Esoteric Advent

SOL INVICTUS UNIVERSALIS: Contemplative Diamond Soul Practices and Spiritual Rituals for the Heart of the Christ and the Soul of Humanity

(revised last night prior to Palm Sunday morning and again today)


entering the Soul Field of the christ


“… In the West, what the Great Ones seek to break is not the form of Christianity but the grip of the Churches on the minds of the masses. The old forms of thought and of interpretation are now too restricted and too tightening in their hold upon the imprisoned and struggling life. That life must break forth. It cannot be confined by the ancient restrictions. Yet at this time there does not exist the need for an utterly new venture or for an entirely new presentation of truth.  Nature and evolution move with gentle gradations and not with breaks and uncorrelated manifestations in the world of forms. In all progressing developments, the old outlines can be seen—enlarged, purified and more beautiful, yet recognizable as the old form on a higher turn of the spiral.”

“…What is required is the re-vivification of the old forms, and their infusion with fresh life; the old organizations must be awakened to the hour of opportunity and must change from static organizations to living organisms. The old rituals must be revived and brought up to date (in the esoteric sense of the word) and the religious [spiritual] students of the world must be graduated into a higher school, given the esoteric interpretations, and taught that, after all, the truth has been present all the time, but hidden and misinterpreted.”

“One event is already in process of manifesting. The Christ and His disciples, the Masters of Wisdom and the Great Companions, are approaching nearer to the physical plane. The work of mental preparation for that event, and the construction of the thought-form of the advent or second Coming, has now been completed. There remains the precipitation of that event, its appearance on astral levels and its materialization on the physical plane. I would ask all of you who read these words about the second Coming, to reserve opinion as to the exact nature of that event.”    



Easter Holy Week

T-20.I.1. This is Palm Sunday, the celebration of victory and the acceptance of the truth. 2 Let us not spend this holy week brooding on the crucifixion of God's Son, but happily in the celebration of his release. 3 For Easter is the sign of peace, not pain. 4 A slain Christ has no meaning. 5 But a risen Christ becomes the symbol of the Son of God's forgiveness on himself; the sign he looks upon himself as healed and whole.

T-20.I.2.               This week begins with palms and ends with lilies, the white and holy sign the Son of God is innocent. 2 Let no dark sign of crucifixion intervene between the journey and its purpose; between the acceptance of the truth and its expression. 3 This week we celebrate life, not death. 4 And we honor the perfect purity of the Son of God … 5 Offer your brother the gift of lilies, not the crown of thorns; the gift of love and not the "gift" of fear. 6 (If) You stand beside your brother, thorns in one hand and lilies in the other, uncertain which to give 7 Join now with me and throw away the thorns, offering the lilies to replace them. …

T-20.I.3.               A week is short, and yet this holy week is the symbol of the whole journey the Son of God has undertaken. 2 He started with the sign of victory, the promise of the resurrection, already given him. 3 Let him not wander into the temptation of crucifixion, and delay him there. 4 Help him to go in peace beyond it, with the light of his own innocence lighting his way to his redemption and release. 5 Hold him not back with thorns and nails when his redemption is so near. 6 But let the whiteness of your shining gift of lilies speed him on his way to resurrection.

T-20.I.4.               Easter is not the celebration of the [cost] of sin, but of its [end.] 2 If you see glimpses of the face of Christ behind the veil, looking between the snow-white petals of the lilies you have received and given as your gift, you will behold your brother's face and recognize it. 3 I was a stranger and you took me in, not knowing who I was. 4 Yet for your gift of lilies you will know. 5 In your forgiveness of this stranger, alien to you and yet your ancient Friend, lies his release and your redemption with him. 6 The time of Easter is a time of joy, and not of mourning. 7 Look on your risen Friend, and celebrate his holiness along with me. 8 For Easter is the time of your salvation, along with mine.




"No man has ever been saved by theology but only by the living Christ

and through the awakened consciousness of the Christ within each human heart”.

(POH, 133)


(Radiance Transformation -  Alexander Ivanov    ,    1824)

(Radiance Transformation - Alexander Ivanov , 1824)

Hide not the secret of your Heart, O Son/Daughter of God.

Broadcast widely the Love of Thy Soul as a Light unto the World.


Through Light shall ye see Light,

Through Love shall ye Know Love,

Through Life shall ye truly Live,

O Pilgrim on the Way, Offer the gifts of Thy Salvation — Holy Love, Holy Light, Holy Will

to a thirsting humanity who would drink deep of the waters of Life

for a new Harmony to prevail upon the planes of our Earth.

Thus is the new Temple of Humanity built.

Thus shall we Know a new Earth.

Thus will the Sons of Men who know not they are Sons and Daughters of God

Turn their faces to the brightness of a new Day

Knowing the Self as One

And gifts of Freedom, pure.

Then will the veils of the earth lift,

Revealing luminous Beauty,

Joy-filled Days,

and Holy Companionship.





◊ Let us enter the Peaceful Presence of the Soul.  OM ◊  During this time of Aries energy - the Light of Life Itself, let us merge with the Life of the Soul that is a Divine Son of God.   OM

◊ Sounding the sacred Word, OM, on an out-breath, dissolve and release atoms of lesser vibration … on an in-breath drawing in pure atoms of high vibration.  ◊ In the silent Sounding of the Sacred Word, OM, sense in-flowing new Life …. enlivening our Soul field and all here present.  

◊ With a conscious Breath of Life, connect with the Life energy flowing through the Heart of the Sun.  ◊ With conscious Breaths of Life flowing through all the Centres on High – we breathe the Breath of Life flowing through all our Centers.  OM

 ◊ Pause to affirm:

In the altar of the heart is a living flame,

A radiant fire, Sun.

The Light of Love, the Love of Life –

‘The Unconquerable nature of Goodness,

the inevitable, ultimate triumph of the Good’.

This Love I Am … We Are,

This Life I Know … We Know.

In Truth and in Fact we are led

from the unreal to the Real, from death to Immortality.


The Soul Star Group

◊ Let us now expand our consciousness to be in the Presence of the Soul Star Group ... whose POTENCY lifts all here present … We hold in heart and mind all *Participating Souls on this Day … and each Day thereafter for EASTER HOLY WEEK, our inner orientation an EASTER VIGIL in group Approach to Divinity. 

◊ Let us "see" and“feel” the living Presence of spheres of 'living light ... holy love ... and higher will' ... as radiant stars, five-pointed, hovering above our Crowns (we shall increasingly demonstrate as perfected Sons of God, human and divine).  (*If you wish to “Name and Love”, scroll to bottom for link)

 ◊  Our lights merge in One synthetic Whole ... countless others with us. Let us affirm the Soul Star Group in Whose deep Center Stands the Christ - the Lord of Love … and behind Him a Holy Triangle of extraplanetary Lives … and behind Them, the Blessed Mother-Father Who gives Life to all Form and Purpose to all Life … that we seek to fulfill.  OM

Radiant spheres of living Life and Love are we, the Christ Spirit pouring through all our vehicles. 

Thus we stand in Service of the Coming Ones and the rising Soul of Humanity.


The fires of Life and Love burn ceaselessly in our Hearts,

true ... pure ... strong,

Growing in Christhood

Knowing the Self as One.


Radiant Lights

are the Fires of Love

extending … loving … healing … revealing …

~ Thus do the Daughters and Sons of God come forth to Rule

… walking the planes of Earth.

We come forth, 

Millions of Souls awakening.

Thus we Stand with Hearts ablaze,

Unconquerable Life ~

Blessing the earth,

Blessing humanity,


entering the New Jerusalem.

(A sacred OM can now be sensed sounding by the Christic Angels attending)




Entry Into Jerusalem

♫  Music – Sangreal

“In all progressing developments, the old outlines can be seen—enlarged, purified and more beautiful, yet recognizable as the old form on a higher turn of the spiral.”

“The Festival of Easter is a festival of the Living.  "Fixed on life, not death, Good Friday will no longer be a factor in the life of the churches. ... Easter will be the great Western festival.”  (POH, 163)

The risen, living Christ is Head of the spiritual Hierarchy, the Kingdom of God where the Love of God is known. 

The spiritual Hierarchy Who guides and directs the Soul of Humanity will be universally recognized and Man's relation to it will be emphasized and the full nature of God's love registered. 

Palm Sunday in the Christian teachings was presaged by the waving of palms two thousand years ago.  With His entry, those who had the eyes to “see” with opened heart-minds recognized Christ Jesus as a living emissary, a Son of God … for the coming New Age.

And now a new interpretation is needed today to stage the next evolution for entering the New Jerusalem. 

Through the Ageless Wisdom teachings we are informed Christ is still with us.  Nor had he ever left.  Christ has remained with us all through the Piscean Age (of the last 2000 years) and will continue to “Be With Us” during the next 2500 year cycle of the Aquarian Age, pouring His love, light and higher Will through the Soul of Humanity for building a new world civilization, a new heaven on earth. We must come to know Him as He is today … and through this Knowing unfold our Christ nature, God imminent.


With Easter week steeped in the energy of Aries, the coming forth of new life must be esoterically understood. The “Light of Life” bursts forth with resurgence in every new cycle and every turn of the zodiacal wheel.  The outlines of a New Jerusalem, a new City of God, can be felt and seen on the inner planes, assuring the new Jerusalem that is based upon the Rule of the Christ moving forward. As the old world is renounced and released, crumbles and falls away, the new unfolds.

Yogananda wrote: “Spiritually interpreted as relevant to man in every age, Jesus’ triumphant entry into the city of Jerusalem inspires a beautiful symbology. Man’s (higher) consciousness is the City of Jerusalem; his thoughts and feelings are its inhabitants; Jesus’ coming into Jerusalem evokes the opening of the gates of man’s devotion to receive the Christ Consciousness in its omniscient power, into the bodily kingdom with all its citizens rejoicing: “Blessed be the king that cometh in the name of the Lord: peace in heaven, and glory in the highest.”

CONTEMPLATE: Let us now contemplate and Presence the evolutionary truths moving life forward with the Christ in His symbolic Entrance into the City of God.



"I must go up to Jerusalem ."

"I must go up to Jerusalem."

After 40 days of fasting, prayer and meditation, and vanquishing “the evil one”, He ‘steadfastly set His face to go to that city’.  He now had a new objective.  The place of complete "peace", the "Center where the Will of God is known" [Shambhala]. … “Christ had oriented Himself to that Divine Center which has, in the ancient Scriptures, been called the "place of serene determination and of poised, quiescent will."  

CONTEMPLATE the "place of serene determination and of poised, quiescent will." ◊ Register the energy from this ‘high place’ flowing into your awareness … present in the holy field of the Soul Star Group. OM


Let us now contemplatively turn to the Christ within, God Immanent, in the Company of the Great Ones:

∞ The golden path of halos formed by Christ’s Holy Companions walking with Him, in His company, leave for us a luminous and trusted path to follow.

As the Eldest of our Earth Humanity, the first to Achieve and Live the Way, He leads the way for all to follow. The Great Ones Who have gone before us have achieved perfection, symbolized by their haloes, and advance with Him now.

∞ We will come to know Him truly as He is – as He knows us.  Through an awakened and developing Christ nature, we “walk with Him”, in resonance and similarity of vibration.

In due time, we shall fulfill the Laws of the Soul achieving Christhood and so shall join the holy company of the golden-haloed Ones.

Today, many more have joined the fellowship, the invisible church of the Kingdom of God. “We are the ones” — the advancing disciples of the Christ together with the Spiritual Hierarchy, moving with Him into the Holy City.

◊ CONTEMPLATE (the above) allowing these thoughts to impress and reveal your holy heart-mind. ◊ OM

When He said to His disciples, "I must go up to Jerusalem” and “steadfastly set His face” to that city, “He now had a new objective”. The place of "peace" is the "centre where the will of God is known" - the Peaceful, Silent Will of Shambhala. The spiritual Hierarchy of our planet (the invisible Church of Christ) is not a centre of peace but a vortex of loving activity, a meeting place of energies from the centre of divine will, and humanity — the centre of divine intelligence. Christ had oriented Himself to that divine centre which has, in the ancient Scriptures, been called the "place of serene determination and of poised, quiescent will." This statement marked a point of crisis and of determination in the life of Christ, and proved His progress towards divine fulfillment."  (ROC, 28)

Whomsoever has the Fire of Love aflame in the heart; whomsoever “saves” through compassion and its offspring, kindness; whomsoever serves through Soul-aligned actions of good-will for the benefit of the human race and “whole earth” is actively building the new Temple of Humanity.  Whomsoever does these things, “in My Name”, walks the golden path of the Christ … and in due time the indigo Royal Road to Shambhala.

AS WE REFLECT on the above, let us "intuit" how the Christ and the spiritual Hierarchy (the Kingdom of Souls and Church Invisible) are even now leading humanity to a New Jerusalem.  Consider how we are moving toward Them, and with Them. Notice how and when we Are among Them now.  

By embodying and expressing the Truths He taught, the greatest of these the fulfilled demonstration of Love to all Beings, a New Jerusalem shall be made known.  


The Lord's Entry into Jerusalem — Andrei Rubley 1405

The Lord's Entry into Jerusalem — Andrei Rubley 1405

“…The New Jerusalem is a fact in the Mind of the Creator of this planetary Life.  It signifies the establishment on Earth of a viable culture of peace—one that will arise from the consciousness of human beings armed with the resources to light the lamp of Love. Only the glow of this lamp, sustained through the dark passage to the rebirth of human consciousness, can lift the veil that hides the blazing light of the new City of God.”   

(The New Jerusalem; A Kanchenjunga Message)


The above Contemplations are meant to be pondered over a period of time, over and again. 

Reflection leads to Contemplation, releasing the energy of the Heart on the wings of the Soul in the abode of an ever-abiding Presence.  Deeper, fuller and truer interpretations shall arise as we contemplate, the Intuition of the Heart (Soul) brings Light to the mind (illumination and enlightenment) and inspiration from on high.

Every sentence is a veritable treasure trove of meaning and significance.  The “truth” behind Christ's episodes are linked with the life of the Soul on its own planes of existence.  They reveal the "raincloud of knowable things". As the Soul’s life moves through us, releasing its luminous treasures throughout our vehicles … it also flows into the energy field of the Soul Star Group.  We become the “living truth” embodied in and through us, we radiate and thereby disseminate ‘the Truth and the Way’ throughout the heart-mind of humanity … through a living, vibrant osmosis.

We have now entered the energy field of the New Jerusalem with the Christ.  We have begun. We are with Him and with the Church Invisible — in an Esoteric Advent.

Let us deepen our Easter Vigil moving with the Christ.


The Great Invocation

Sound (meditatively intone) The Great Invocation – a World Prayer


Please Note:  We continue on Monday deepening our Entry into Jerusalem.  

For Monday, some new content is provided, however selecting sections from above will deepen the presencing of these energies - of divine ideas that also represent the “High Thinking” introduced during Esoteric Lent.

The New Jerusalem is also found in the Holy Temple of the human being which can should be subtly considered throughout the remaining week whilst we as a group move with the Christ through the major Episodes. 

For additional reflections and information on the New Jerusalem, see compilation titled: "The New Jerusalem - Supplemental Reading". 

*Participating Souls - Updated list of names from Christmas Advent, 2018/19. Some may want to choose to name and love the group members individually - CLICK HERE — whilst in the ritual itself it may be better to work with the group as a whole.