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First Sunday of Advent: December 2 and MOUNTAIN 1

Second Sunday of Advent: December 9 and MOUNTAIN 2

Third Sunday of Advent: December 16 and MOUNTAIN 3

Fourth Sunday of Advent: December 23 and MOUNTAIN 4


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FULL MOON of CAPRICORN: Dec 22, 2018 - 9:48 AM PST; 12:48 PM EST; 5:48 PM GMT


12 DAYS of CHRISTMAS: Dec 26 - Jan 6

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(edited 11/27/18)

November 25, 2018

Dear Friends Upon the Lighted Way,

Esoteric Advent—Christmas is near and about to begin.  With it comes a new and renewing opportunity to enter into a magical realm of experience and service, the process of which will bring a positive counter-force to the extreme materialism that accompanies this sacred season.  Through an internal group process focused on expansions of Light in consciousness, participants will embark on a three week vibrational journey of ascent through four Mountains of Consciousness—each bringing a refining potency of vibration.

The Esoteric Advent - Christmas Ritual Observance will begin next week, Sunday, December 2 – on the First Sunday of Advent, in sync with the traditional western church calendar of millions of ‘the faithful.’  To Deity, all are “children of one God”—all are of the same Monadic (Spirit) origin, differentiated only by Ray lines, and expressing various stages of Soul maturity or inner unfoldment on the vibratory return journey Home to the Father’s House.  

Aside from the crystallized beliefs and unhelpful dogma of most ‘mass religions’ that keep people moving slowly forward, methods of Return and “Approach to Divinity” differ widely primarily due to Ray lines and Soul stages of development.  Yet thankfully, commonalities do exist and can be found.  It is our commonalities, when shared, that soften the boundaries of separation so prevalent in the field of religion.  Commonalities are the points of entry for making bridges, when needed.  To be in sync with the larger church holidays of the calendar year is one such commonality, whilst our methods and deeper understandings remain esoteric.

The magic of this season is truly unlike any other, bringing increased potential for higher human contact and expression. Such as the Joy of experiencing new births in consciousness – in ourselves and others, or the “magic” of meaningful manifestations, or the “miracles” of the unexpected. Stories of the miraculous abound during the season of Christmas – when right conditions are present, greatly magnified in the company of soul-consecrated Groups in service to a greater Good.

Time is wasted speculating or analyzing why this is so, and no real answers of Truth can come this way.  So let us not do that.  Let us leave the unknown to the great Mystery – and be satisfied in knowing that attributions of the “miraculous” arrive through a greater vibrational Reality by the Divine Personages humanity has given name to (varying among cultures) such as “The Holy Mother” or “Holy Virgin”, or “The Christ”, the “Masters of Love-Wisdom”, the “Lord of the World”, the “Holy Angels” or those great Beings Who embody the distant Stars—pouring Their Life energy upon and through the solar Deity to our small planet Earth during this sacred season—and to us.  Let us “expect the unexpected” through the majesty of these known Beings–Who can and often do manifest the unknown to us, appearing as a “miracle”.  *At the end of this letter, I will share one of those “times” that occurred last year when preparing for our “new beginning”.

Having participated in these Mountain journeys before, we’ve come to understand that some requisites are in order to have a truly successful, Soul-fulfilling journey.  First is the necessity to organize our lives such that we will give ourselves fully to this process. The key is to orient ourselves inwardly to the “inner energetics” of the subtle worlds; the energy and Beings we may find there—are Beings who inhabit spheres of higher vibrational reality and living.  This means we need to sustain a ‘secret inward orientation’ in order to bring these energies into our world. The daily ritual alignments and practices are designed to help us do this.

Secondly, we need to commit to the journey of ‘vibrational ascent’ by making it a priority throughout the three weeks of Advent – not to other things – not work, not family, not friends, nor shopping or cooking or material plane distractions, not emotional ups or downs or mental attitudes of disharmony – in other words, not the ‘usual force of things’.  This is not to say we do not fulfill our obligations, rather, we fulfill our obligations within this way of Being committed to ‘serve’ during this time period – to the inner energetics that are ‘secret to you’.  Only then will we have set ourselves ‘rightly’ and in sync with the energy flows of the interdimensional reality where the Christ Mind can penetrate everything.

Third, to truly access the deeper currents of Love.  Love is the divine medium through which the miraculous manifests – this Love is the higher vibratory reality of our true nature – the Triune Soul Self.  The rituals, contemplations, meditations, invocations and Diamond Soul practices are a means to access greater currents of Love.  They are causal factors behind the joys of synchronicity and the “miraculous”.  

Once we ritually enter through the portal of Esoteric Christmas Advent, we shall be setting aside Chronos (sequential) time, for Kairos—the infinitude of time, the fullness of time.  Let us enter through this portal with awe and wonder, and a magical expectancy in mind.  Let us enter with a spirit of surrender to the great Beings Whose company we will keep—the Great Ones arrayed with potencies of higher Light, Love and Holy Will.

Our group intention is also requisite for participating in the service of the flowering of the Soul of Humanity.  In the Chalice of the Soul Star Group, energies we invoke are gathered and will pour forth in blessing to Humanity and the Earth upon which we live – daily and on Christmas Day.  Through such service, we ‘of course – by course’ flower ourselves.


This first Sunday of Advent begins December 2.  We have three full weeks of the Advent process in between Four Sundays of Advent – and Christmas Eve on Monday and Christmas Day on Tuesday.  Within this time period, as before, we shall build a 5-pointed Star during the four Sundays plus Christmas Day.  Have the first of 5 candles ready this first Sunday to accompany a brief but potent opening ritual.

To participate in “Esoteric Advent–Christmas”, everyone must REGISTER by going to the website: and clicking on the tab - RSVP.  Please register even if you’ve participated in past years; it is through registering that we build the list of “Participating Souls” and our locations from around the world to subjectively meditate together (in the leisure of Kairos time in your time zone) for the blessing and healing of the earth, the Soul of Humanity and each other as we bring forth the Christ Spirit in new and greater measure.  ◊ A friend suggested to think of one person to send this information to, with whom you would enjoy participating in this Group process.

Once registered as a “Participating Soul”, you will be sent further instructions.  A new tab will soon appear on the website titled, Esoteric Advent-Christmas 2018, where you will go daily to find the weekly ritual of meditations. Also, a page titled “Communicating With You” will always appear at the top of this tab; please open it regularly to receive messages or sharings from me/us.

After Christmas Day ends, Phase II will begin for those hearty Souls who choose to continue laying down a highly charged pattern in resonance with the Great Zodiacal wheel of Life, one Sign per Day for the 12 Days of Christmas—ending on Three Kings Day (Jan 6).  Through our group process, we bring Good Gifts to humanity.

Toward the end of the ritual process, if you are inspired and are able, please make a financial Contribution in gratitude and support of this “work”.  For those who cannot, your gratitude will carry the work forward.  

We look forward to Participating and Being with You,

Halina Bak-Hughes and Sheldon Hughes


*A Sharing from last year, 2017: Preparing for the First Mountain with the Madonna Laboris

 “… ~ last week Monday I began looking through the content for The First Mountain, making edits while on an airplane flying from the West coast (California) East to  NY … When complete I put the editing work down and turned my mind to other things.  A little more than an hour had passed when arriving at Dulles airport to catch a connection to NYC.  While walking to the next gate, I became aware of a powerful Presence around me – over-lighting me.  It was “the Madonna” - an enormous energy was pressing in upon my Consciousness, but stopped above my Crown, not descending further.  It was as if She wanted to come through but would not, could not give all that She wanted to give in that moment.  I realized She needs a group.  After further reflection, I sensed She was letting me know She was ready and waiting, confirming Her readiness for our Group process to begin, as if She were looking forward to it.  I sensed that what She wants to Give is significant. 

 Let us be aware of this now as we ready ourselves to begin ~ “Let us Be ready”, let us Be profoundly open to receiving that which She is prepared to presence through our expectant Soul group vehicle – the Soul Star Group, as well as each of us individually, as we begin our journey up the First Mountain with the Madonna pouring through us.  …” 

This year, in 2018, we will work with both the Madonna Laboris and the Solar Angel – during Week One.  Reading this now a year later, I am struck by the reality of what some may have thought was merely a painting by Nicholas Roerich.  I too had wondered, but after the above experience I had no doubt She is Real and is looking forward expectantly to working with us as conscious Participating Souls.                                  

Link to PDF of Letter of Invitation to Esoteric Advent - Christmas 2018 - CLICK HERE for PDF. To invite others who would enjoy this process, send this link: