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SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity



CAPRICORN moving into Aquarius 2019



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The Light of Initiation

“This is the light which clears the way to the mountain top, and produces transfiguration, thus revealing the rising sun.


“The Light that shines on Earth, across the Sea.”

“This is the light which ever shines within the dark and cleansing with its healing rays that which must be purified until the dark has gone".  (EA, 330)

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‘Waters Of Life Am I Poured Forth for Thirsty Humanity’



"The entire "vault of heaven" is the phenomenal appearance of that entity."


"The Ancient Wisdom teaches that "space is an entity".  It is with the life of this entity and with the forces and energies, the impulses and the rhythms, the cycles and the times and seasons that esoteric astrology deals".    (Esoteric Astrology, 7/8)

The Heavenly Man turns the zodiacal wheel.

“The heavens, the constellations, signs and planets mean one thing to the Hierarchy and another thing to the astronomers and still another thing to the astrologers, whilst they are simply bewildering galaxies of light to the average citizen. I feel the need to remind you of this and to point out to you that astronomical facts are only relative as regards the true and factual nature of ‘That’ about which scientific pronouncement is made; they are declarative of life and potency but not as science and the average man understand them. From the standpoint of esoteric truth, they are simply embodied Lives and the expression of the life, the quality, the purpose and the intent of the Beings Who have brought them into manifestation.” (EA, 257)


“The entire theme of the zodiac can be approached from the angle of light and its unfolding and increasing radiance and of the gradual demonstration in what I have called elsewhere "the glory of the One." The mode of the development of this inner light and of its externalization must remain—from the standpoint of its cosmic effects—one of the secrets of initiation and this for a long time to come. It will, however, not be out of place if I were to give symbolically certain phrases and sentences which will indicate (for each sign) this "growth of light in light," as it is esoterically called, bearing in mind that we are attempting to express conditions connected with the soul whose essential nature is light”.

“This soul-light affects the form as evolution proceeds and produces sequentially the revelation of that form, and of the nature of space-time as well as of the goal.” ... "A study of the above thoughts will reveal the symbolic story of the irradiation of matter, of the growth of the light body within the macrocosm and the microcosm, and finally make clear the purpose of the Logos."  (EA, 328/9)

The great Zodiacal Being Who ensouls all twelve constellations is ONE BEING, One Whole and One Life energy, twelve-faceted in nature. We are fractile replicas of That Being in our own Body Being, therefore Divine.

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Sun's Entry into Aquarius: January 20 - 1:01 AM PST; 4:01 AM EST; 9:01 AM GMT

Aquarius Solar Full Moon Day: Jan 20/21, 2019

9:16 PM PST; Jan 21: 12:16 AM EST; 5:16 AM GMT

7 DAY Group Ritual Process: 

Jan 17/18 - Jan 23/24. Process begins *three days before actual full moon day, and ends three days after.

For the exact Full Moon moment in most major global cities, copy or paste the following URL into your browser:

*The 7-DAY Full Moon ritual process begins 3 days before the ACTUAL DAY OF THE FULL MOON in your time zone and ends 3 days after: If Full Moon day in your time zone is on a Sunday, then Thursday is your Day One (of 7 Days). If Full Moon day in your time zone occurs on a Monday, then Friday is Day One for you.

To participate in the 7-Day Group Ritual, scroll down below the image of the Full Moons for the daily links.


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What Is Alignment?  What Is Alignment?

Mantram - Sacred Word OM, Breath of Life

THE GREAT INVOCATION - The Great Invocation: A World Prayer for Humanity

Mantram of Unification

Affirmation of the Disciple

SOUL STAR The Soul Star Group - Image

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NOTE: If you are new to the “Esoteric Advent” 7-Day Full Moon group rituals, this is a guided, self-disciplined process.  Come here daily,

With practice, the meditations and applied practices will become deeper, fuller, richer and more potent.  Attuning with the Group Soul, named the Soul Star Group, is key to participating in group Service, and for having the most effective and fulfilling experience in our Group Approach to Divinity.

The Meditations, Contemplations, and Diamond Soul Practices are prepared for us daily. They are a means to learning and applying the Ageless Wisdom teachings in daily life, thus serving the Plan and Soul of Humanity.

CAPRICORN / aquarius

THE LIGHT OF INITIATION moves to universality and group service


A Group Approach to Divinity

Days 1 - 3: Days of Preparation

Day 4 : Aquarius Solar Full Moon Day

Days 5 - 7: Days of Distribution


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These daily Practices can be greatly enhanced when accompanied by the meditation music of Harold Moses.  The “notes” presented here correspond with the ray energies of the constellations as esoterically understood to the best of our current knowledge.

To accompany our "Daily Ritual Meditations, Contemplations and Diamond Soul Practices", two music tracks are provided.  The first in the Note A (DO RE MI FA SO LA TI DO) corresponds with the 5th Ray energy streaming through Aquarius.  The second in the Note G (DO RE MI FA SO LA TI DO) corresponds with the 2nd Ray of Love-Wisdom streaming through Jupiter — the Esoteric Ruler of Aquarius.  LOVE is the SO-Sol-Soul note of the Universe.  Through over-tones, the Heart Drone corresponds with all the Rays and is used in all Full Moon Rituals.

To hear both the sounds of music and at the same time read from the daily PDF files (after opening them), you need to open the Esoteric Advent website twice (on two tabs) - one to play the music, the other to read from. Of course, some will prefer to have no music or sound playing to enjoy the silence of the Soul and the music of the inner worlds heard by the inner subtle senses.

Click on appropriate Day below

The “Days” will be uploaded when ready; shaded words are a 'link' to a PDF (an electronic Portable Document File)

Note: Refresh your open website tabs daily to see daily new uploads and changes made to the website.

Day One - CLICK HERE:  CLICK HERE - last degrees of Capricorn

Day Two - CLICK HERE: CLICK HERE - V2.1 (entering Aquarius (early :)


DAY FOUR: FULL MOON DAY OF AQUARIUS - January 20 / 21, 2019. No PDF is provided for FULL MOON DAY because a Ceremonial Ritual to participate was created on the website accompanied by music. Do the ritual as close to the exact Full Moon time as possible — or within 12 Hours. GO DIRECTLY to: 2019 AQUARIUS SOLAR FULL MOON DAY to participate.

Day Five, V2 - CLICK HERE - for first Day of Energy Registration and Distribution

Day Six, V2 - CLICK HERE - for second Day of Energy Registration and Distribution

Day Seven - CLICK HERE

Let us extend Gratitude to the Soul Star Group organism and all Participating Souls for this sacred journey working as Souls in group ritual Approach to Divinity for the Heart of the Christ and the evolving Soul of Humanity. 

Music by HAROLD G. MOSES can be ordered through Nimbit Music:

HGMoses - Harmonic Sounds and Tracks

HGMoses - Instrumental


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