Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity


FRIENDS - please come here daily for possible sharings, updates, and connectivity. The most recent communications will be on top.

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12/12/18 Thank you so much to everyone who recently made posts on Soul Conversations. Each sharing touched an aspect of truth that fanned and magnified our journey of ascent. In some mysterious way, I hear these sharings ringing in the field, over and over, like clarion bells!

About five soul “Lights” have joined the group. Your names have been added to the group of Participating Souls and we are now a group of 110 making the Mountain ascent! We welcome you wholeheartedly. If you have not already done so, simply begin. We are on the Second Mountain - The Higher Vibrations of Love, and tomorrow, December 13, we will be working with “Thursday”.

V4 of Participating Souls is now the most recently updated list - of a group of 110.

Blessings to one and All,

Halina and Sheldon


12/9/18 Hello Dear Friends,

Today is the Second Sunday of Advent. Every Sunday we are asked to do another candle lighting Ritual that not only symbolizes but also invokes esoteric energy into our lives for the sanctification of our lives and for the sacredization of our beloved planet, Earth and Kingdoms of nature. Today is the Second Light, and tomorrow we start Week Two - the Second Mountain. For the Sunday Candle Lighting Rituals, you need the list of Participating Souls and a revised list of names was uploaded today — we are now 105 Participating Souls, and we are a growing global group. Let us hold in our hearts the light and love we have invoked, welcoming all newcomers, as they integrate into our group process!

I would like to share a little. Today, as soon as I opened the list of names of Participating Souls to begin ‘naming us in love’ and to anchor these energies into our home locations, I discovered once again how powerfully magical the opening mantric phrases are —

We 'sound in Love' the names of “We who have here gathered”,

We bless the earthen places of “Where on Earth we Live”,

We sacred make the Temple Earth, “The Home we deeply Love”, …

As Souls, with Stars Above and in Our Hearts,  


When I first opened the list of names, I felt a thrill in my heart followed by warmth, and then when reading these phrases arriving at the last two lines, I felt an energy of blessing descending from “on high” gently working its way through my crown, head and throat and heart …. It was a truly beautiful, warm, inclusive feeling and flow of energy that was immediately present and not at all dependent on any one individual.

The other surprising awareness came during the Second Advent Lighting Ritual for today. At the moment of invoking / welcoming the Angel of the Southern Portal, I sensed the energy of an enormous Being looking down upon the group. As the Angel looked down upon us, I also sensed a feeling of immense love and even gratitude for what we are doing. I also sensed its “location” in a quadrant of the Earth, one of four, occupying a large domain of the Earth for which It is responsible, just as the Others are responsible for Theirs.

Today and this year, the Soul Star Group field is feeling much stronger — energetically fuller, deeper and stronger — though our numbers are slightly less than in other years. Do we have stronger meditators this year, are we more committed, is the group made of deeper substance from the former years of building, …?

We can expect a few more “Lights” to join us this next week as they hear from each other. After this week, I will close the door for the sake of our group integrity and forward movement “up the mountains” as we work to raise our individual and group vibration, and service through the daily practices.

I wrote earlier that being in NY this past week offered the opportunity to bring the energies of the Soul Star Group (SSG) into a planetary Center. We found ourselves standing in front of the statue of George Washington. Afterwards I wondered who he may be today. As the first U.S. president, he stood for true Democracy and those values that supported the fostering of the well-being of all. Often we can ascertain “a current state” through contrast — such as where America is today in terms of ‘values lived’ or outpictured. I see today a direct contrast and conflict with those early values of origin in America as higher values continue to slip and be held captive by forces of materialism and selfishness.

In a brief email dialogue with a Participating Soul, she described a powerful meditative experience she had with the SSG, where she sensed George Washington speaking through her - ending with the realization that he is part of the Soul Star Group. At first, this idea came as a shock, even to hear it whether true or not. After some reflection, I came to realize that of course it could be true, and indeed is true, if we consider the 49 greater Ashrams (Centers) of the Christ that exist along all the 7-Ray lines, and the various sub-groups (smaller centers or ashrams) and stages of expression or purpose. The mere existence of the SSG as a vehicle for Christ energy, after we intentionally link with the great “Potency of the inner Groups” serves as a counterforce to the forces of materialism giving space for deeper soul values to hold as well as emerge. A similar parallel is occuring in Europe with Brexit at this time where a decision will be made on Tuesday — this is a critical choice point for whether Europe remains unified or becomes separated. The forces of materialism work through separation and fragmentation. We and all lightworkers must work and live for the manifestation of Unity. The well-being of the world is at stake.

Let us invite, think and act Unity during this time — perhaps we’ve been given an opportunity for deeper Unity on a higher turn of the spiral after having brushed shoulders so closely with the forces of ‘separation’ and separative tendencies.

It is a blessing to be walking the Lighted Way with you.



12/8/18 So we begin with a new Sunday Advent light and Angel of the Southern Portal. On Monday, we begin the second Mountain!

On the plane home, I did some rather minor editing of the Second Advent Light ritual from what I had uploaded a few days ago - it flows better. For those who have already done it, please do not worry about it, the changes are not significant.

I just returned an hour ago, and Sheldon returns late tomorrow. We are so looking forward to giving greater in-depth focus. We realize this is a group process and all are responsible for the group field, not simply me or we two. The more we awaken to the Soul and our innate divinity, the more capacity we have to give and to hold the field. And so we count on the Group and the higher energies that flow through it.


12/7/18 Greetings Friends,

I’m in process of editing the ritual for the Second Advent Light. It will be uploaded soon in time for our friends in the South Pacific and Africa who are ahead of us in their time zones.

I’m still in NY and about to begin traveling early tomorrow morning back home to the west coast. It will be good to be back to re-enter more deeply and fully into this process.

Still, we have been and are with you daily in the Soul Star Group.


The Beauty of the Plan lives through the power of Truth to raise all that is untrue to the surface, and the ineradicable force of Good to pervade them all.


A few more Participating Souls have joined our group process and have been added to the group list (for V2). Several newcomers have joined us this year from T.M’s “All Spirals” group whom we wholeheartedly welcome! Others have joined by word of mouth, and a few through magnetic attraction after searching the www - the “world wide web” — this phrase has taken on new meaning. And those of us who have come together before know the deepening value of the Soul Star Group. A warm and hearty welcome to one and all!

If you have not gone to the Soul Conversations tab, please do. There are some wonderful posts to enrich our thoughts and support our unity, including a post by me this evening.

To all reading these words, realize that we are still gathering, and that our aim is to stand and move together ‘as one’ in loving service to a higher calling, whilst in the Holy energy field of the Madonna Laboris. We labor in love for the upliftment of Humanity and the lower kingdoms of nature. As we move forward upon the Way of the Soul, wave after wave of purifying, uplifting energies sweep through the group and all the fields we touch, leaving that which is ‘untrue’ to higher ways of living, behind as husks upon the path. A quote from A Treatise on White Magic:

“When man functions as a soul, he heals; he stimulates and vitalizes; he transmits the spiritual forces of the universe, and all harmful emanations and all destructive forces find in the human kingdom a barrier. Evil and its effects are largely dependent upon humanity for a functioning channel. Humanity's function is to transmit and handle force. This is done in the early and ignorant stages destructively and with harmful results. Later when acting under the influence of the soul, force is rightly and wisely handled and good eventuates. True indeed it is that "the whole creation travaileth in pain until now, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God."


I’m sensing there are Participating Souls who are participating but who forgot to register. Please do so because we want you visible with us!


Greetings everyone. Here we are, now beginning the First Sunday of Advent, and WEEK ONE - The First Mountain.

Some posts arrived in the Soul Conversations tab. We’ve not had the opportunity to read them yet, because we are traveling as of this morning. Please read them to move with the spirit of our group - feel free to reply to these or contribute your own! It’s all good.

Currently we are in the Denver airport enroute from Sacramento to NY. Prior to leaving home this morning, we did the First Sunday of Advent (at 5:30 am) - and I must say it is a powerful ritual - there are layers of life energy behind it — linking us with the greater Groups, and growing.

The Participating Souls list (our names and locations) is not up yet. I hope to have it uploaded prior to boarding the plane, and if not, then during the 4+ hour flight to NY I’ll complete and upload it after landing. Still, we felt the loving presence of the Soul Star group as a whole - genuine and beaming.


Letter sent to all who had registered after 11/30/18

Dear Friends and "Participating Souls" Upon the Lighted Way,

Thank you for registering for Esoteric Advent - Christmas.  Sheldon and I want to welcome you heartily into the group Soul field.  Currently we are a group of approximately 70 "Participating Souls".  Often we end up with well over 100 but this is where we are now.    

We want to thank registrants who participated in past Christmas Advents who wrote some words of appreciation and what this process has meant to you and how it continues to deepen your lives.

The anticipation can be felt in the field as we embark once again on this sacred adventure of spiritual renewal, heightening of energy, and service to the Christ and Companions on the Way, the Holy Mother Who lives in us all guiding our way upon the earth, and for the holy Company of Angels who participate with us.

This past week up until now was spent creating, writing and readying us for the First Sunday of Advent that begins on Sunday, and Week One which begins Monday. Everything we need to begin as a Group is spelled out on the website. Please ready yourself now for the first Sunday of Advent by opening the main tab for Christmas Advent 2018, and each page beneath it. The Page titles are self-evident and explain our process.

The Light of Love awaits us as we embark upon the Adventure about to begin in the energy of Entheos

Halina and Sheldon