Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity

Before we begin, let us link with the Peaceful Presence of the Soul and with the Soul Star Group of which we are a part.  Then take the following study into heart and mind. 


"We shall consider these three temptations in the order given by St. Matthew, which is different from that given by St. Luke.   St. Mark simply mentions that Christ was tempted of the devil [the lower ego or unredeemed nature of man], whilst St. John does not refer to them at all. These three temptations tested out all the three aspects of the lower human nature—the physical, the emotional-desire nature, and the mind or mental nature. We read that:

"When he had fasted forty days and forty nights he was afterwards anhungered. And when the tempter came to him, he said, If thou be the Son of God command that these stones be made bread. But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."38

"There are two interesting facts connected with all these temptations. Each of them begins with "If" on the lips of the devil, and each is met by Christ with the words "It is written." These two phrases link all three episodes and give the clue to the whole process. The ultimate temptation is doubt. The test we have all to face eventually, and which climaxed in Christ's life until He vanquished it upon the Cross, is the test of our divinity. Are we divine? How must our divine powers express themselves? What can we do, or not do, because we are sons of God? That the details of each difficulty, test and trial may differ is relatively immaterial. That the tests may first be focused in one aspect of our lower nature or another is equally unimportant. It is the general lifelong urge to divinity which is on trial. To the man who is but a little evolved the problem of divinity as a whole does not present itself. He can be preoccupied only with the detail, with the problem in the immediate foreground of his life. This he handles or not, as the case may be by the light of conscience. For the disciple, the detail assumes less importance, and the general truth of his sonship begins slowly to concern him. He then handles his life conditions from the angle of that theory. For a perfected son of God, such as the Christ, or for the man nearing perfection, the problem must be handled as a whole, and the life problem must be considered from the angle of divinity itself. Such was the issue with Christ, and such the implications hidden in the devil's threefold "If." "    (From Bethlehem to Calvary ( FBTC), 116/7)

LET US CONTEMPLATE: "It is the general lifelong urge to divinity which is on trial" 

"Are we divine? How must our divine powers express themselves? What can we do, or not do, because we are sons of God?"

Our innate inner urge to divinity is ever on trial as the three aspects of the lower human nature continue to raise their "heads" (the nine hydras) until we reach a certain stage of unfoldment — up to and through the 4th initiation, when we shall become victorious.  

◊  When a problem or trial appears in our path, how preoccupied are we with the details of life in the foreground, or do we an encompassing truth from the angle of the Observer (the Sonship), or from the whole of Divinity itself?

◊ Let us consider times when all three levels should be engaged — the personality, Soul and Spirit.  The personality (of a person or group or nation) should be addressed in the light of the Soul and the greater Truths of the Presence and God's Purpose?

For example.  Are we preoccupied with the details of an untruth someone has told and the retaliatory response one is tempted to make, or are we preoccupied with responding in the Sonship with harmlessness and right speech that honors the soul of the other, the soul of the community and if applicable the soul of nation(s)? 

Deeper still, do we also see the Divine (the Purpose and Plan of God and the ultimate triumph of Good) as all that is Real thereby creating a channel for the greater Good to flow through, relegating all else to the lesser machinations of the false ego and rendering the ego harmless?

Find examples in your own life, or present day situations that could be drawn through these stages of the urge to divinity (of enlightened wholes).  

◊ ◊ ◊


"Christ meant something much deeper than "The Bible says."  He meant that the signature of God was upon Him; that He was the Word, and that that Word was the expression of truth.  It is the Word of the soul (which is the influx of divinity) that determines our attitude in temptation and our response to the problem presented by the devil [doubt about one's own inherent Divinity]. If that Word is remote, deep-hidden by the veiling form, only distorted sounds will issue forth, and the Word will not be potent enough to withstand the devil [the lower ego]. The Word is written in the flesh, defaced and almost invisible though it may be through the activity of the lower nature; it is upon the mind that the Word sounds forth, carrying illumination and insight, distorted as yet though the vision may be, and the light scarcely seen.  But the Word is there.  Some day each of us can say with power: "It is written," and see that Word expressed in every part of our human nature as individuals and—at some distant date—in humanity itself. ..."   (FBTC, 117/8)


◊ Let us see ourselves as the Word, "the influx of Divinity" flowing through the Soul and its instrument, the personality as Divinity "written" in the flesh, as Christs walking the planes of earth.  ◊ Remember times when ...

◊ Consider the Keyword of the Soul in Aries "I come forth and from the Plane of Mind I Rule" in relation to "It  is upon the mind that the Word sounds forth, carrying illumination and insight ...". 

◊ Feel the power and strength of this life energy of Aries with us now, let it consciously pour through you this day, and every day of this month.  Avail yourself of this opportunity.

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"Part of the great temptation of our Master, the Christ, in the wilderness was based upon the three aspects of the world glamour—illusion, glamour and maya. These all threatened to bewilder Him and He met each of them in turn with the enunciation of a clear-cut principle, and not with the wordy arguments of an analytical brain. From that field of victory, He went forth to love, to teach and to heal.  In these days of world pain, let love and joy equally be the keynotes of your life —as a group and as individualsfor they carry the healing vibration of the Hierarchy.  (DNA-I, 299/300)

LET US CONTEMPLATE the layers of esoteric Love-Wisdom Teaching contained herein.

Living Discipleship leads to the Way of Christhood. Here we are given the example of the Christ upon the Way of Christhood. 

The true Crown of Christ exemplifies the victory of Christ over world glamour.  Christ is victorious.  

He more than points the Way, He is the Way, He gives the Way. 

I AM the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE

To live what has been given through every temptation and presentation, in every relationship and every turning condition creates a potent field of victory

Thus we make real the living Christ in our own lives and go forth in service — to love, to teach, to heal. 

We extend the living Christ in the Sonship as Sons of Christ, as Daughters of Christ throughout Humanity.

With Love and Joy as the keynotes of our lives, we carry (vibrate) the healing vibrations of the Spiritual Hierarchy — the Center where the Love of God is known.  We can then say in truth and in fact that we stand with Them. 

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 The Radiant Light of the Ages manifests through Light Bearers throughout time - "I Am The Light of the World" blazing forth for the helping of the world.

The Radiant Light of the Ages manifests through Light Bearers throughout time - "I Am The Light of the World" blazing forth for the helping of the world.

"In our consideration of the light which was in Christ, and the rapture of the Apostles at its revelation, let us not lose sight of the fact that He Himself tells us there is in us also a light, and it too must blaze forth for the helping of the world and the glorification of our Father which is in Heaven (12). To this light the mystics testify, and it is this light into which they enter, and which enters into them, revealing the light which is latent and drawing it forth to potency.  "In Thy light shall we see light."  This is the outstanding fact of scientific mysticism. God is light as well as life. This the mystic has proved, and to this he eternally testifies."     (FBTC, 151/2)

◊  CONTEMPLATE entering the Light and the Light entering you drawing it forth to potency.

∆ Triplicity OF Friendship ∆ 

"Timeless and Eternal"

" ... in the three friends, and in the various triplicities ... we discover a symbolism which is vitally illuminating. The three aspects through which the soul must express itself, and through which it must shine, are thus portrayed.  It is the same in connection with the three friends of Jesus Christ. I cannot here touch upon the friendships of Jesus Christ. They are very real and very deep, and universal in their inclusiveness. They are timeless and eternal, and the friends of Christ are to be found in every race (Christian or otherwise), in every clime and in both hemispheres. And be it remembered, it is only the friends of Christ who have any right to be dogmatic about Him, or who can speak with any authority of Him and His ideas, because theirs is the authority of love and of understanding."     (FBTC,153)   

"Christ's three friends stood for the three aspects of His human nature, and it was upon this integrated, focused and consecrated personality that the transfiguration made its impact and produced revelation. Thus again the essential duality of humanity is revealed through Christ, and His threefold personality and His essential divinity are portrayed for us in such a way that the lesson (and the possibility) cannot be evaded. The Apostles recognised God in their Master, taking their stand upon the fact of this divinity, as have the mystics of all time."  (FBTC, 155)

Those who see little good in their fellowmen are unaware of their own goodness and true nature.  Those who are awakening to Reality constantly see the inner urge to divinity expressing as "essential goodness" through unselfish acts, kindness, pure motives, generosity of spirit, true humility, loving intuitive mind, ...  The radiant inner body of light is continually being revealed until we become full "servants of the Sun".

We have been entering the theme of the Transfiguration through the manifestation of divinity flowing through the form, revealing the radiant beauty and light of the Soul shining forth. 

Only when we have achieved an expression of divinity in and through the lower personal nature can we express the golden virtues arising from that nature. 

We are forging a true and lasting friendship with the Real – a friendship that ever begins with oneself and by extension the Soul and the Christ through the Soul.

◊ Let us take some moments now to befriend our three-fold nature as if it were transfigured.  Doing so, we are invoking the higher energies with which the purified lower vehicles correspond and resonate with our true high nature of the three-fold Triune Self.   Befriend now (be friend to) your ‘holy mind’ ... befriend your ‘holy heart’ ... befriend your ‘holy body’ ... as a temple of the living Soul and the Holy Spirit informing them all.  OM

Some may ask, how does one befriend these higher aspects of ourselves?  We can begin by giving Love to that which we want to befriend.  Love is the great magnetic, coherent, connecting and unifying force that binds, heals, re-solves, and transcends.  When we love (give pure Love to) someone or something, a connecting channel (a bridge) is formed allowing love to flow, thus manifesting divinity — "that which is holy, universal and real".


"The Transfiguration scene was the meeting-ground of significant factors, and since that moment the life of humanity has been radically changed. It was as potent a moment in racial history as the Crucifixion, of more potency perhaps than even that great and tragic happening.  Seldom do such moments come.  Usually we see only faint glimpses of possibility, rare flashes of illumination, and fleeting seconds wherein a synthesis appears and leaves us with a sense of fitness, of integration, of purpose and of underlying reality. But such moments are rare indeed. We know God is. We know reality exists. But [everyday] life, with its emphasis directed on phenomena, its stresses and its strains, so preoccupies us that we have no time, after the six days' labour, to climb the mountain of vision. A certain familiarity with God's nature must surely precede the revelation of Himself which He can and does at times accord. Christ's three friends had been admitted to a degree of intimacy with Him which warranted their being chosen as His companions at the scene of His experience, wherein He staged, for the benefit of humanity, a symbolic event as well as a definite experience for which arrangement had duly to be made with the participants correctly chosen and trained, so that the symbolism which they embodied might appear, and their intuitive reactions be rightly directed. It was necessary that Christ should have with Him those who could be depended upon to recognise divinity when it appeared, and whose intuitive spiritual perception would be such that—for all time—the inner meaning might be made apparent to those of us who have followed later in His steps. This is a point at times forgotten. Inevitably "we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is."  (15)

"But to bring about this likeness two things are necessary to the consecrated and dedicated disciple. He must be able to see clearly, meanwhile standing in the illumination which radiates from Christ, and his intuition must be active, so that he can rightly interpret what he sees. He loves his Master, and he serves with what faithfulness he can; but more than devotion and service are needed.  He must be able to face the illumination, and at the same time he must have that spiritual perception which, reaching out beyond the point to which the intellect can carry him, sees and touches reality.  It is love and intellect combined, plus the power to know, which is inherent in the soul, which recognises intuitively that which is holy, universal and real, and yet which is specific and true for all time to all people."

"Christ revealed the quality of the divine nature through the medium of matter, of form, and "was transfigured before them."       (FBTC, 156/7)

CONTEMPLATE all the above and attempt to absorb the "living teachings" that are bringing us more firmly on the Way of Initiation. 

Christ brought Humanity new teachings on Initiation, potentized through His living example and demonstration of Five major Stages or Initiations in Human evolution that He underwent for our benefit giving us a sure process for our spiritual unfoldment, which we now follow in His Footsteps.  He also began His next Stage of Evolution, a much higher stage that leaves the Human behind, when taking the 6th Initiation whilst Jesus took the 4th at the close of His life on earth.  Easter Holy week takes us through these next Stages, the 4th through the 6th.       


Observing these days and weeks of Esoteric Lent (a disciplined group approach to'Esoteric Prayer, Fasting and Abstinence'), we have also been participating in a disciplined approach to building a group 'Holy Field' in preparation for Easter Holy Week.  Now "properly prepared are we" for the Easter Holy Week Vigil (upping the energy field) which begins on Palm Sunday with the ENTRY INTO JERUSALEM.

Let us continue to consciously hold the magnetic 'Holy Field' with all that we have invoked and put into practice.


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