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SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity

ASCENSION SUNDAY and pentecost week

Ascension Sunday - May 13


Pentecost Sunday - May 20

 Image by Greg Felter

Image by Greg Felter



SUNDAY, MONDAY (tuesday)

◊  CONTEMPLATE:  “We shall see later that upon the revelation of the risen Christ must the new world religion take its stand. Christ upon the Cross ... showed us love and sacrifice carried to their extreme expression; but Christ alive from all time, and vitally alive today, is the keynote of the new age, and upon this truth must the new presentation of religion be built and, later, the new theology be constructed. The true meaning of the Resurrection and the Ascension has not yet been grasped; as a divine subjective reality those truths still await revelation. The glory of the new age will be the unveiling of those two mysteries, and our entrance into a fuller understanding of God as life. The true Church of Christ is the assembly of all who live through the life of Christ, and whose life is one with His. This will be increasingly realised and will bring forth into clearer and more radiant light the wonder and glory which lies, unrevealed as yet, in God the Father”.  (FBTC, 162)   

◊  Let us make our Soul and Group alignment with the Soul Star Group, and link with the Ashram of the Christ through the Soul Star Group.  

We begin these first days impressing our Consciousness with this realizing thought:

"The true Church of Christ is the assembly of all who live through the life of Christ, and whose life is one with His."


◊ CONTEMPLATE:  “The fact of the resurrection will be demonstrated during the next few centuries, and the Living Christ will walk among men and lead them onward towards the Mount of Ascension. The Pentecost will become truth. All men will come under the tide of inspiration from on high, and though they may speak with many tongues, they will all understand each other”.       (EOH, 471)

Contemplate the "Living Christ" walking among humanity and leading all towards the Mount of Ascension.   Contemplate "Pentecost becoming truth" - where all of humanity increasingly comes under the "Tide of Inspiration from on High".   Contemplate the meaning of humanity speaking many tongues yet all understanding each other.  Does this suggest humanity has polarized (is focused upon) a higher sub-plane, the plane of Unity Consciousness where differences fall away in importance and love rules?  ◊  Visualize yourself, and the groups of which you are a part, coming into Unity consciousness - where all understand each other perfectly, where human relations and conditions on earth harmonize, where love and beauty reigns, ... allowing for a still higher tide of inspiration and energy to be presenced, felt and experienced.

Imagine such a "Day With Us".  In doing so, we impress the various fields of Humanity to make it so.  The Devas/Angelic builders come and begin their work through us.



(Sealing in the new vibrations)


"the mount of ASCENSION"


The following two Sutras, 39 and 40, from the book “Light of the Soul – The Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali”, describe the process (stages) of Ascension.  In the coming days, during this week, here, now and in the season of Pentecost, we have the opportunity to enter into these stages not only mystically, but magically and esoterically. As we allow the imprint of these ancient words and ideas to take hold, to take root at deeper levels – made possible because we are intentionally working as a Group, we can be increasingly impressed from “on High with Inspiration”.  This is the activity of the Holy Spirit, of the Presence, the activating holy fire

In the following days, therefore, let us read to absorb with the fire of intelligence - with love in the mind, further allowing the power of group impression to make a stronger hold upon individual awareness – as higher/deeper levels of awareness express through us moving us beyond where we currently operate.  Perhaps we shall have a taste of the future. Should we be given access to the higher senses –such as the gift of sight to see where we are now and what must be done to move forward a pace, or a new sense of touch or hearing or understanding or comprehension ... let us pause … to notice the Solar Angelic Presence, or the Presence, operating, working through us … consider the gifts given with the purest fire of gratitude.

Open and allow with pure intent, and it shall be done unto you.

Contemplatively reading these Sutras, their imprint will be made upon us.  We shore ourselves up.

In approaching what follows, let us be reminded that these stages are not necessarily sequential.  The stages on the path often work on several levels simultaneously.  Yet, having the entire pattern in mind is causal - imprinting the next stage, and then completing the whole.  We are already whole.  It is in the world of form that we are fragmented, where the parts must be sewn together, when once done, the lesser is left behind and a greater whole emerges in conscious awareness.

Diamond Soul Contemplations and Practices between the major ideas will likely be added.  In the meantime we have all that we need in these words spoken by a Master, and our infallible intuition.  If something is not clear, move on to the next section.  It matters not – clarity will arise when the mind is ready.   

More content, “lighter” and “richer” and “fuller”, will be added (perhaps as a link to a document) to facilitate “esoteric understanding” to move beyond yet include mystical sense awareness and yearning for union. Therefore return to see what new may have been added. 

What follows is a lengthy section.  Given individual time constraints, take in what appeals to you most, and return at another time for more.  It will never be "old" because what follows describes the Ascension process up to the 4th degree.  



SUTRA 39.  By subjugation of the upward life (the udana) there is liberation from water, the thorny path, and mire, and the power of ascension is gained.

[Note: subjugation refers to the control of the upward life upon the lower (the water, the thorny path and the mire].

"Pervading the whole body is that sum total of nervous force, called by the Hindu, prana.  It is controlled by the mind via the brain; it is the vitality which brings into activity the sense-organs and produces the outward-going life of the man; its medium of distribution is the nervous system through certain great distributing centres called plexi, or lotuses. The nerve ganglia known to orthodox medicine, are the reflections or shadows of the more vital plexi.  The student will not go far astray if he regards the sum total of prana in the human body as constituting the vital or etheric body.  This etheric body is formed entirely of energy currents, and is the substratum of living substance which underlies the dense physical form.

One term applied to this energy is the "vital airs."   Prana is fivefold in its manifestation, thus corresponding to the five states of mind, the fifth principle and to the five modifications of the thinking principle.  Prana in the solar system works out as the five great states of energy which we call planes, the medium of consciousness; these are:

1. The atmic or spiritual plane,

2. The buddhic or intuitional plane,

3. The mental plane,

4. The emotional, astral or kamic plane,

5. The physical plane.

The five differentiations of prana in the human body are:

1. Prana, extending from the nose to the heart and having special relation to the mouth and speech, the heart and lungs.

2. Samana extends from the heart to the solar plexus; it concerns food and the nourishing of the body through the medium of food and drink and has a special relation to the stomach.

3. Apana controls from the solar plexus to the soles of the feet; it concerns the organs of elimination, of rejection and of birth, thus having special relation to the organs of generation and of elimination.

4.  Vpana is found between the nose and the top of the head; it has a special relation to the brain, the nose and the eyes, and when properly controlled produces the coordination of the vital airs and their correct handling.

5.  Vyana is the term applied to the sum total of pranic energy as it is distributed evenly throughout the entire body.  Its instruments are the thousands of nadis or nerves found in the body, and it has a peculiar definite connection with the blood channels, the veins and arteries.

In this sutra we are told that by mastery of the fourth of these vital airs, certain definite results can be achieved and it will be interesting to note what they are.  This mastery only becomes possible as the Raja Yoga system is understood and mastered, for it involves the capacity to function in the head and to control the entire nature from the point within the brain.  When a man becomes polarised there, then the nervous force or energy found in the top of the head becomes active and through its correct control and through mastery of it, the right direction of the pranas of the body becomes possible and man reaches liberation; through it, noncontact in the three worlds is brought about.  The language used is necessarily symbolic and its meaning must not be lost through a materializing of its real significance.  Levitation, the power to walk on water, and ability to withstand the gravitational pull of the earth is its lowest and least important significance.

1. Freedom from water is a symbolic way of stating that the astral nature is subjugated and the great waters of illusion can no longer hold the emancipated soul.  The energies of the solar plexus no longer dominate.

2. Liberation from the thorny path refers to the path of physical life, and is nowhere more beautifully referred to than by the Christ in His parable of the Sowers, where some of the seed fell among thorns.  The explanation is given that the thorns are the cares and troubles of worldly existence which succeed in choking the spiritual life and in veiling the true man for so long.  The thorny path must lead to the northern path and that in turn to the Path of Initiation.  In one of the old books in the Archives of the Lodge, are found these words:

"Let the seeker after truth escape from drowning and climb the river's bank.  Let him turn towards the northern star and on firm ground stand, his face directed towards the light.  Then let the star lead."

3. Liberation from the mire refers to that mixed nature of kama-manas, desire and lower mind, which causes the unique problem of humanity.  It is a symbolic way also of referring to the great illusion which snares the pilgrim for so long.  When the aspirant can walk in the light, having found the light (the Shekinah) within himself in the Holy of Holies, then the illusion is dissipated. 

It is of value to the student to trace the analogy between the three parts of Solomon's Temple, and that of the "Temple of the Holy Spirit," the human frame.

The outer court corresponds to those energies and their corresponding organs found below the diaphragm.  The Holy Place is the centres and organs in the upper part of the body from the throat to the diaphragm.  The Holy of Holies is the head where is the throne of God, the Mercy Seat, and the overshadowing glory.

When these three aspects of freedom have been gained and the man is no longer dominated by the water, the mire or physical plane life, then "the power of ascension" is gained and he can ascend into heaven at will.  The Christ or spiritual man can stand upon the mountain of ascension, having passed through the four crises or points of control from the birth to the crucifixion.  Thus the "udana" or upward life becomes the controlling factor and the downward life no longer dominates.  



Reflect upon the outer court within yourself and within humanity; the Holy Place within yourself and within Humanity; the Holy of Holies within yourself, Humanity and those energies which correspond with the Spiritual Hierarchy and Shamballa (where the Love and Will of God are known, respectively).   

An inquiry one could make to gain insight is: With whom do we most associate?  Whom do we serve?  What is the nature of those relationships?

What is the nature of our inner Temple of the Holy Spirit?  How free or liberated are we from water, the thorny path, and mire? 

Is the "power of ascension" making gains sufficient to gaining momentum?  in any of these areas?  or as a whole?  Is "udana", the upward life, a controlling factor?  In other words, what is dominating? 

What more can be done?

And what of your groups? 

And that of Humanity?

40. Through subjugation of the samana, the spark becomes the flame.

“This sutra is one of the most beautiful in the book and the translation by Charles Johnston should here be noted:  "By mastery of the binding life comes radiance."  Another interpretation might be "through control of samana the AUM (the Word of Glory) manifests."  Out of the heart are the issues of life, and the vital energy called samana controls the heart and the life breath through the lungs.  When the body is purified and its energies rightly directed, and when rhythm is achieved, then a radiant life is seen.

This will work out literally and not simply metaphorically, for when the life currents are directed by the soul upon the throne, through the nerves and the blood channels, then only the purest atoms will be built into the body and the result will be a shining forth of light through the entire man.  Not only will the head be radiating light so that the clairvoyant will see a halo or circle of brilliant colors, but all the body will be irradiated by the vibrant centres of electrical force distributed throughout the body.”

(Light of the Soul (LOS), 328/333)

CONTEMPLATIVE VISUALIZATION:  Let us affirm:  "the life currents are directed by the soul upon the throne .... then only the purest atoms will be built into the body and the result will be a shining forth of light through the entire man."



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