soul of Humanity to come forth” in concert with the Plan of God. The Plan is supervised by the Christ, and the spiritual Hierarchy and humanity implement the Plan in cooperation deep.

CLICK HERE for a PDF to print the Esoteric Lent Mala Meditation Practice (edited)



The lower self must breathe out to receive the higher Breath flowing in.

As new energy enters our system through meditation and right alignment, high thinking, right living and loving activity, all will find the need to:













Buddha Hands mudrabMMnn.jpg

Give yourself space — Sacred Space — to Breathe …

Close your eyes … see a vertical and horizontal line of light with the word r e c a l i b r a t e on each — with you standing as the “I” in the center. A l l o w …







NOTE: For those who are so moved, a new “Suggested MALA Meditation Practice” was inserted above to add to our spiritual practice disciplines. Also, above are THREE DAYS OF DISCIPLINE added to that section (after the fact) for next year or some may want to find a way to include them now (entirely in accord with what is right for you).

CLICK HERE for a PDF to print the ABOVE Suggested MaLa Meditation Practice


“God is Love" is really our planetary keynote.” 

(R&I, 726)

LAW IX (Esoteric Healing, 295)

“Perfection calls imperfection to the surface.  Good drives evil always from the form of man in time and space.  The method used by the Perfect One and that employed by Good is harmlessness.  This is not negative [passivity] but perfect poise, a completed point of view and divine understanding.”



 H A R M L E S S N E S S

Sutra 35. “In the presence of him who has perfected harmlessness, all enmity ceases.”

“This sutra demonstrates to us the working out of a great law.  In Book IV.  Sutra 17, Patanjali tells us that the perception of a characteristic, of a quality and of an objective form is dependent upon the fact that in the perceiver similar characteristics, qualities and objective capacity are to be found.  This similarity is the basis of perception.  The same truth is hinted at in the first Epistle of St. John where the words are found "We shall be like Him for we shall see Him as He is."  Only that can be contacted which is already present or partially present in the perceiver's consciousness.  If enmity and hatred are therefore to be found by the perceiver, it is because in him the seeds of enmity and hatred are present.  When they are absent naught but unity and harmony exists.  This is the first stage of universal love, the practical endeavour on the part of the aspirant to be at one with all beings.  He begins with himself and sees to it that the seeds of harmfulness in his own nature are eradicated.  He deals, therefore, with the cause which produces enmity towards him and others.  The natural result is that he is at peace and others are at peace with him.  In his presence even wild beasts are rendered impotent and this by the condition of the mind-state of the aspirant or ‘yogin.'“ [The Light of the Soul, 194/5]




TWM, 488 “There are three main penalties which attach to the wrong use of thought substance, and from these the aspirant must learn to save himself, and to avoid those activities; eventually this will make the process of salvation unnecessary.” ….

CLICK HERE to read more about the three penalties (the dangers of enmity, wrong thinking and karmic consequences)

“How shall a man guard himself from these dangers?  How shall he rightly build?  How shall he preserve that balance which will enable him to see truth, judge rightly, and so preserve his mental contact with his soul and with the souls of his fellow men?

First and foremost, by the constant practice of Harmlessness.  This involves harmlessness in speech and also in thought and consequently in action.  It is a positive harmlessness, involving constant activity and watchfulness; it is not a negative and fluidic tolerance.

Secondly, by a daily guarding of the doors of thought, and a supervision of the thought life.  Certain lines of thought will not be permitted; certain old thought habits will be offset by the institution of constructive creative thinking; certain preconceived ideas (note the esoteric value of that phrase), will be relegated to the background so that the new horizons will be visioned and the new ideas can enter.  This will entail a daily, hourly watchfulness, but only until ancient habits have been overcome and the new rhythm established.  Then the aspirant will discover that the mind is so focussed on the new spiritual ideas that the old thought-forms will fail to arrest the attention; they will die of inanition.  There is encouragement in this thought.  The first three years' work will be the hardest.  After that the mind will be engrossed by the ideas and not by the thought-form.

Thirdly, by refusing to live in one's own thought world and by entering the world of ideas and the stream of human thought currents.  The world of ideas is the world of the soul, and of the higher mind.  The stream of human thoughts and of opinions is that of the public consciousness and of the lower mind.  The aspirant must function free in both worlds.  Note this with care.  The thought is not that he must function freely, which involves more the idea of facility but that he must function as a free agent in both worlds.  Through constant daily meditation he does the first.  Through wide reading and sympathetic interest and understanding he accomplishes the second.

Fourthly, he must learn to detach himself from his own thought creations, and leave them free to accomplish the purpose for which he intelligently sent them forth.  This fourth process falls into two parts:

1. By the use of a mystic phrase he severs the link which holds an embodied idea in his thought-aura.

2. By detaching his mind from the idea, once he has sent it on its mission, he learns the lesson of the Bhagavad Gita and "works without attachment".

These two points will vary according to the growth and status of the aspirant.  Each has, for himself, to formulate his own "severing phrase", and each has for himself, alone and unaided, to learn to look away from the three worlds wherein he works in his effort to push his idea of the work to be done.  He has to teach himself to withdraw his attention from the thought-form he has built, wherein that idea is embodied, knowing that as he lives as a soul, and as spiritual energy pours through him so his thought-form will express the spiritual idea and accomplish its work.  It is held together by the life of the soul, and not by personality desire.  The tangible results are ever dependent upon the strength of the spiritual impulse animating his idea, which is embodied in his thought-form.  His work lies in the world of ideas and not in physical effects.  Automatically the physical aspects will respond to the spiritual impulse.”




“Perfect poise, a completed point of view and divine understanding”

(Esoteric Healing, 670)

“What shall I say concerning harmlessness?  It is not easy for me to show or prove to you the effectiveness of the higher aspect, spiral or phase of harmlessness as employed by the Hierarchy, under the direction of the Perfect One, the Christ.  The harmlessness with which I have earlier dealt has relation to the imperfections with which humanity is wrestling, and is difficult for you to apply in and under all circumstances, as well you know.  The harmlessness to which I refer in connection with you is not negative [receptive, passive], or sweet or kindly activity, as so many believe; it is a state of mind and one which in no way negates firm or even drastic action; it concerns motive and involves the determination that the motive behind all activity is goodwillThat motive might lead to positive and sometimes disagreeable action or speech, but as harmlessness and goodwill condition the mental approach, nothing can eventuate but good.”

CONTEMPLATE the above. Affix this fuller understanding of harmlessness firmly in mind.

“On a higher turn of the spiral, the Hierarchy also employs harmlessness, but it is related to the will-to-good and involves the use of dynamic, electric energy under intuitive direction; this type of energy is never brought into activity by man; it is energy which he cannot yet handle.  This type of harmlessness is based on complete self-sacrifice, wherein the will-to-sacrifice, the will-to-good and the will-to-power (three phases of the will aspect, as expressed through the Spiritual Triad) are all fused into one dynamic energy of a deeply spiritual nature.  This energy is the epitome of complete or perfect harmlessness, where humanity and the subsidiary kingdoms in nature are concerned, but it is expulsive in its effect and dynamic in its annihilating impact, where the Forces of Evil are concerned.”

“A close but esoteric study of the three temptations of the Christ will reveal three major occasions when the Perfect One, expressing this higher harmlessness, forced the exponent of evil to retreat.  This triple episode is symbolically related, but is factual in nature.  Little thought has ever been given to what would have been the worldwide effect down the centuries if the Christ had not reacted as He did; speculation is of little use, but it might be stated that the entire course of history and of the evolutionary progress of humanity would have been altered, and in a dire and awful manner.  But the dynamic harmlessness, the expression of the will-to-good and the demonstration of the will-to-power (forcing evil to leave Him) marked a most important crisis in the life of the Christ.   The Gospel story (with its resume of the five initiations) concerns the progress and triumph of the Master Jesus; the story of the three temptations indicated the taking of a still higher initiation, the sixth, by the Christ; this conferred on Him complete mastery over evil, and not mastery over imperfection; it was because He was the "Perfect One" that He could take this initiation.”

NOTE: An addendum will later be uploaded on the “three temptations of the Christ” from the book From Bethlehem To Calvary for our deeper study and immersion during this time of Lent preceding the climaxing energies of Easter Holy Week.

“I have given you much for mature consideration and thrown some light upon an initiation of which little, naturally, can be known.  I would call your attention also to the three fundamental requirements for a successful approach to this initiation:  perfect poise, a completed point of view and divine understanding.  You would find it of interest to see how these three qualities work out in relation to the three temptations; in so doing much light would be thrown on the life, nature and character of the Christ.”

CLICK HERE to read more of the three basic requirements of perfect poise, a completed point of view and divine understanding.

DNA-I, 299 “Part of the great temptation of our Master, the Christ, in the wilderness was based upon the three aspects of the world glamour—illusion, glamour and maya. These all threatened to bewilder Him and He met each of them in turn with the enunciation of a clear-cut principle, and not with the wordy arguments of an analytical brain. From that field of victory, He went forth to love, to teach and to heal. In these days of world pain, let love and joy equally be the keynotes of your life—as a group and as individuals—for they carry the healing vibration of the Hierarchy.”

CONTEMPLATE: Through ‘imitation of the Christ’, we too can be victorious … drawing upon “clear-cut principles” and living within the field of an “imagined victory” within which the Christ lives.



“Perfect Poise indicates complete control of the astral body, so that emotional upheavals are overcome, or at least are greatly minimised in the life of the disciple.  It indicates also, on the higher turn of the spiral, an ability to function freely on buddhic levels, owing to complete liberation (and consequent poise) from all the influences and impulses which are motived from the three worlds.  This type or quality of poise connotes-if you will think deeply-an abstract state of mind; nothing which is regarded as non-perfection can create disturbance.  You can realise surely that, if you were entirely free from all emotional reactions, your clarity of mind and your ability to think clearly would be enormously increased, with all that that involves

 Naturally, the perfect poise of an initiated disciple and that of the initiated Master are different, for one concerns the effect of the three worlds or their non-effect, and the other concerns adaptability to the rhythm of the Spiritual Triad; nevertheless, the earlier type of poise must precede the later achievement, hence my consideration of the subject.  This perfect poise (which is a possible achievement for you who read) is arrived at by ruling out the pulls, the urges, impulses and attractions of the astral or emotional nature, and also by the practice of what I have earlier mentioned:  Divine Indifference.”

◊ On this day, let us practice perfect poise in concert with the “Discipline of the constant effort to live at the highest possible point all the time”. When life brings us challenges opposing poise, let us be the Observer to practice our response.



“A Completed Point of View.  This necessarily and primarily refers to the universal outlook of the Monad, and therefore to an initiate of the higher degrees.  It can, however, be interpreted on a lower rung of the ladder of evolution and refers to the function of the soul as an Observer in the three worlds and the completed all-round picture such an observer gradually attains.  This is brought about by the development of the two qualities of detachment and discrimination.  These two qualities, when expressed on the Way to the Higher Evolution, become Abstraction and the Will-to-good.

 A completed point of view-as experienced on soul levels—indicates the removal of all barriers and the freedom of the disciple from the great heresy of separateness; he has therefore created an unclogged channel for the inflow of pure love.  Perfect poise, viewed from the same level, has removed all impediments and those emotional factors which have hitherto blocked the channel, thus preparing the way for the Observer to see truly; the disciple then functions as a clear channel for love.”


REFLECT. Consider what barriers remain in you, or in the groups to which you belong, and/or in humanity that are setting conditions for “the great heresy of separateness”. ◊ Consider the opposite of separateness - where you have been non-separative in a surprising way. Acknowledge and recognize this as an example of you as the soul taking over. ◊ Identify as the Soul — the OBSERVER detached from the separative, non-loving mind and its resulting separative conditions … for discrimination that sees truly thereby removing any and all barriers resulting in separation … for you, or a group, and/or humanity.

◊ Consider the Law of Love and the effect this Law has upon separation. ◊ Consider the Law of Love working through Right Human Relations … through one, through all … and what is made possible.

◊ As a completed all-round picture, through the Observer, develops, we see more truly. As the Observer, separation ends — we see truly and experience life truly.




“Divine Understanding must also be studied from two points of view.  As a soul quality, it indicates a mind which can be held steady in the light, and can therefore reflect the pure reason (pure love) which qualifies the reflections of the Son of Mind, the soul on its own plane.  On the higher Way of the Master, it relates to that identification which supersedes the individualistic consciousness; all barriers have gone, and the initiate sees things as they are; he knows the causes of which all phenomena are the ephemeral effects.  This, consequently, enables Him to understand the Purpose, as it emanates from Shamballa, just as the lesser initiate understands the Plan as it is formulated by the Hierarchy.”

CONTEMPLATE — divine Understanding arises from a mind which is held steady in the light (of the Soul) … and therefore reflects pure reason (from the Buddhic Planes) / pure love.

◊ Recall times when the mind was held steady in the light regarding given circumstances. What occurred, what was revealed? And the outcome? We Know pure Love (and its coherent effects) flowing through the mind create understanding.

◊ By way of contrast, reflect what arises in and through a mind that is not held steady in the light of the Soul.

◊ Reflect upon some times when personal consciousness (triggered by emotion or negative judgement - yours or someone else’s) was superseded by soul consciousness in the realm of cause (causation) — where a fuller, truer understanding of the soul sees and understands “things as they are” and knows the true or deeper cause behind what is at play — because Love has arisen.

CONTEMPLATE: (enter into) —

“Pure Love” rising … as the Mind of Christ in You rising


The Mind of Christ is a Love-Mind

(a coherent loving mind that sees whole and understands)


Tree of Time, River of Life — (J Wall)

Tree of Time, River of Life — (J Wall)


Harmlessness and the Right Use of Energy

CLICK HERE to read the document in PDF

(Note - Saturday and Sunday have been reversed — the content on Saturday was better for Sunday and what was on Sunday is better for Saturday; if you have not yet done what was on Sunday, go to Saturday!)


“Students need to remember that devotion to the Path or to the Master is not enough. The Great Ones are looking for intelligent cooperators and workers more than They are looking for devotion to Their Personalities, and a student who is walking independently in the light of his own soul is regarded by Them as a more dependable instrument than a devoted fanatic. The light of his soul will reveal to the earnest aspirant the unity underlying all groups, and enable him to eliminate the poison of intolerance which taints and hinders so many; it will cause him to recognise the spiritual fundamentals which guide the steps of humanity; it will force him to overlook the intolerance and the fanaticism and separativeness which characterise the small mind and the beginner upon the Path, and help him so to love them that they will begin to see more truly and enlarge their horizon; it will enable him to estimate truly the esoteric value of service and teach him above all to practise that harmlessness which is the outstanding quality of every son of God. A harmlessness that speaks no word that can damage another person, that thinks no thought which could poison or produce misunderstanding, and which does no action which could hurt the least of his brethren—this is the main virtue which will enable the esoteric student to tread with safety the difficult path of development. Where the emphasis is laid upon service to one's fellowmen and the trend of the life force is outward to the world, then there is freedom from danger and the aspirant can safely meditate and aspire and work. His motive is pure, and he is seeking to decentralise his personality and shift the focus of his attention away from himself to the group. Thus the life of the soul can pour through him, and express itself as love to all beings. He knows himself to be a part of a whole and the life of that whole can flow through him consciously, leading him to a realisation of brotherhood and of his oneness in relation to all manifested lives.” (EOH, 19/20)


Conscious Participating Souls in the Soul Star Group —and all sanctified groups in service to the race, serve as conscious channels for the “whole” flowing through the Group … leading to a more deeply realized love for humanity and oneness with all manifested lives.

EXPERIENCE today the “life of that whole” pouring through the Soul and Soul Groups of which you are a part … expressing as “love to all beings” … affirming your oneness with all manifested life.

(Dragon’s Breath by Aaron Reed)

(Dragon’s Breath by Aaron Reed)


“The sixth ray influence served to attract men's minds towards an ideal, such as that of individual sacrifice or service, and the mystical vision was the high water mark of the period; the numerous guiding mystics of the Occident and the Orient have appeared. The seventh ray influence will in time produce the magician, but in this age the magician will be predominantly in the class of white magic (not as in Atlantean days, when the predominance was on the side of selfish or black magic). The white magician works with the forces of nature and swings them back into control of advanced humanity. This can already be seen working out through the activity of the scientists which the latter end of the last century and twentieth century have produced. That much of their magical work has been turned into selfish channels by the tendency of this materialistic age, and that many of their wise and true discoveries in the realm of energy are today adapted to ends which serve man's hatred or love of self, is equally true. But this in no way militates against the wonder of their achievements. When the motive is transmuted from pure scientific interest to love of the divine revelation, and when service to the race is the determining force, then we shall see the true white magic [and the true white magician]. Hence therefore the need to turn the mystic into the occultist [esotericist], and to train the modern aspirant in right motive, mind control and brotherly love, all of which must and will express themselves through harmlessness. The most potent force in the world today is harmlessness. I speak not of non-resistance, but of that positive attitude of mind which thinks no evil. He who thinks no evil and harms naught is a citizen of God's world.” (EP-I, 358/9)

YA-60-2 - Copy.jpg

REFLECT how right motive, mind control, and the confraternity of Love — sisterly brotherly love … lead to the service of the race, initiation into the mysteries … and to becoming a perfected microcosm of the Perfect One.

REFLECT on the beneficence of harmlessness — as the most potent force in the world today.

CONTEMPLATE the high calling of a “citizen of God’s world” … and the requirements substanding such citizenry. ◊ Imagine yourSelf being such a “citizen of God’s world”.



PART VI will be uploaded on a new Page later today for the week of April 7/8 …


We are considering having a Webinar on Saturday before Palm Sunday. Stay tuned! If we have it, the purpose will be to highlight, summarize and put closure to the Esoteric Lent period in preparation for Easter Holy Week that begins on Palm Sunday.