Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity


Dear Friends Upon the Lighted Way,

A revised version of Aries 2018 Days Five, Six and Seven - V2 of the 7-Day Full Moon Process for Aries has been uploaded containing Supplemental reading for the hearty and interested (at the bottom after Day 7) for those who want to understand more about the Role of Pain and the Robe of Glory (the 4th and 5th Purposes of Sanat Kumara); The Will of God as it relates to the Shamballa Force, the Shamballa Impacts, and the problems this creates for the Spiritual Hierarchy and for the Lord of the World as it relates to evil;  and the Spiritual Hierarchy as a life line to God.  


These are rather 'advanced' areas of study but the teaching / learning value is great because the principle of correspondence applies to us as we apply the larger principles to our own lives.  What is offered is a treasure box from which we can extract the gems and jewels that carry specific meaning and application.   It is part of the "rain-cloud" of knowable things. 

We can take our time absorbing this in the days and remaining weeks of Aries that follow.  Feel free to post your learnings and comments on the Soul Conversations tab for all participants to learn from each other together.  

With continuing Love and Blessings,

Halina and Sheldon


3/31/18 (9:22 PM PDT)

Dear Friends walking the Lighted Way,

A very blessed Easter to you.  It is an understatement to say it has been a powerful, beautiful, inspiring, potentizing, uplifting and spiritually rich Easter process - that began with the Lenten process 'a long time ago'!  With the Full Moon of Aries occurring at the same time as Easter, the force has been with us reinforcing everything.

PARTICIPATING SOULS GROUP LIST.  Click Here: CLICK HERE for the group list of names of Participating Souls. There is also a live link on the Easter Sunday Meditation where we will evoke our Group Soul by "Naming each other in Love" and also presencing the Group Soul energy to our home locations.  I know some of you have not registered, and it pains me not to see your name on the group list, so if your name is missing, please write me ( or register immediately on the RSVP tab - please register even "after the fact" so that we can continue to "sound" your name in love and presence your Soul "where on earth you live".   Sheldon and I intend to continue meditating with this group for at least a week more, and some among us may want to do the same.  So PLEASE REGISTER in the RSVP tab and I will update the Group list.

There are a number of beautiful sharings on the Soul Conversations tab you may want to read!  We intend to respond in the next few days because prior to now, I simply have had zero time to respond to anything given the time demands of preparing Lent, Esoteric Easter week and the 7-day process for the Aries Solar Full Moon.  Perhaps I will learn how to clone myself !

Deep love and continued blessings to you, one and all.  Sheldon and I so very much love being with you, walking this sacred journey with you, as the Soul Star Group.  There is so much I would love to communicate ... but it will have to wait for another time.




Dearest Friends,

Earlier today, I meant to make a post and perhaps will transfer what I am writing here, there. The "fiery fineness" of the energy in the field makes me rather speechless as I search for words to describe the experience but the words fall short as not quite 'good enough'. I woke this morning aware of sliding into my body and with that entry an energy I was immersed in.  Sheldon after hearing me describe it said it reminded him of the "peaceful silent will".  This energy seemed to 'translate' my field and became the "substance" of energy coursing through my body - as there seemed to be nothing other than that energy.  As I slumbered in this energy coursing through my veins before waking up fully, it felt like a vibrational natural condition.  I want to add how remarkably fortunate we are to focus so fully, for such a prolonged period of time, individually and as a group upon the Initiation episodes and their accompanying states of expanded awareness.  To then focus on One as exalted as the Christ, it is as if we are in a state of semi perpetual osmosis absorbing and experiencing His field and the resultant spiritual benefits of His stature directly affecting those immersed. It should come as no surprise, but it does, leaving me once again speechless, and in awe.  And then again, after this morning's meditative immersion in Good Friday, the resultant energy immersion left its mark once again which I can only describe as "brimming with potency" in the alta major center (base of the skull and top of the spine) sensing a big motion UPward.  It would not let go, nor did I want to step out of it.     

One of our participants sent me once again his rendition of the Labors of Hercules for Aries, which I have uploaded in the 7 Days, on Full Moon Day.

We realize there is a great deal of energy, of power-ful energy with Aries as a conveyor of the First Ray, in addition to what the energy this week long Easter Vigil has evoked. So please pace yourselves so that you are not over-stimulated.  

The Full Moon (FM) page PREVIOUSLY under construction is now uploaded.   Due to differences in time zones, it is up to you in how to work with the timing and flow of the FM in concert with the Day of Silence and Contemplation for the Easter Vigil. The timing of these two days falling on the same Day could not be more perfect - as if organized by the universe!  Yet for those whose calendar Easter Sunday (in the South Pacific) is also Full Moon Day is even more auspicious - though you may be following the Easter calendar of the north to be in sync with the majority.  Regardless, it is the energy of the Rising Christ in man and humanity that is most relevant in either case. 

There are some beautiful posts in the Soul Conversations tab!

With Love and Blessings,

Halina and Sheldon

3/29 to 3/20, 18  Dear Friends,

You will find a rich, and long, presentation of content with CONTEMPLATIONS for Friday's Easter Vigil.  Were we doing a workshop, we would spend an entire day or two with just what is presented here.  Therefore, you may want to read through it first entirely, absorbing what you can, and then go back to do one or more Contemplations that draw you most.  Remember that these are living thought-forms.  If you enter into them with reverence, deeply, they will move through you and 'change' you.  The idea of Sacrifice and the Renunciation Initiation is "big" and could occupy us for the remainder of this life, and the next and the next!  

Regarding Day 3 of the 7 Day FM process, you need not even open the document for Day 3 because the first third of what is here (on Friday's Renunciation Day) is the same content for Day 3.  So if you immerse yourself in the Renunciation Day (Friday of the Easter Vigil), you've done more than what is there and therefore you've done it all. 

With Love and Blessings,

Halina and Sheldon


TODAY (3/29/18):


Thursdays have for many decades been a meditation day for Esotericists to link with the Christ and condition the energy field of Humanity to become invocative for His "Appearance" (Reappearance).  Today being a Thursday is the perfect Day for entering more deeply into the Presence of the Christ at a much higher level than perhaps most of us are accustomed to doing. 

This morning after our meditation with the Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, I added the following as a prelude to entering the Garden:

PREPARATION:  Before we enter the Garden of Gethsemane, let us bring our preparedness with us.  We are stepping through a portal into a dimension of Reality wherein lives the Christ.  The selected paragraphs below are more than interesting words on a page.  They are living Words written by a high Initiate, a Master of Love-Wisdom and a Disciple of the Christ (the Tibetan Master DK presented these Teachings for the Western Disciple steeped in both Christian and Buddhist theology).  As we read these words in the paragraphs below, let them "vibrate through us".   Stand as the Soul open to the Presence of high Truths and the energy fields that embody them.  The living dimensions of Father-Mother God has many mansions.  The mansion we are about to step into is exceedingly high and subtle that only the most sensitive aspect of our nature will register and 'know'.  Expect that you will, and you will  (if not now then sometime in a prepared future).

Let us "bring our preparedness" through every Portal of every Day of these Episodes to walk with the Christ.  


The CONTEMPLATIONS for DAY TWO of Aries are perfectly attuned with the High Thoughts found in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Do choose to work with one or more of them today to infuse your consciousness today (perhaps later in the day or before sleep).

In the earlier wee hours of this same day I wrote (1:34 AM PDT): 

Dear Friends,

It would be quite demanding to do the two daily meditations - one for the Easter Vigil and one for the 7 Day FM process.  

Therefore I suggest that for those participating in the daily EASTER VIGIL process, the meditation with the Soul Star Group should be done only once, and then incorporate the Contemplations and Practices for the specific Full Moon day if you choose.  The Soul Star Group is one and the same for both groups, with a different focus.  The Easter Vigil participants are working inclusively in two modes: mystically with the Mysteries of the Christ and the spiritual Hierarchy, as well as esoterically (occultly) with the science of Meditation and Invocation / Evocation.  The 7 Day Full Moon Meditators are working primarily occultly with the science of Invocation / Evocation, and with Meditation,  Contemplation and Diamond Soul Practices.

Those who are doing only the 7 Day FM process will not be reading this note because they are not participating in the Esoteric Easter Vigil, but in either case all are included in the Soul Star Group as part of the wider group Soul.  We include them in the Soul Field as participating Souls.  

I sense this work together is important and precious to the Christ.  It is also a privilege to be "thinking" these recurring high thoughts, truths and visions into being for the eventual full flowering of the Soul of Humanity.  As Humanity flowers, so do the lower kingdoms of nature because in essence they are in us.  As the Master DK has often stated, we should not work for a specific outcome of 'results' because the benefits of what we are doing together is often long term, visible to the eyes of the Master who sees into the future.  The arrows of intuition we shoot forward now, may be picked up life times from now and are not ours to determine.  What is of real value now is our working and moving forward together as One.

As we move with the Christ into the Garden of Gethsemane on this day, we are moving into a profound mystery, one that has cosmic tendrils of energetic connections.  Even if our present sensitivity and present state of awareness and consciousness does not fully understand the import or depth of what we are touching into energetically, our Soul does know and understand.  As we increase our sensitivity, in due time the "raincloud of knowable things" will drop Pearls of Truth and Life and Love into our awareness, one by one. 

For now, making our alignments with increasing focus and intensity, offering our finest love and highest devotion, opening our minds on high, and maintaining an attitude of expectancy with trust and faith in the response, will be more than enough for a down-flow and flow-through ... to be shared for effective service. 

In the One Heart,




Dear Friends,

It has been a richly deepening Lent / Easter process thus far.   It is a real joy to be working with you in this way and with such persistent fortitude.  The Christ Field is real and continues to strengthen and magnify every day! 

Soon we'll make some suggestions for next steps for those continuing with both the Easter Week Vigil process and also the 7 Day FM process (that begins on Wednesday for most of us and Thursday for those in the South Pacific).  

With Much Love and Blessings,


New note below


Dear Friends,

Last night a new section was uploaded onto Part III titled, THE RADIANT LIGHT OF THE AGES, which concerns the Transfiguration Initiation.  Scroll towards the bottom of Part III to find it.

Two simple yet potent Diamond Soul practices are included.

All we have been engaging in, culminating with this day, has been preparation for Easter Holy Week Vigil, beginning with the ENTRY INTO JERUSALEM (on Sunday) that will last two days into Monday.  

NEW NOTE: I am recommending that we go through this section once again, a second time, to really impress the subtle pattern of the Transfiguration Initiation and its energy Field into our causal body and lower vehicles before we proceed with the Entry Into Jerusalem (on Sunday).  

Love and Blessings to One and All,

Halina and Sheldon

P.S. A paragraph of new content was added (at the bottom of Part III) as well as some general edits of refinement; completed today at 2:22 PM PST.


The next phase of Lent has begun.  Go to the Page titled Lent - Part Two and then Part Three.

March 20, 2018

With the ingress of the Sun into Aries today, the energy dramatically shifts from an inner reflective process to an outer energy of expression.  Much more to say about this soon.  

Esoteric Lent - Part III will soon be loaded.  Thank you for your patience.  In the meantime and for now, please go to the 12 Lights of Life for Aries to begin to access the Aries thought-form now.  

Sheldon and some among us have made a few posts on the Soul Conversations tab that are very worthwhile reading.  

Starting this coming Sunday, Palm Sunday, we begin our sacred Easter Week Vigil.  More will follow.  

With Love and Blessings,

Halina and Sheldon


 March 11, 2018

Dear Friends,

There are some meaningful posts made by Participants that either I or Sheldon would also love to respond to. Thank you for making them.

I had hoped to have the next phase of Esoteric Lent ready by now, but we were called to southern California last week (having just returned the night before last) for an emergency Board meeting.  It is a full day's drive each way.  For us, and I hope for everyone involved in Esoteric Lent, we have simply and profoundly been 'mining the depths' of the inspiring content already created. We are finding everything so rich and deeply meaningful each time we take a deeper dive into any of the sections - such as "Leaves from Morya's Garden".  Some of these are timeless, stand-alone practices and Contemplations that can be accessed again and again, and any time of year.

We can also revisit the 7 Days of Pisces Full Moon ritual since we are still in Pisces with all the powers of the rulers, Jupiter and Pluto, doing its purificatory, refining work.

Having said that, within the next day or two, more content will be contemplated, written and uploaded for our group movement forward.

Love, Gratitude and Blessings to one and all,