Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity

The Third LIGHT and Angel of Gemini 

3. Gemini.—The Light of Interplay. This is a line of light beams, revealing that which opposes or the basic duality of manifestation, the relationship of spirit and of form. It is the conscious light of that relationship.  

Keynote: ‘I’ [the soul] recognize my other self [lower self] and in the waning of that self ‘I’ grow and glow.

“This sign is sometimes called the "constellation of the resolution of duality into a fluid synthesis." Governing as it does all the pairs of opposites in the zodiac, it preserves the magnetic interplay between them, keeping them fluid in their relations, in order eventually to facilitate their transmutation into unity, for the two must finally become the One.”  This is the energy that “relates” everything – it creates relationship, overcoming separation.

“Because the Ray of Love-Wisdom, the second ray, pours through Gemini it becomes apparent how true is the [hidden] teaching that Love underlies the entire universe.  God is Love, we are assured, and this statement is both an exoteric and an esoteric truth. This underlying love of Deity reaches our solar system primarily through Gemini, which forms, with the constellation of the Great Bear and the Pleiades, a cosmic triangle. This is the triangle of the cosmic Christ and is the esoteric symbol lying behind the cosmic Cross. There is ever the eternal triangle to be found behind the fourfold phenomenal appearance. Speaking symbolically and in the words of the Old Commentary:

"Upon the golden triangle, the Cosmic Christ appeared; His head in Gemini; one foot upon the field of the Seven Fathers and the other planted in the field of the Seven Mothers (these two constellations are sometimes called the Seven Brothers and the Seven Sisters. A.A.B.). Thus for aeons, the Great One stood, His consciousness in-turned, aware of three but not of four. Intent, with suddenness, He heard a sound go forth.... Arousing to that cry, He stretched Himself, reached forth both arms in understanding Love, and, lo, the Cross was formed.”

“… in the fact of the pain and sorrow which are distinguishing qualities of our planetary life lies hid a secret mystery.  Through this relationship [of Gemini and Sagittarius] and through the medium of the potencies pouring into our planet, a situation is set up which I might express in the words of the Old Commentary: 

"When the dual forces of the cosmic brothers (Gemini) become the energy of the one who rides towards the light … then the fourth becomes the fifth.  Humanity, the link, becomes the Hierarchy, the bestower of all good.  Then all the Sons of God rejoice."    [EA, 356]

The energies of this sign …”condition the soul within the form and subject it to those influences which will lead to the intensification of the ordinary evolutionary process and the consequent waxing of the soul light and the waning of the light in matter itself. This initiates the struggle which, in a human being, is consciously realized as being between soul and personality.  This leads to a final stage in Capricorn [initiation into greater light and life].”  [EA, 360]

“Gemini is pre-eminently the sign of the Messenger, and this sign produces many of the messengers of God as they appear down the ages, the revealers of new divine truths and the intermediaries between the fourth and fifth kingdoms” [human and soul kingdoms].  Gemini has mental agility and fluidity of mind … When there is facility of mental approach in any direction and in connection with the many opposites in manifestation, you have the emergence of the divine Messenger in his true character, able to comprehend extremes and to relate them divinely to each other.”  [EA, 354]  When opposites are brought together and related divinely to each other, we become messengers of Truth.  The Buddha and the Christ were two such recent Divine Messengers for Humanity.  The Master DK on another turn of the spiral was a messenger bringing the Wisdom teachings of the east to the west, and set the stage for a new and contemporary Discipleship; Alice Bailey, who was born in Gemini, served as the messenger or communicator, for these teachings (esoteric teachings were brought into written expression from the Mind of the Master). Returning to the theme of this sign, the Soul is ever the divine Messenger to the personality, bridging Spirit and Matter.

◊ ◊ ◊

Christ in you was born anew during the Winter Solstice Christmas days.  The new Mind of Christ in you  confers twelve new powers of the Self – of the True Soul. Today we meet the Angel of Gemini who will stimulate the third of twelve new Christ powers – each a facet in the Glory Body of the One Self.

ATTUNEMENT FOR CONTEMPLATION ◊ Come into conscious alignment with the Soul, the Christ ◊ Send forth a ray of love to connect with the group as a whole ◊ and “the great potency of the inner groups” (the Ashrams of the Christ) ◊ Light a candle, a living flame of light in your mind, to attune with and invite the Angel of Gemini to activate the 3rd great petal of light.  In this light, we will work with one of the following seed thoughts (or one from the text above) to unfold the latent power of this petal as we Contemplate.

Attuned with the Angel of the third petal, allow the “light of interplay” which resolves (re-souls), to pour into your mind. Where does this light lead you?  How do you respond?  

What do you see that needs the resolving (re-soul-ing) influence of this energy or power in your personal life, in your service, or in the world?  Reflect.

"When the dual forces of the cosmic brothers (Gemini) become the energy of the One who rides towards the light … then the fourth becomes the fifth.  Humanity, the link, becomes the Hierarchy, the bestower of all good.  Then all the Sons of God rejoice."   Self inquiry: when the dual forces of Gemini are working rightly together – the Soul is in charge of the personality and the soul is gaining ascendency and is waxing.  Think of examples in your own life where the Soul and personality came into right relationship after a conflict of opposing forces – where pain and sorrow had been resolved or relieved.  What followed, what arose?  Recall to mind what happened in you – and the impact in your life and group or personal relations.  As we heal these inner separations, we join in the light of interplay; we stand in a new altitude in relation to the situation and this light begins to extend into all relations.  Recalling this now in “mind” recalls this “holy instant” and brings into the present the power of the magic of interplay.

Consider the Angel of this petal saying to you (to us): ‘You are the Christ energy of Love pouring through all creation relating all opposites, uniting them and overcoming duality, thereby healing all separation’.  Contemplate and allow.  Discover then at least one line of connection, among our many lines of relationship, asking for unification.  We all live under the same Sun and within the one central Son.  When complete, place your hands over your heart - feel the energy of your heart, knowing that all things are resolved – re-Souled in the energy of the heart.

This third petal is a facet of the New Mind of Christ in you to unfold and express. Ask – that this day be a living example of the Keynote: how can I be a Messenger of beautiful and harmonious inter-play on this day? By beginning our day this way, we step into the sphere of unity.

‘I stand in the fulfilled blessings of Gemini so that love can flow’.

Impress your mind with the Light of Gemini—The Light of Interplay.  Keynote: ‘I’ [the soul] recognize my other self [lower self] and in the waning of that self ‘I’ grow and glow. ◊ Impress and associate the above thoughts with the third petal.  Open yourself to intuitive impression.  Sound a sacred OM sealing in the new vibration and new awareness.  

CLOSING: In gratitude, let us extend a beam of lighted Love to the Angel of Gemini governing the third Petal of the ‘Heart in the Head’ center (Lotus) ◊ As we consciously express the 3rd petal, allowing it to work in and through us, the group and the world, we are widening the channel of connection and reception, and strengthening the livingness of the New Mind in Christ. The power(s) of this facet of the Soul-Self increases and unfolds with every true Soul expression and conscious application. ◊ Bless and Be Blessed !