Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity




APRIL 18 - 20, 2019




THE WORD OF THE SOUL:  “I come forth, and from the Plane of Mind I Rule”


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You may want to read (or re-read) the section below titled Aries in Easter

FIRST ARIES 7-DAY Full Moon Ritual

SEVEN-DAY Solar Full Moon Ritual in Group Approach to Divinity

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NOTE: March 20/21 is the VERNAL EQUINOX when the SUN MOVES INTO ARIES at 3:00 PM PDT; 10 PM GMT.

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After a day or two of rest from the fires of the Aries FM, Esoteric Lent will resume with Part IV (and Part V preceding Esoteric Easter Holy Week).

Keep in mind that esotericists may want to meditate this Sunday on the Revelation - Resurrection energy of the Aries Risen Christ — the first EASTER SUNDAY given that this is considered to be the first Sunday following the Vernal Equinox and Aries Full Moon. “We” however shall also observe a full Easter Holy Week with the traditional church calendar to suffuse Easter Tide with hierarchical energy as the majority of “religious” humanity participate during that time, therefore attracting Christ’s and Hierarchical interest, and ours.

By observing two Easter Sundays, though exceedingly rare, we are in effect initiating a new idea and esoteric rhythm into a church calendar, perhaps more true to say, an Esoteric Christic calendar — an Easter Blue Sunday coinciding with the Aries Blue Full Moon.

See Calendar below.

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(Edited 3/22/19)


ARIES in EASTER is a celebratory Observance of the Rising Christ, the Risen Christ — on a solar, planetary and human scale of inter-relationships.

Let us take a moment to consider the “Rising Christ — the Risen Christ” at three levels of expression. The Solar Risen Christ as a solar event coincides with the Vernal Equinox when the Sun moves into Aries streaming Christ energy through the Sun — the Son of Divine Love. A direct relationship between the Sun and the Earth through one of the four points on the Cardinal Cross (the equinoxes and solstices) comes into being. Further, the rising or Risen Christ on a planetary scale coincides with the Full Moon of Aries as the moon reflects the Sun’s rays onto the earth and the peoples of the Earth. And, the human or Rising Christ of Humanity comes into the foreground during Easter Tide celebrated en masse by billions of church going people during Easter Holy week and on Easter Sunday.

Esotericists tend to separate themselves from the traditions of organized church religion, often for good reason. And yet, there are times when good reason asks us to restrain judgement and come closer to what the “true knowers” interspersed throughout the ranks of religious churches are working toward on behalf of the Plan lifting Humanity closer to the Christ.

Easter Sunday is called a ‘Moveable Feast” in the tradition of the church, and finds its place on the church calendar calibrated to the Vernal Equinox and the Aries Full Moon. Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the Full Moon of Aries following the Vernal Equinox. Easter Sunday, therefore, is based upon an esoteric astronomical and astrological hierarchical alignment with the heavens.

During “Easter Tide”, via the above alignments, a tide of outpouring and inpouring energies flow from on High to and through the Aquarian Christ — leader of the Kingdom of Souls, to Humanity, placing both kingdoms en rapport, in relationship. Consequently, through resonance the Planetary Christ, the Solar Christ and Cosmic Christ come into relationship. More simply said, through the Soul of the Earth, Sun and Stars, a meeting of Joyful alignment takes place. “Throughout the Universe, it is the Soul which is the conscious, sensitive theme of the divine Plan.” (EA, 295) “Esoteric Advent” is the advent of the Soul of the Christ principle pouring through all the Kingdoms of nature.

During the Easter period, at no other time than the Christmas season, is Humanity participating in church ritual in such large numbers, en masse, in close proximity and conscious relationship with hierarchical energies. This has been hierarchically intended and must be recognized and valued by esotericists even if imperfect. The Christ and spiritual Hierarchy make use of these times, seasons, and religious events. Through these alignments and spiritual observances, we experience the Human Kingdom merging with the Kingdom of Souls, it is an initiation process even if largely unconscious. Making conscious what is unconscious is the job of the esotericist — either directly imparting the light of information (esoteric education), or through holding and linking and participating in living rituals and observances (as we have been). The question for us reading these words is, how can we serve to bring in more of the new and the real? How can we facilitate replacing the outmoded doctrines that still hold the mind and soul so captive en masse? Part of the answer is to continue doing what we are doing, participating and celebrating the living Risen Christ — in ourselves as fractals of the Great Self, in Humanity as the unfolding World Disciple, and in and through all of Creation — as the earth and star-studded heavens come into holy relationship. Through these ‘observances’ we make it conscious, therefore realized.

In sacred ritual, timed to solar, planetary and organized spiritual events, we often see an overlap where “spiritual happenings” occur in close proximity to each other — coming into each others orbit or conjunction, or falling upon unique or special days, or occurring more than once such as with Blue Moons. We need to pay special attention to these “happenings” and ask what is the meaning or spiritual significance of this and what is the opportunity - such as an astrologer or tarot card reader or telepathic observer would ask. We need to pay close attention to “what has come into orbit” because these indicate relationship, often sacred relationship — and draw upon higher intuition to ponder their meaning and potential significance.

Last year in 2018, the Full Moon of Aries and Easter Sunday coincided, occurring on the very same weekend. We could infer the meaning or significance of this “happening” to mean a rising Christ in Humanity, en masse, as the Full Moon energies stimulated billions of people through the Church ritual celebrations of the Risen Christ — the consciousness of humanity rising. It was an especial “Christing” or annointing in the silence of Easter Saturday when Christ enters the underworld, ‘raising the dead’, bringing the blessings of the Risen Christ via an Aries FM on that very day — truly culminating the entire period of Easter Tide, then waking to that fact on Easter Sunday when the tomb of matter is rolled away. How astonishingly orchestrated this all was.

This year, in 2019, we have the unusual occurrence — a synchronicity and co-incidence of the Vernal Equinox and the Full Moon of Aries occuring on the same day or in close proximity (4 hours apart). We could infer there is an emphasis being laid upon the relationship of the Solar Christ and the Rising Christ of the Planetary (Earth) Logos, Sanat Kumara and the Christ. This places less an emphasis upon the Center of Humanity and more upon the spiritual Hierarchy and all initiates, disciples and world servers who are able to be recipients of something “extra” — all in relationship to the Solar Lord. This is our time now. Our lenten practice to hold the highest point possible through the “disciplines of spirit” has been our preparation.

And there is more. With two Full Moons in Aries — hence a blue moon, we shall have two hits of Aries FM energy and two hits of Risen Christ energy — in the very beginning of the Sun’s ingress and at the very end, giving us an entire month running energy all the way through acting as bookends — we shall be steeped in initiating Christ energy wanting to make itself Known, felt, experienced, received and risen unto — do we see the amazing opportunity here? Do we sense the Solar Logos, PL and SK, spiritual Hierarchy and the Christ speaking — for us us to recognize and avail ourselves of the opportunity for the intensification of spirit in our lives?

For humanity, en masse in the churches, the second Full Moon of Aries occurs on a Friday — on Good Friday where older erroneous beliefs still prevail emphasizing pain, suffering and death — a slain Christ Jesus. A newer understanding still unfolding rejects the slain Christ to emphasize a Risen Christ — a Rising Christ — an Aquarian Christ manifesting the gifts, powers and potentials of the inner God contained in the True Soul. Here then is an esoteric opportunity to replace an old story with the new, with what Aries brings — initiation into the new and higher truths of God imminent and the truth of the undying Soul — that will bring about the Rising Christ in Humanity as One Being.

It was brought to our attention through a “sister” participant referencing a Rudolph Steiner group on their website taking a more careful look at the traditional ‘church calendar’ rule which determines what day Easter Sunday should be ‘observed’. As stated above, Easter Sunday is always the first Sunday after the Vernal Equinox (Wed, Mar 20) and Full Moon of Aries (also Mar 20). In this case then, the first Sunday after the FM, March 24 — should, or could be Easter Sunday, not a month later. However, for reasons not known (to us), the church has chosen to observe the second Aries Full (Blue) Moon on April 19 as the FM that determines Easter Sunday, making April 21 Easter Sunday.

Rather than allowing confusion or misinterpretation to take root — that the church echelon do not know what they are doing or that humanity is somehow ‘missing the mark’ by incorrectly timing its spiritual events outside of real energies — let us consider this differently, from a whole and esoteric perspective.

First, let us see this as a double opportunity to celebrate two Easter Sundays. We now in effect have TWO EASTER SUNDAYS with the opportunity to reinforce the energy of TWO ARIES FULL MOONS of both of which stand for the Risen Christ — all this happens through full moon periods via an adjusted point of emphasis. The first FM during the Vernal Equinox can be seen as purely Hierarchical — as the Solar Lord loving and stimulating the Earth itself. The second FM can be understood as Humanity coming closer to the spiritual Hierarchy — to the Christ: “I draw all men unto Me.” In the rising Soul of Humanity drawing closer to the Christ — the two kingdoms, Hierarchy and Humanity, come closer into each others orbit, blending, influencing and eventually merging as pre-ordained. This is what is meant in part when Humanity in its upper vibrational ranks is taking initiation — drawing closer to the Christ. Here then lies deep spiritual significance for humanity, inseparable from the Earth and Hierarchy through these events.

There is one more interpretative lens through which to see a significant renewing opportunity. The official church calendar of Easter Sunday occurs on April 21 — coinciding with the second Full Moon of Aries, a Blue Full Moon which occurs on Good Friday, April 19. We could say this second Easter Sunday is a Blue Moon Easter Sunday coinciding with the Aries Blue Moon.

Saturday, April 20, the sun moves into Taurus. Easter Sunday is therefore celebrated when the sun has moved out of Aries—the sign of the Christ, into the very beginning of Taurus—the Sign of the Buddha. Rare this is. Therefore, rather than seeing this as a problem or mistake, let us see this second Easter Sunday as the combined energy of the CHRIST and the BUDDHA — together! We are told Christ is taking on the vestures of the Buddha and will preside over the Wesak Festival after the Buddha moves on to higher responsibility yet continues to support and work through the Christ — as He now does being one point of the triangle surrounding the Christ with two Others.

We are truly entering a Christ Age. Christ will return as World Teacher, leading Humanity forward into the Aquarian Age. Could the timings of these church festivals and cardinal FM alignments be signs and pre-cursors of what is moving into place. Do we have ‘the eyes to see’?

An Esoteric Lent period of 40 days works with the energy of two Signs, Pisces and Aries — with the Saving Force and with the Risen Christ. This period is rife with deep meaning, potency, spiritual significance and therefore deeply powerful opportunity. WE HAVE ENTERED into an auspicious period — let us be fully aware of ‘supreme possibility’. Let us avail ourselves of this period like no other, to “be with” and “consciously work with” the spiritual Hierarchy in Whose center stands The Christ — The Lord of Love Who so loves Humanity He will be with us for yet another Age — leading Humanity onward. If ever we are left wanting to know what to be grateful for, let this be a healthy reminder. Still more, if ever we want the purity and potency of simplicity, let this be it.

Our lenten period to ‘live at the highest point possible all the time’ has been and will continue to be a potent facilitating discipline for leading us forward, individually and together as a group, toward the goal.



VERNAL EQUINOX - March 20, 3:00 PM PT; 10 PM GMT

Full Moon of Aries - March 20: 6:43 PM PT; Mar 21: 1:43 AM GMT

Unofficial “First” Easter Sunday: March 24 - first Full Moon of Aries after Vernal Equinox

(NEW MOON of Aries: April 5: 1:52 AM; 9:52 AM GMT)

Blue FM Aries - April 19 - 4:12 AM PT; 12:12 PM GMT

EASTER TIDE: April 14 - Palm Sunday begins EASTER HOLY WEEK

Easter Week events with Good Friday - April 19 on the Aries Blue Moon

Saturday, Sun moves into Taurus - April 20: 1:56 AM PT; 8:56 AM GMT

Esoteric Easter Sunday - April 21 - Easter Sunday on the traditional Church Calendar